Slayer Legend Best Skills Ranked

In Slayer Legend, skills can make all the difference in battle. Find out which ones are the best for your hero with this tier list guide.

Slayer Legend best skills tier list

As you noticed by now, Slayer Legend requires a lot of strategy and power to clear the constantly evolving levels of enemies and challenging bosses. There are multiple ways to gain power in this title, but one of the most important steps in your journey is to pick the right skills.

To help you with that, we have created this tier list where we categorized all skills into five different tiers, with the S tier offering the most effective ones.

S Tier Skills (Best Options)

In this tier we included the best skills in Slayer Legend. These skills are usually difficult to obtain but are worth the effort as they have tremendous potential.

  1. Rave (Immortal)
  2. Mantra (Immortal)
  3. Supersonic (Mythic)
  4. Wrath of Gods (Mythic)
  5. Pillar of Fire (Mythic)
  6. Strong Current (Mythic)
  7. Demon Hunt (Mythic)


Rave, the best skill in Slayer Legend

Rave is the best skill in Slayer Legend but also one of the most difficult ones to get. It inflicts a massive 70% additional damage to one enemy for 5 seconds, by exploding the energy of the rampaging Orr.

Same as the Mantra skill, Rave has an Immortal rarity which is not included in the beginning by default. These two skills are crucial and will help you level up fast in the Slayer Legend.

To get Rave and Mantra skills, you need to unlock either the Immortal sword called Sword of Light – Orr, or the Immortal accessory Orb of Hope.

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Cooldown: 60s
  • MP Used: 50


Mantra skill, Slayer Legend

Mantra is the second-best skill in Slayer Legend and it also has an Immortal rarity. Mantra absorbs the energy condensed in the orb and greatly amplifies the basic abilities of your hero.

What’s special about this skill is that the effect works without needing to equip the skill in a slot. This is a major advantage over other skills, which are limited to a slot.

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Cooldown: – (Passive Skill)
  • MP Used: –


Supersonic skill in Slayer Legend

Supersonic is one of the most powerful AoE skills in the game. It features an impressive wind effect that rushes at supersonic speed and penetrates enemy lines, which deals 260% ATK damage to all enemies within a range of 7, up to 6 consecutive times.

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • MP Used: 20

Wrath of Gods

Wrath of Gods skill Slayer Legend

The Wrath of Gods skill gathers the power of the earth and explodes with a momentary transcendental blast. This skill boosts the total ATK by 500% for 5 seconds after 20 seconds into battle. Although is slightly less powerful than the previous two skills, it is much easier to obtain and is very effective for clearing tough levels.

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Cooldown: 30s
  • MP Used: –

Pillar of Fire

Pillar of Fire skill, Slayer Legend

The Pillar of Fire skill summons a pillar of fire that grows progressively and burns the enemies within its range for 700% ATK damage. This is also a must-have Slayer Legend skill, especially when dealing with large groups of enemies as it can inflict massive damage in a wide area.

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • MP Used: 40

A Tier Skills (Strong)

In the A tier, we included skills that are strong but not necessarily the most effective in terms of damage output. They can, however, be a good addition to your hero’s arsenal.

  1. Blizzard (Mythic)
  2. Warrior Burn (Mythic)
  3. Lightning Body (Mythic)
  4. Hellfire Slash (Legendary)
  5. Red Lightning (Legendary)
  6. Giga Impact (Legendary)
  7. Ice Time (Legendary)
  8. Fire Blast (Legendary)
  9. Giga Strike (Legendary)
  10. Thunderbolt Slash (Legendary)


Blizzard skill

This skill freezes multiple enemies in front of the hero with a blizzard ice attack that deals 650% ATK damage per second. It is a great way to control large groups of enemies and buy time for your hero to attack. You definitely want this skill if you have not learned yet any of the previously mentioned skills.

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • MP Used: 35

Warrior Burn

Warrior Burn skill for Slayer Legend

This skill has a similar effect to Lightning Body as it also consumes half of your hero’s HP, but this one boosts the ATK power by 250% for 5 seconds instead of ATK speed.

Is a strong effect but it can be dangerous as you lose a lot of HP in the process. We highly recommend pairing this skill with a heal skill or an HP recovery effect.

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • MP Used: 35

Lightning Body

Lightning Body skill

If you need more attack speed for your hero then you should consider equipping Lightning Body. This skill increases the attack speed by a minimum of 250% for 5 seconds for a cost of 50% of your hero’s current HP. Again this is a risky effect but it can be worth it in the right situation.

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • Cooldown: 20s
  • MP Used: 30

Hellfire Slash

Hellfire Slash skill

This skill wraps flames around your hero’s sword, dealing a stunning one-time damage of 1920% ATK to all enemies within a range of 6.

This is an excellent skill to have in difficult boss fights or advanced Adventure stages. The downside, however, is that it requires at least 15 strikes, which will take some time.

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • Required Strikes: 15
  • MP Used: 30

Red Lightning

Red Lightning skill

Red Lightning is another good AoE skill. It summons 60 lightning strikes to different locations within a range of 20, dealing a minimum of 170% ATK damage to all enemies within those areas.

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • Required Strikes: 12
  • MP Used: 25

B Tier Skills (Good)

These are good skills that can help your hero in the early stages of the game. They may not be the best for damage output, but they are still good for progression.

  1. Meditation (Legendary)
  2. Rage (Legendary)
  3. Curved Blade (Epic)
  4. Fulgurous (Epic)
  5. Flame Wave (Epic)
  6. Wind Sword (Epic)
  7. Life Mana (Epic)
  8. Dancing Waves (Epic)
  9. Iron Will (Epic)


Meditation skill

The Meditation skill decreases the cooldown of all your equipped skills by 30%.

  • Tier List Rank: B
  • Cooldown: 15
  • MP Used: 40


Rage skill

With this skill equipped, your hero gains ATK every time he loses HP (2% ATK for every -1% HP).

  • Tier List Rank: B
  • Cooldown: 15s
  • MP Used: 50

Curved Blade

Curved Blade skill

This skill increases progressively the ATK speed of your hero (18% every 4 seconds) after entering the battle.

  • Tier List Rank: B
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • MP Used: –


Fulgurous skill

Fulgurous charges quickly and attacks all enemies within a range of 3, dealing 80% ATK damage.

  • Tier List Rank: B
  • Cooldown: 0.5s
  • MP Used: 10

Flame Wave

Flame Wave skill

With this skill, your hero attacks distant enemies by sending a sword storm that deals 700% Splash ATK damage.

  • Tier List Rank: B
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • MP Used: 15

C Tier Skills (Average)

This tier consists of average skills that don’t provide any special advantages. These are decent options depending on your playstyle and team composition. However, do not be fooled by the name of the green ones as they are almost as useless as the Common-grade ones.

  1. Flame Slash (Rare)
  2. Speed Sword (Rare)
  3. Earth’s Will (Rare)
  4. Burning Sword (Rare)
  5. Water Slash (Rare)
  6. Flowing Blade (Rare)
  7. Thunder Slash (Rare)
  8. Hot Blast (Green)
  9. Power Strike (Green)

D Tier (Weakest Skills)

Finally, in the D tier we included the weakest skills in Slayer Legend. These skills are still useful in the early game but you should replace them as soon as you get better ones.

  1. Agile (Green)
  2. Power Impact (Green)
  3. Fire Slash (Common)
  4. Ice Shower (Green)
  5. Lightning Stroke (Common)
  6. Lightning Slash (Common)
  7. Fire Sword (Common)
  8. Stone Strike (Common)
  9. Ground’s Blessing (Common)
  10. Ice Stone (Common)
  11. Mana’s Blessing (Common)
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