We Are Warriors! How to Win Battles

Crushing enemy bases is not easy, but our guide for We Are Warriors! will offer you the tips and strategies you need to become a true champion

How to win battles in We Are Warriors!

We Are Warriors! must be the simplest, yet most challenging tower-defense mobile game we have ever played. To win battles in this game (at least the first battle), you must destroy the enemy’s units, and finally, their base.

But for that, you must constantly upgrade your units and base/cave, among other tasks, which is not easy considering the limited resources you start with. In this guide, we will provide tips and strategies to effectively use your resources, manage your army, and ultimately win battles in We Are Warriors!

Guide to Winning Battles in We Are Warriors!

1. Prioritize Food Production over Base Health

One of the most important resources in We Are Warriors! is food. This resource is automatically generated at a certain speed and depending on the type of unit you want to summon on the battlefield, you will need a certain amount of food.

In the early stages of the game, it’s crucial to prioritize food production over base health. Many beginners make the mistake of focusing on leveling up their base health/cave, but the more you wait the more enemies you will have to face. Thus, it’s important to constantly upgrade your food production to be able to summon units rapidly and defeat your enemy.

2. Consider watching ads at the end of each battle

In We Are Warriors!, you have the option to watch an ad after every battle to double the coins you have accumulated during a specific fight. While some may see this as a nuisance, it’s actually a great opportunity to earn extra coins as the unit upgrades will become more expensive as you progress in the game.

3. Do your dailies and summon cards

Summoning cards in the We Are Warriors! game
Summoning cards

Every day, you will have 5 tasks that offer rewards upon completion. These tasks vary from watching ads, defeating a certain number of enemies, or summoning specific units (in general, the ones you have not yet unlocked).

Completing your dailies will offer you green points (I have no idea what they are called), which you can use to summon new powerful cards. Therefore, make sure to complete your dailies every day to help you win battles.

In our case, the first card we summoned was the Washington card, which has a common rarity and offers +10% health for all units. This will be a great addition to your army in the early stages of the game, considering how tough the enemy’s Dino Knights can be.

4. Gather enough coins for unit upgrades

Unlocking the third-tier unit in We Are Warriors!
Unlocking the third-tier unit

As mentioned before, the cost of upgrading units will increase as you progress in the game. Therefore, it’s important to gather enough coins to constantly upgrade your units and make them stronger.

A good strategy is to save up your coins a few turns until you have a good amount and then unlock the higher tiers and speed up your food production.

Investing in unit upgrades is crucial to win battles as stronger units will give you an advantage on the battlefield. In general, the third-tier unit of each age is a game-changer and can easily help you win battles.

5. Evolve to unlock better units

How to evolve in We Are Warriors!

One of the unique features in We Are Warriors! is the ability to evolve and unlock new units. By evolving, your base/cave will transform into a new era (from Stone Age to Farm Age, and so on) and as a result, you will have access to more powerful units. Evolving also increases your base health and food production rate, which is essential for winning battles at the higher levels.

6. Be one step ahead of your enemy

To increase your chances of winning battles in We Are Warriors!, you need to keep an eye on your enemy’s units and adapt accordingly. One thing is certain in this game: you will have very slim chances of beating your enemy by having the same unit levels as them at all times.

Therefore, try to unlock a higher tier than what they have, or summon a unit that is strong against their units. Melee units are strong against cavalry, ranged units are strong against melee, and cavalry is strong against ranged.

7. Synchronize your troop deployment

Placing your units at the perfect time is essential to winning battles in We Are Warriors!. By synchronizing your troop deployment, you can ensure that your army is as strong and effective as possible.

This means waiting until you have enough gold to deploy two units at once, rather than sending them out individually. Not only does this make your army more powerful, but it also helps deal more damage, which means more gold earned.

8. Protect your ranged units

In We Are Warriors!, it’s important to protect your ranged units (such as archers or slingers) in battle. These units are valuable for their ability to attack from a distance, but they are also vulnerable to enemy attacks. To keep them safe, always have melee or cavalry units in front of them. This will act as a shield, allowing your ranged units to attack from a safer distance and deal more damage.

Keep on Fighting and Conquering!

Do not be discouraged if you lose battles in We Are Warriors! because each try will bring more coins, so try to do as much damage as possible to accumulate those coins and upgrade your units. So don’t give up and keep on fighting! By following this guide, you will surely become a formidable force on the battlefield and win more battles.

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