Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG Tier List, Top Heroes to Pick

This tier list will help you building the ultimate team in Heroes Awaken. We ranked the best characters for each role.

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List
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As we mentioned in our previous Heroes Awaken guide, this game is all about collecting mighty heroes and building your dream team to battle through challenging stages, defeat powerful bosses, and dominate the PvP arena.

With over 70 unique heroes to choose from and a variety of races and roles, in this RPG game, you have endless possibilities to create your perfect team. This guide will provide a tier list of the best characters in Heroes Awaken to help you strategize and build the strongest team possible.

We divided our tier list based on the character roles: Warriors, Rangers, Knights, Mages, Healers, and Assassins. Then, inside each role, we ranked the heroes across 4 different tiers from S (which includes the best heroes) to C (the weakest ones). This way, you can easily see which are the top-tier characters for each role and focus on acquiring them in your team.

The Heroes Awaken ranking explained:

  • S Tier – these are the best characters in Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG. They have the highest base stats and powerful abilities that make them essential for any team.
  • A Tier – these heroes are also strong, but they lack a bit in either stats or abilities compared to the S tier. Still, they are great additions to your team and if paired with those from the previous tier, can create powerful combos.
  • B Tier – these characters are average and can be useful in certain situations, but they lack the overall power of higher tiers. You may want to replace them with stronger heroes as you progress through the game.
  • C Tier – these are the weakest characters in Heroes Awaken and should only be used as temporary placeholders until you acquire better ones. Their stats and abilities are not as strong as those in the higher tiers, making them less effective in battles.

Heroes Awaken Tier List: Warrior Characters

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Warrior Characters

Warrior characters perform great in close-range combat and should be placed in the front row. At the top of our Heroes Awaken tier list is Swift (King of Animals), an S-tier hero. He is by far the best character in Heroes Awaken due to his impressive skills and overall high base stats.

For instance, his first skill increases his attack speed by a stunning 350%, increases his defense and magic resistance, and makes him immune to crowd control effects. All of this makes him an excellent warrior for your team. Here are the best warrior characters in Heroes Awaken:

  • Swift (King of Animals) – S Tier
  • Ares (Fallen God) – S Tier
  • Seth (The Souls of Revenge) – S Tier
  • Swift (The Warlord of Emerald) – A Tier
  • Ares (The God of War) – A Tier
  • Saint Giong (Phu Dong’s Heavenly King) – A Tier
  • Astaroth (The God Killer) – B Tier
  • Zara (The Peace’s Enforcer) – B Tier
  • Wukon (The Money King) – B Tier
  • Farah (The Living Weapon) – B Tier
  • Kha (The Barbarian King) – C Tier
  • Neptune (The Beastman General) – C Tier
  • Golemus (The Unbreakable Soul) – C Tier

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List: Rangers

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Ranger Characters

Ranged heroes are great for dealing damage from a distance and should be placed in the back row. At the top of this ranking list is Hazard (Fairy Lista). She has high base stats, including a powerful marking ability to mark her targets and help her team deal massive amounts of damage to enemies.

  • Hazard (Fairy Lista) – S Tier
  • Logan (The Brave Bombardier) – S Tier
  • Jeatah (Human Light) – S Tier
  • Medusa (Deadly Beauty) – A Tier
  • Hazard (Captain Hazard) – A Tier
  • Dusk (The Souls of Revenge) – A Tier
  • Iris (Celestial Archery) – B Tier
  • Rebel (The Mischievous Wanderer) – B Tier
  • Jeatah (Queen of the Jungle) – B Tier
  • Tom (The Hasty Scout) – C Tier
  • Balerion (The Dragon Dread) – C Tier

Heroes Awaken Tier List: Knights Characters

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Knight Characters

Knight heroes are basically tanks with high defense and health stats. They should be placed in the front row to absorb damage for your team. In our tier list, the S-tier hero Rider (Illuminated Knight) takes the top spot for Knight characters.

She marks her targets with a seal of light which helps her allies deal more damage. Aside from this, she can also increase her team’s armor significantly, making her the best tank character in Heroes Awaken. Here are the best Knight characters in Heroes Awaken:

  • Rider (Illuminated Knight) – S Tier
  • Clock (The Devil Steam Golem) – S Tier
  • Tidus (The Shield of Academi City) – S Tier
  • Junk Master (The Mechanized Danger) – A Tier
  • Syllabear (The Unstoppable Cyclone) – A Tier
  • Maria (The Radiant Sunrise) – A Tier
  • Leoric (The Ruined King) – B Tier
  • Rider (Lighted Heart) – B Tier
  • Jaques (The Amorphous Combatant) – B Tier
  • Tranqui (The Ancient Protector) – C Tier
  • Trisol (The Dread Commander) – C Tier
  • Lynn (The Warfare Mistress) – C Tier

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List: Mages

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Mages Characters

Mage characters in Heroes Awaken are great for dealing high amounts of damage through their powerful spells and should be placed in the back row. The S-tier hero in this category is Fellow (Ambitious Tengu), a demon race character that can weaken his targets by stealing a portion of their HP and energy. Here are all the mage heroes ranked:

  • Fellow (Ambitious Tengu) – S Tier
  • Pharmacist (The Mad Pharmacist) – S Tier
  • Piper (The Venerable Inventor) – S Tier
  • Fellow (The Eido Grand General) – A Tier
  • Hades (Tyrant of the Dead) – A Tier
  • Bertha (Empress of Destruction) – A Tier
  • Pi (Ancient Magic) – A Tier
  • Odin (King of Asgard) – B Tier
  • Thera (The Justice Blade) – B Tier
  • Faegon (The Space Dragon) – B Tier
  • Bomber (The Explosives Expert) – C Tier
  • Durin (Champion of the Arena) – C Tier
  • Ruvina (The Fairy Sorceress) – C Tier
  • Ragnuk (Silversmith Goblin) – C Tier

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List: Healers

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Healer Characters

In Heroes Awaken, healers can be a crucial part of any team, providing support and keeping your heroes alive in battle. They should always be placed in the back row. For this role, the S-tier hero Ava (The Queen of the Sea) is the best healer you can possibly have in Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG.

She has the heal her allies while increasing their attack speed, armor, and magic resistance, making them more durable in difficult stage fights. Here are all the healers ranked:

  • Ava (The Queen of the Sea) – S Tier
  • Nekrosius (The Eternal Warlocks) – S Tier
  • Diggy (The Hammer’s Deliverer) – S Tier
  • Chiron (The Centaur) – A Tier
  • Bell (Star Spirit) – A Tier
  • Leo (The Madman of Lista) – A Tier
  • Sonata (The Moonchild) – B Tier
  • Jubaba (The Master of Evil) – B Tier
  • Succubus (The Mind Control) – B Tier
  • Tesla (The Evil Machinist) – C Tier
  • Gumiho (The Sexy Fox) – C Tier
  • Rafiki (The Witch Doctor) – C Tier

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List: Assassin Characters

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Assassin Characters

Assassins are agile and deadly characters who excel at dealing high damage while being able to dodge attacks from enemies. Taking the top spot in our tier list is Keepy (Soulless Butcher), an Undead race character that can sneak behind enemies and deal massive critical damage. She can also reduce the enemy’s defense and energy regeneration, which can be extremely helpful in battles.

  • Keepy (Soulless Butcher) – S Tier
  • Selene (Night Dancer) – S Tier
  • Keepy (The Modoon Ripper) – S Tier
  • Phineas (The Dark Tornado) – A Tier
  • Lionidas (The Unleashed Wrath of Satin) – A Tier
  • Van (The Undead Hunter) – B Tier
  • Rowan (The Blade’s Shade) – B Tier
  • Ame (The Devil Assassin) – C Tier
  • Lysa (The Spider Princess) – C Tier


This concludes our Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG tier list. Pick the S-tier heroes for each role and build your team accordingly to achieve victory in battles.

Remember, the best teams are not just made up of the strongest characters, but also have a good balance of different roles and synergies. Keep playing, collecting heroes, and experimenting to find the perfect team for you in Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG! Happy gaming!

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