Slayer Legend: How to Level Up Fast

This guide includes essential tips and tricks to help you level up faster in Slayer Legend and eventually gain power in the most efficient ways.

Slayer Legend guide tips on how to level up fast

Slayer Legend is a thrilling idle RPG mobile game with a retro pixel visual style and a dynamic hero upgrade system. In this game, you play as a Slayer to protect the world from the chaos caused by an unknown crack in the dimension that unleashed demons into this world! For that, you must continuously upgrade your hero’s skills and equipment to defeat enemies quicker and reach higher stages.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to level up faster in Slayer Legend so you can achieve your goals without spending any real money!

How to sLevel Up Fast in Slayer Legend

Gather as many Emeralds as possible

Emeralds and Diamonds

One of the most important resources in Slayer Legend is Emeralds. They are used to purchase items from the shop and unlock new skill slots. Therefore, having many Emeralds will help you level up faster. Here are some tips to help you gather as many Emeralds as possible:

  • Play daily and complete achievements for bonus rewards!
  • Participate in special events with increased rewards
  • Clear Adventure quests
  • Use feathers in the Closed Mine mode
  • Exchange Attribute Stones, Dice, or Diamonds for Emeralds at the Shop

Prioritize skill unlocking

Along with gathering Emeralds, you should prioritize unlocking new skill slots and learning new skills for your character. The more equipped skill slots you have, the stronger your character will become.

To unlock new skill slots you can either use Emeralds (although the prices increase drastically with each slot) or wait until you reach certain player levels as they are automatically unlocked. For instance, to unlock the fifth skill slot, you can either pay 2,000 Emeralds or wait until you reach player level 55.

Our recommendation is to pay the Emerald price if you can afford it as it will help you gain power faster, which translates into more rewards and better in-game progress. Similarly, learning and equipping some of the best skills in Slayer Legend is key to success and level up quicker.

Activate Hot Time and Scroll bonuses strategically

Another great way to level up quickly in Slayer Legend is to make the most out of Hot Time and Ad Scrolls. Hot Time offers a double increase in Gold and EXP for 2 hours upon activation.

This bonus is delivered to your mailbox and has an expiration date, so make sure you activate it before that. But before you do, make sure you can play the game for at least half of its duration so you can maximize your gains because this bonus can only be used once.

On the same note, Ad Scrolls include 4 boosts of 300% in Gold, EXP, Enhance Cube, and Equipment Obtain. All these bonuses last for 1 hour and can be activated twice a day each. To activate these Scrolls, press the Scroll icon located on the top-right side of the main screen.

Once you activate them, keep upgrading your character at the same time and try clearing as many Adventure quests, and stages and beat as money bosses as possible.

Complete quests and achievements

Yet another way to level up quickly in Slayer Legend is by completing Daily and Repeat Quests and Achievements. These are essential to get rewards that will help you progress faster.

In general, Daily quests offer Diamonds and Feathers, the currency required for clearing Adventure quests, while Repeat Quests only Diamonds. On the other hand, completed achievements will offer you anywhere between 10 and 100 Emeralds.

They are more difficult to complete, but the rewards are worth it. To access all these, press the Quest button on the upper-right side of your screen and select any of the 3 tabs.

Try completing as many as possible every day and build a good habit of checking these tabs often as you need to manually collect all the rewards.

Keep upgrading your character

Upgrading the character in Slayer Legend

Obviously, the most straightforward way to level up quicker is by increasing your character’s level. Each additional level requires a certain amount of EXP, the resource obtained from almost every activity in the game.

However, there are a few other upgrades as well that you need to perform constantly. On the same Growth tab, you have several stats, some less important than others.

Each stat upgrade will consume 1 stat point, so make sure you upgrade the ones that matter most such as STR, HP, VIT, and CRI. Keep upgrading them so your character can become stronger and progress faster.

Similarly, makes sure you also visit the Enhance tab and use Gold coins to upgrade the ATK, HP, HP Recovery, and CRIT Dmg to begin with.

Create specialized promotion tabs

Slayer promotion extra EXP tabs

Once you clear stage 40, a new feature becomes available on the Promotion tab of your character’s page. There, you can set up various tabs with certain bonuses like extra EXP, extra ATK, CRIT Dmg, etc.

Try to customize these tabs according to your current gaming goals. For example, if you want to level up faster, fill all the tabs with extra EXP as seen in the image above.

Master the combat mechanics

Battle control mechanics

If you want to make more progress in Slayer Legend, it’s essential that you become familiar with its combat mechanics. First, make sure you turn on the auto-battle mode by pressing the cogwheel icon as it’s shown in the image above.

This will make sure your character automatically uses all the equipped skills, or else you will need to constantly press most of them as soon as they are fully charged.

Another thing you need to perform regularly is the boss fights. This is the only way to move to the next stage, and for this, you must tap the Boss skeleton icon displayed at the top to enter the battle. Otherwise, your hero will repeat the same stage over and over again.

Daily check for unclaimed rewards

In Slayer Legend, besides the dropped currencies from defeating monsters and bosses, every other reward needs to be manually collected. Some that are less obvious are found in the Mailbox, while others can be claimed from the Achievement and Quest tabs.

But there is also an idle reward called Auto-Hunting. This special reward is accumulated while you are offline for a total period of 6 hours. To collect the Auto-Hunting rewards, tap the stockpile of gold with the treasure icon located on the middle-left side of the main screen (below your character).

This includes Dice, Gold, EXP, and Diamonds among others. The number of rewards depends on how far you have advanced in clearing stages; the higher the stage, the higher the rewards.

Progress in the Adventure mode and unlock Dungeons

Dungeons Map in the Adventure tab in Slayer Legend

The Adventure tab includes a large map divided into several zones. Each zone has its own challenges that once you complete them will reward you handsomely; the higher you go, the better rewards are.

Each cleared quest consumes 1 Feather, but luckily, if you fail you will get them back. However, the most important part of the Adventure tab is the Dungeon mini-tab.

This mini-tab becomes available after reaching level 200 and it will include special dungeons like Closed Mine or Training Cave. These dungeons will reward you with tons of EXP for your character and massively help you level up faster in the game if you manage to clear them in the allocated time.

Take advantage of the Shop’s free offers

Shop freebies

The game’s Shop page is the place to go if you want to spend real money to get some instant rewards or boosts. But for those that are just looking for a F2P experience, it’s worth mentioning that there are some daily free offers as well.

For instance, the Goods mini-tab has two free rewards that can be used up to 10 times each for a total of 500 Diamonds and 100 Emeralds.

All you have to do is to press the buttons and watch a short video ad for each reward. While the number of currencies may not seem much, it’s a free and easy way to get some extra rewards to help you increase your power fast.

Keep an eye out for game updates

Finally, keep an eye out for game updates as these can provide extra rewards or even new stages and bosses. Try to check regularly if there is any new patch as it might offer some great free gifts delivered right to your in-game mailbox.

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Slayer Legend guide tips on how to level up fast
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