How to Gain Power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War (2023)

This guide will show you how to gain power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War and some strategies to make your team of heroes stronger in battle.

How to gain power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War
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There is no secret that if you want to swipe your way to the top in this game, your team must include some of the best heroes in Mini Heroes: Summoners War. But that’s not all! To move ahead in this game, you need a good strategy and an understanding of how to game works.

This post will take you through the different ways to get power and become a stronger player in Mini Heroes: Summoners War.

Hero restraint matters most

The most important factor to increase your chances of winning battles and gaining power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War is the hero restraint system. While in most games having a standard positioning of your heroes might be more than enough to win, in this game is more complex.

This means that placing your heroes properly like tanks and melee in the front row, cavalry in the middle, and ranged units in the back, will not give you an advantage over your opponents if they have a better hero restraint strategy. Here is what you need to know:

  • Cavalry: works best against Archers but weak against Lancers
  • Archers: works best against Magic but weak against Cavalry
  • Magic: great against Shield but weak against Archers
  • Shield best against Lancer but weak against Magic
  • Lancer: strong against Cavalry heroes but weak against Shield

Personally, I had a hard time beating the final boss in chapter 4. But once I looked at the hero restraint system and figured out how to use it correctly, I was able to not only beat the boss easily but finish the battle perfectly (all heroes must survive the fight), as you see in the above video.

Upgrade your heroes and equipment

Obviously, the most straightforward way to increase your power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War is by upgrading your heroes and their equipment.

Unlike the equipment, your heroes can also be advanced and have their star level increased as well. Advancing a hero requires gold and special medals (Spirit, Cloud, etc.) and throughout this method, their rarity will be upgraded (e.g. a green hero becomes blue).

You can also increase the star level of your heroes, which unlocks more powerful abilities for them. For this, you need Jade Souls and duplicates of the same hero. To get Jade Souls, you need to reach role level 20 and consume hero tokens via the Hero Token option of the Smelt feature.

Use the combat skills wisely

Using combat skills in Mini Heroes Summoners War

Another great method to increase your chances of winning a battle in Mini Heroes: Summoners War is to take advantage of the two combat skills that appear on the right side after starting the battle.

The first one, the red target, will make your heroes focus their attacks on the target you choose, while the second one is a strong AoE attack that rains arrows on the enemies. However, to maximize the use of these battle skills, we recommend using them when the final boss of each stage appears.

Clear chapters perfectly

Bonus hero rewards for clearing chapters perfectly in Mini Heroes: Summoners War

Clearing chapters perfectly (all your heroes must survive the fight) is not only one of the best ways to earn more diamonds but also a fantastic method to increase your power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War.

By clearing chapters perfectly, you will get access to bonus rewards such as SR (spic) or SSR (legendary) heroes and valuable items like Skill Books (offer skill points), diamonds, weapons, equipment, or even mounts.

For instance, if you clear 4 and 8 chapters perfectly, you will get Zhen Ji, an SR hero. But if you clear 12, you get Sun Shangxiang, an SSR warrior hero. You can see these bonus rewards in the top-right corner while in the Mainline gameplay mode.

Unlock exclusive avatar frames

The Infante avatar frame and its power bonuses

Personally, I find these two features very entertaining. Unlike the majority of games in which you can only decorate your avatar by purchasing some premium packs, in Mini Heroes: Summoners War, you can do it just by playing the game.

And on top of that, these unique avatar frames can boost your power and make your team even stronger. Each time you unlock a new title, a new special avatar frame becomes available for you to use, which gives an increase in physical and magic attack power, basic and magic defense, and health.

The first special avatar frame becomes available after unlocking the first title called Official. This avatar frame gives you a 1% bonus in all the stats I mentioned above. While this might not seem much, the bonuses can be upgraded up to 9% once you unlock the 9th and last title, the Infante.

Collect your AFK reward in time

The AFK reward is one of the best ways to gain power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War. This reward, which can be collected every 12 hours, gives you a great amount of gold and numerous equipment items, weapons, and mounts for your heroes.

And what’s even better is that this reward can be increased by progressing throughout the Conquest (previously named World) stages. But first, to get access to the Conquest gameplay mode and its AFK reward, you must clear Chapter 4 in the Mainline mode.

You also have a second quick reward that gives you a 1-hour worth of AFK reward just by pressing the Charge button. The first is free but the other 3 daily charges cost diamonds.

There is also a new reward for each chapter you complete in the Conquest mode (see the gift box button on the left side in the second image above) which offers gold, diamonds, and Strengthen Pills, which can be used to practice your heroes or sell them for gold.

Recruit heroes with Intimacy points

Another interesting feature that can help you gain more power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War is the Friends system. This feature becomes available after clearing Chapter 5 in the Mainline mode and is a way for players to support each other with Intimacy points.

This can be done daily with a press of a button and you can use these points to recruit new powerful heroes, just as you would with Recruit Orders. It will cost you 10 Intimacy points for one recruitment, and 100 Intimacy points for a 10-time recruitment.

As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide to Mini Heroes: Summoners War, you should always recruit 10 at once because you get better chances of obtaining powerful heroes.

You can have up to 20 friends, but make sure that the players in your list are active (you can see when was the last time they were logged in) and offer you points as well. If they don’t, you can always replace them with other active players.

Smelt weapons and rebirth heroes

If you are looking for new ways to get more rewards to upgrade your strongest heroes or equipment, then the Smelt feature is a great option.

The Smelt feature becomes available after reaching role level 13 (displayed below your avatar) and it works by melting unwanted weapons and consuming weak heroes to recover all the gear and resources you used to upgrade them.

To Rebirth a hero, press the Smelt building while on the Home screen, hit the Rebirth option, and press the plus sign to select your unwanted hero. Next, press the yellow button, and all the displayed items and resources displayed below the hero, will be returned to you.

As for equipment, press Weapon instead of Rebirth, and select the weapons you want to destroy or use the quick select button to smelt all. This process will release a new item called Smelt powder, which consumes 3 bottles of Smelt Powder to select multiple items at once based on specific rarity.

When you are ready, press “Smelt”, and you will receive Weapon Soul in return, a special currency that you can use to buy rare items in the Shop.

How to gain power in Mini Heroes: Summoners War
  • Release Date: May 23, 2023
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