10 Lost Realm Chronorift Tips for Fast Progression

Ready to conquer the Lost Realm: Chronorift RPG game? Our guide offers tips and strategies for efficient progression.

Lost Realm Chronorift guide tips and tricks
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Lost Realm: Chronorift has just been released and with its unique gameplay and stunning graphics, it’s already captivating players worldwide. With a vast selection of heroes and artifacts to collect and customize, the possibilities for strategic team-building are endless.

But just like in any other turn-based RPG game, progress can be slow without proper guidance. Our beginner’s guide for Lost Realm Chronorift includes tips and tricks to help you progress quickly in the game and crush your opponents.

10. Your main objective in Lost Realm: Chronorift

Lost Realm: Chronorift is set in a mythological world where you play as a keeper, tasked with protecting the lost Realms from corruptors. Your main objective is to form a team of 5 powerful heroes and defeat enemies in various game modes.

The main game mode is the Tree of Yog which features several chapters and each chapter has multiple levels with unique challenges, the last level being a boss showdown. The battle system is a mix of turn-based and idle RPG and you must strategize your team formation, artifacts, and equipment to win battles.

The good news is that new players have access to several useful features that can help them progress quickly in the game even from the early stages. Two of them are the battle speed and the auto-battle mode, both visible on the right side of the screen while starting a battle.

9. Choose your starter hero based on your playstyle

Choosing the starter hero in Lost Realm: Chronorift
Choosing Vidar as my starter hero in Lost Realm: Chronorift

After clearing a few stages in the Tree of Yog campaign, you will be prompted to choose your starting hero 4 epic characters: Mani (Mage), Skadi (Ranger), Thanatos (Assassin), and my favorite choice, Vidar (Warrior). This choice will have a small impact on your gameplay and it’s more of a personal preference.

However, the main reason why I chose Vidar as my starting hero is because I wanted to deal as much DPS as possible from the start. And since he needs to be placed in the front row and will be the only epic hero for a while, I thought that is better to pick the strongest melee hero early on.

8. Carefully upgrade and promote the right heroes

Upgrading heroes in Lost Realm: Chronorift
Carefully upgrading a hero while using the Quick Fill

Now this is a tricky one because it can make or break your progress. This game features various heroes divided into several rarities and classes. The rarity that has the best heroes in Lost Realm: Chronorift is the Legendary one.

Unfortunately, you won’t have access to these heroes from the start (unless you are either incredibly lucky or willing to invest in some premium packs) and you will have to make do with rare and epic heroes. That being said, you should avoid leveling up Common or Fine rarity characters as their only purpose is to be consumed while upgrading the others.

You should also pay attention to the “Quick Fill” option while upgrading your heroes. When using this feature, it uses all your Hero XP items to fill those empty slots you see in the above screenshot.

Unless you want to use them all on a single hero, you should adjust their number before hitting the Upgrade button or you won’t have anything left to upgrade the other heroes until you clear a few more stages.

7. Collect all your dailies to get essential resources

Collecting daily rewards in Lost Realm Chrono rift
Collecting daily rewards

Another great feature thing about this game is that it offers several daily rewards to help new players progress faster. These include Daily Check-in, The Online Bonus, and the 7-day Check-in reward. As the name suggests, the Daily Check-in offers a great reward daily up to 90 days.

The rewards include resources, various equipment items, diamonds, plus an epic hero at the end of each 30 days. In case you missed it, you can access the Daily Check-in window by tapping your profile image and selecting the calendar icon at the bottom.

The 7-day Check-in is also excellent as it will offer you the same type of rewards, including Demeter, an epic, a priest-class hero on the 7th day. These rewards can be accessed via the Events page.

Lastly, the Online Bonus offers 6 different rewards split over 90 minutes (which means that you must be active at least 90 minutes in the game) and can also be collected every day.

6. Equip and enhance powerful artifacts

Enhancing an artifact Lost Realm Chronorift
Enhancing an artifact

Artifacts are special weapons in this RPG game. You can equip your heroes to gain power and make them even stronger in battles. Each hero can equip one artifact by tapping the empty circled slot located on the hero page.

These special items are also divided into different rarities, Legendary being the best one. The quickest way to get artifacts is via the Mirage page, the Artifact Mirage tab.

The bad news is that requires Covenant Crystals, the same currency used for recruiting heroes, so you will have to decide your priorities based on your current progress. Artifacts can also be enhanced and evolved, and for that, you will need Coins, Spirit Jades, or consuming weaker artifacts.

5. Make use of equipment sets for maximum effectiveness

Equipment set bonuses
The bonuses received from having multiple items of the same gear set

Hero equipment will also help you level up faster in Lost Realm: Chronorift. These items will give your heroes overall stats bonuses and will also improve their performance in battles. To fully benefit from the equipment, you need to know that they are divided into multiple sets (Aqua suit, Fiery suit, Mountain suit, etc.), and having multiple pieces of the same set will offer you additional stat bonuses.

For instance, as you can see in the above image, I equipped my best hero with 6 Aqua suit pieces which gives him a total of 45% HP bonus. So keep that in mind when purchasing equipment from the Market or when equipping your heroes

4. Let Ratatoskr collect diamonds for you

Hiring Ratatoskr to collect diamonds in Lost: Realm Chronorift
Hiring Ratatoskr to collect diamonds

Ratatosker is a handy cute squirrel that can help you collect diamonds in the game. Although the 500 Diamond price might seem steep for new players, it’s a worthwhile investment. Ratatosker will automatically collect diamonds for you as you progress through the game and complete various tasks.

The efficiency of collecting Diamonds is based on the tree hole’s level, which can be upgraded up to level 3. However, at level 1, the storage has a limit of 10 diamonds throughout 24 hours so make sure to collect them frequently or you might miss out on some precious currency.

3. Obtain and activate Player Privilege buffs

Activating Player Privilege buffs
Activating Player Privilege buffs

Player Privileges are 6 different buffs that can help you speed up your progress significantly in this game. They can be found below your avatar and have a limited period, so you should make the most out of them while they are active. Some of them can only be purchased via premium offers but you can also obtain some by using in-game currencies. Here’s what each of them does:

  1. Invitation from Fensalir – This buff is active 24 hours and allows you to enter all Halls in Fensalir
  2. 50% Hero EXP Bonus – As the name suggests, this buff increases Hero EXP gained through battles for 24 hours. You can get it from the Supply shop for 120 Diamonds.
  3. 20% Hero EXP Bonus – similar effect as the previous buff, less effective, but lasts 30 days. The downside is that is a premium option.
  4. 10% Hero EXP Bonus – a buff that increases Hero EXP from battles for 12 hours. You can get it via Aeropagus once you reach level 14
  5. 10% Hero Coin Bonus – this buff will increase the coins received from battles. It lasts 12 hours and is also obtainable via Aeropagus
  6. 10% Hero Coin Bonus (premium) – similar to the previous buff, but is a premium offer with a longer duration of 30 days.

2. Test your best squad against other players

PvP Arena preview

If you want to gain power fast in Lost Realm: Chronorift, you should also consider competing against other players in any of the 3 Arenas: Glory Arena, Outland Arena (requires level 20), and Zenith Arena (under development).

This feature allows you to test your best squad against teams created by other players, earning rewards and climbing up the rankings. Glory Arena, for example, has seasons that last 28 days.

At the end of each season, depending on your rank you will receive various rewards such as White Fleece (a currency that can be exchanged for rare materials in the Arena section), coins, and many other valuable items.

1. Try other Tree of Yog modes for better rewards

Tree of Yog difficulty modes location in Lost Realm Chrono
Tree of Yog difficulty modes location

If you’ve been brave enough to clear all chapters of the Tree of Yog (the main campaign mode), what you can do next is try the other two difficulty levels. This includes the Ragnarok and the most difficult one, the Apocalypse mode. As seen in the above screengrab, these can be changed from the main interface of the Tree of Yog, right before entering a chapter.

Likewise, if you are looking for more rewards, you can try clearing chapter stages with only 2 heroes (out of 5) to get that third bonus reward for completing a stage. This will also help you get the third diamond reward from each chapter.

Lost Realm Chronorift guide tips and tricks
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