Monster Trainer Idle RPG Tier List

This tier list for Monster Trainer: Idle RPG will help you pick the best characters in the game and build a solid tribe in this prehistoric adventure.

Monster Trainer tier list
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Monster Trainer: Idle RPG features an exciting journey through a prehistoric world, where you take on the role of a tribe leader. In this Idle RPG game, the focus is on expanding and upgrading your tribe while facing challenges, completing tasks, and unlocking new skills and resources.

Knowing which characters to prioritize can make all the difference in your tribe’s success, and this guide will provide you with a tier list of the best heroes in Monster Trainer: Idle RPG, ranked for your reference.

Monster Trainer Idle RPG Tier List: All Tiers Explained

In this Monster Trainer tier list, we ranked all the characters in the game based on several factors like stats, skills, and rarity. Here is what each tier means:

  • S-Tier: These are the top-performing characters with incredible stats and skills, with Ghost Tiger leading the list. They should be your top priority for upgrading.
  • A-Tier: These heroes are also powerful and can have unique abilities or buffs that make them valuable in certain battles (depending on which boss you are facing)
  • B-Tier: These heroes are solid choices but may not excel in every aspect like those from the previous tiers. They can still be solid choices in the mid-game
  • C-Tier: These characters are good in the early game but you should not waste too many resources on upgrading them
  • D-Tier: These are the weakest characters in the game, and you should aim to replace them as soon as possible.


S-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer Tier List
S-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer Tier List
  • Ghost Tiger (Melee, Legendary)
  • Twin-Head Dragon (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Azure Dragon (Flying, Legendary)
  • Lightning Kirin (Melee, Legendary)
  • Tapejara (Flying, Legendary)
  • Mantis (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Mammoth (Melee, Legendary)
  • Big Feet (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Phoenix (Flying, Legendary)
  • Triceratops (Melee, Legendary)


A-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
A-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
  • Spider (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Shadow Wolf (Melee, Legendary)
  • Wasp (Flying, Legendary)
  • Rage Rhino (Melee, Legendary)
  • Four-Winged Dragon (Flying, Legendary)
  • Gorilla (Melee, Legendary)
  • Nine-tailed Fox (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Vulture (Flying, Legendary)
  • Storm Bear (Melee, Legendary)
  • Christmas Reindeer (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Stegosaurus (Melee, Legendary)


B-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
B-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
  • Seahorse (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Boreopterus (Flying, Legendary)
  • Allosaurus (Melee, Legendary)
  • Viper (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Toxic Bat (Flying, Legendary)
  • Koala (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Flamingo (Flying, Legendary)
  • Giant-tailed Scorpion (Melee, Legendary)
  • Fluorescent Jellyfish (Ranged, Legendary)
  • Baid Eagle (Flying, Legendary)
  • Cannon Turtle (Ranged, Legendary)


C-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
C-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
  • King Kong (Melee, Epic)
  • Fire Dragon (Flying, Epic)
  • Lion Warrior (Melee, Epic)
  • Ice Archer (Ranged, Epic)
  • Crocodile Teeth (Melee, Epic)
  • Frost (Flying, Epic)
  • Walrus (Ranged, Epic)
  • T-Rex Hammer (Melee, Epic)
  • Manta Ray (Ranged, Epic)
  • Bone Chain (Melee, Epic)
  • Octopus Shooter (Ranged, Epic)
  • Crab Guard (Melee, Epic)


D-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
D-Tier Characters in Monster Trainer
  • Rock (Ranged, Epic)
  • Lava Flame (Flying, Epic)
  • Sling Shot (Ranged, Epic)
  • Sand Stick (Melee, Epic)
  • Flying Fins (Flying, Epic)
  • Gerbil (Ranged, Epic)
  • Conch Knight (Melee, Epic)
  • Lobster Shooter (Ranged, Epic)
  • Sun Priest (Ranged, Epic)
  • Cat Sprite (Melee, Epic)
  • Butterfly (Flying, Epic)
  • Eel Shooter (Ranged, Epic)
  • Elephant Warrior (Melee, Epic)

Monster Trainer Best Heroes Overview

Below is a quick look at the top 3 characters in our S-tier. These are the strongest units to have for each of the 3 roles (Melee, Ranged, and Flying):

Ghost Tiger (Melee)

Ghost Tiger

Ghost Tiger is undoubtedly the most powerful hero for close-range combat. If you want to deal massive damage to your enemies, Ghost Tiger is the one for you.

Twin-Head Dragon (Ranged)

Twin-head Dragon

For ranged attacks, Twin-Head Dragon is a top pick. With its high damage output and ability to ignite enemies, which deals continuous damage, it excels in any type of combat.

Azure Dragon (Flying)

Azure Dragon

When it comes to flying units, Ancient Dragon stands out with its impressive stats and skills. This dragon can deal significant burst damage to enemies, and its attacks have a guaranteed chance to hit. You surely don’t want to miss out on having an Azure Dragon in your squad.

Final Words

This concludes our guide ranking all the characters in Monster Trainer Idle RPG. Use this tier list to your advantage and create a powerful tribe with the best heroes at your disposal. Remember to collect resources from your animals, events, and the Idle Box (bottom-left corner of the main screen) to support your tribe’s growth.

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