12 Beginner Warcraft Rumble Tips for Winning Battles

Follow these Warcraft Rumble tips and tricks to gain power and win battles. Learn how to build strong decks to dominate the battlefield!

Warcraft Rumble Tips and Tricks
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Warcraft Rumble features various maps with increasingly challenging levels and bosses, all inspired by The World of Warcraft universe. To succeed in this game, you need to have a good strategy and use your resources effectively.

This guide will provide tips and tricks on how to win battles easily, including building an effective army and choosing the right units for your team. With these strategies, you’ll be ready to face any challenge and conquer Azeroth.

12. Clear the Elwynn Forest map as soon as possible

After starting the game, you will be presented with the map of Elwynn Forest, which is the first map of challenging battles. This map includes bosses like Goldtooth, Mother Fang, The Dockmaster, Morgan the Collector, and Hogger.

While playing these stages, you will notice that the navigation bar at the bottom, which includes the most important features of the game, is not yet accessible. That is why it is important to clear this map as soon as possible, so you get access to the Mini Store and Army Upgrades.

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Many more become available as you clear more stages and earn more Sigils, but these two features are crucial to your progression. Among the 5 bosses of Elwynn Forest, surprisingly, Morgan the Collector was more difficult for us to defeat than Hogger. Scroll down and see our second video to see how we managed to beat him.

11. Deploy your units strategically

To succeed in Warcraft Rumble you must think ahead and deploy your units strategically. This involves choosing the best unit to deploy on the battlefield, those that are stronger than your opponent’s.

For this, you can either inspect your opponent’s army and other structures that could be used to your advantage before pressing the “Start” button or do it during the battle after pressing the “Pause” button displayed at the top of your screen.

The strategy is simple: Melee units are stronger than Ranged ones, Flying units are stronger than Melee, and Ranged units beat Flying ones. Use this knowledge to your advantage and deploy the correct minis for each situation.

10. Secure the Gold Veins before your opponent does

Secured Gold Vein example in Warcraft Rumble

Winning battles in Warcraft Rumble also require you to secure gold veins or at least to stop your opponent from taking them.

Gold veins are located on different parts of the map and conquering them will give you an edge in battle because more gold means more units that can be deployed at the same time on the battlefield.

You see, in Warcraft Rumble, each team starts with 10 gold ores. Each unit you deploy consumes a specific number of ores, and once you have used all of them, you need to wait a few seconds for them to regenerate. A few seconds may not seem much, but it is enough for your opponent to take advantage, deploy more units, and gain the upper hand in battle.

That is why it is important to secure the gold veins as soon as possible and collect them before your opponent does. This can be done by deploying Kobold units on the same side of the battlefield where the active Gold Veins are located.

At the same time, you should interrupt your opponent’s Kobold units from mining gold. The quickest way to do this is by casting a spell on them as they have low armor.

9. Guide your Minis in the right direction

Using a Switch to guide the troops on the battlefield in Warcraft Rumble
Using a Switch to guide our troops on the battlefield

Sometimes, deploying enemies on one side of the map might be disadvantageous. To make sure your Minis are heading in the right direction, you can tap the blue Switches located across the battlefield.

Once your troops arrive at a specific Switch sign, they will automatically turn and move toward the direction that you have set, helping you keep your army organized and focused on the task at hand.

For instance, this can be used to avoid an enemy tower, or a large group of enemies while the Boss has already been engaged and a few strikes is all it takes to defeat him.

8. Choose Baron Rivendare as your first leader

Choosing the right character as your first leader can have a long-term impact on your game progression. Once you clear the third stage of Elwynn Forest and defeat The Dockmaster boss, you will be presented with 3 leaders to choose from: Jaina Proudmoore, Baron Rivendare, and General Drakkisath.

In our opinion, Baron Rivendare is the best choice. He is a member of the Undead family and has 4 solid traits and useful talents that help him recover HP in tough situations.

In my case, because I am an avid World of Warcraft Alliance player, I picked Jaina Proudmoore as my first leader, and frankly, I regret that decision because she doesn’t have the same power as Baron Rivendare.

I highly recommend checking our Warcraft Rumble tier list to see how we ranked all the leaders in the game and how they can be used for different strategies.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of spells

Using the Chain Lightning spell to beat Morgan the Collector (Elwynn Forest’s 4th Boss)

Spells can be a great addition to your tactics and can make the difference in a tight match. For example, the one we used in these two video tutorials is called Chain Lightning and is an AoE spell of the Horde family.

This spell consumes 2 gold ores and deals high elemental damage on Armored units and bosses in some cases. Additionally, you can cast this skill anywhere on the map, which makes it perfect for defending Gold Veins or conquered Towers.

The great thing about spells in Warcraft Rumble is that some leaders like Jaina Proudmoore and Bloodmage Thalnos work hand-in-hand with them.

For instance, Thalnos gains one level every time you cast a spell in battle until he is defeated. On the other hand, Jaina increases the level of all spells in a fight, every time you use them, provided she is the leader of your army.

Therefore, we highly recommend using them as often as needed and combining them with the right leaders to make sure you have the upper hand in battle.

6. Focus on capturing and defending Towers

Conquered Tower example for Warcraft Rumble

Capturing Towers is another great tip for winning battles. They allow you to deploy units further on the battlefield, which can be a great advantage in challenging fights. This way your troops will take less time to attack the boss.

The fastest way to capture a Tower in Warcraft Rumble is by deploying a combination of Melee and Ranged units on the same side of the battlefield where the Tower is located. Make sure to defend the Towers from enemy attempts to capture them, or you could lose your advantage in battle.

5. Build effective decks around your leaders

Leaders are powerful, unique Minis that can help you gain power in Warcraft Rumble. Each leader has a unique ability, between one to five special traits and 2 talents. To maximize the potential of your army, you will need to build a deck around your favorite leader.

For example, Cairne Bloodhoof, who is one of the most powerful leaders of the Horde family, increases the Health of all the Horde units on your deck. In this case, having Minis from other families such as Alliance, or Undead, will make Cairne’s ability useless.

Likewise, Baron Rivendare, the leader of the Undead family we mentioned earlier, needs Skeleton units to heal himself, and they gain power from Rivendare’s second talent. This is why is crucial to design your deck around the leader you choose, in order to get the most out of their abilities and talents.

4. Upgrade your Minis for maximum impact in battle

Leveling up units is a great way to make your army stronger and more effective against difficult bosses.

Your units earn a certain amount of XP from winning battles. Leveling them up increases their Attack Damage and HP. But the good news is that they earn XP even when you lose a battle, so it’s always worth trying.

You also have the option to manually upgrade units in Warcraft Rumble. To do so, tap the helmet icon at the bottom of your screen, and select a unit type. Next, press “Info” and hit the “Upgrade” button. If you have the required resources, press Upgrade again, and the unit will be upgraded. This will also increase the Bonus Levels and unlock better Talent Slots for that unit.

3. Aim for the boss but protect your base as well

Attacking the Boss while protecting the base in Warcraft Rumble

I know how tempting it can be to focus all your efforts on taking down the bosses, but you also need to protect your base. A good strategy though, is to conquer a Tower or a Healthstone so you can deploy units closer to the Boss while paying attention to the enemy units that are trying to reach your base.

If the approaching enemies have low armor, you could simply use a spell to destroy them. Otherwise, cast a unit to your base, one that is stronger than the enemy’s, and that can hold them back until you make it to the boss. For best results, use the strategy we described in the second tip above.

2. Open treasure chests for extra rewards

Just like mining gold, you should also open Treasure Chests before the enemy team does. Each treasure chest grants 2 gold coins when opened. For this, you can use any type of unit, except Flying.

An excellent tactic on this is to deploy a melee or ranged unit followed by a Kobold unit, immediately after pressing the Start button in battle.

This way you have a better chance to open the Treasure Chest and secure the Gold Vein to earn a substantial number of coins. This will highly increase your chances of victory in the game.

1. Make use of the Mini Store offers

Finally, you should take advantage of the offers included in the Mini Store every day. At the top of the Store page, you have a grid of 9 units/Minis offers. Here you can purchase different Minis belonging to one of the 5 families: Alliance, Horde, Undead, Blackrock, and Beast.

If none of the offers at the top of the page fit your criteria, you can always reset the grid, or wait for the reset to be done automatically, and try again.

A great tip here is to Move the XP boost item (as seen in the second image above, the purple triangle in the bottom-right corner) on the line from where you intend to purchase your Minis from.

This item will automatically increase the XP for all the Minis located on the same row or column, and you will be able to get them leveled up faster.

Also, don’t forget to check the Daily Offers at the bottom of the same page as well. This section resets daily and includes a free reward that will help you level up your troops faster and hopefully, win more battles.

Final Thoughts

Warcraft Rumble will take you on an exciting adventure around the Warcraft universe, where strategy and skill are needed to become victorious. With these Warcraft Rumble tips and tricks, you will be better prepared to tackle all the challenges that lie ahead of you and clear map stages with ease. Good luck!

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