Temple of Shadows Tips for Building a Great Ninja Team

Looking to conquer more levels in Temple of Shadows? Our guide will help you build a powerful ninja team and defeat all enemies that stand in your way

Temple of Shadows tips and tricks
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Temple of Shadows offers an immersive and strategic idle RPG gameplay experience as players journey through the ninja world, building their team of powerful ninjas, and competing against other players in various game modes.

But like any other game of this genre, requires strategy, grinding and resource management to progress. In this guide, we will offer you practical Temple of Shadows tips and tricks to help you build an unstoppable team, unlock powerful items and gain more rewards for your ninja squad. So if you’re new to this game or looking to improve your gameplay, you are in the right place!

Get familiar with the game’s currencies

As you progress in Temple of Shadows, you will accumulate various resources, special items, and currencies that will help you in your journey. These include:

  • Tier-up Orbs – magical orbs imbued with spiritual power and used to uncap your ninja characters (e.g. to pass above level 10)
  • Gold – this is the most valuable and rarest currency in Temple of Shadows and can be used on upgrades and to buy various items
  • Silver and Ninja EXP – earned from clearing up stages and completing quests. Can be used to level up your ninjas
  • Guild Contribution – this currency is earned from various guild activities and can be used to upgrade guild skills or trade for items in the guild shop

Upgrade and tier up your best ninjas

Upgrading a ninja character in Temple of Shadows

In this Idle RPG game, the ninja characters have different rarities that can be identified by their colors. As we discussed in our tier list for Temple of Shadows, from best to worst, these colors are yellow, red, golden, purple, blue, green, and gray.

In the early game, you may be tempted to upgrade and level up all the ninjas in your team. However, it is more effective to focus on a few high-tiered ninjas and fully upgrade them. This will make your team stronger overall, and save you some Ninja EXP and silver in the process.

Take advantage of the Elemental Counter

The Elemental Counter bonus

In the early stages of the game, having a few higher-tiered ninjas might be enough to carry you through. However, as you progress, you will face tougher enemies and bosses. This is where having 2 or more ninjas of the same elemental in your team will come in handy.

The elemental counter bonus will offer your team a significant increase in HP and ATK depending on how many same-element ninjas are in your team, 5 being the highest. So, make sure to keep this in mind when building your team and upgrading new ninjas.

Collect the Ninja’s Login Bonus and AFK reward

The Ninja Login Bonus in Temple of Shadows

While this does not directly affect your team’s power, collecting the Ninja’s Login Bonus every day will give you various useful items, including Tier-up Orbs, Gold, Silver and Gear that you can equip your ninjas with and increase their strength. On top of that, you will also receive a powerful five-star ninja hero on the 8th day, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Another easy way to collect rewards without actively playing the game is the AFK reward. This reward is accumulated over 12 hours and can be collected by simply tapping on the collect button after entering the game. Make it a habit to log in daily to claim these rewards and make your journey in Temple of Shadows easier.

Challenge yourself: earn some decorations

Unlocking new decoration titles

The decorations page includes various items that you can use to customize your profile. The good news is that some of them such as Helpers and Titles also offer a decent power increase for your characters.

For instance, the Astral Ninja title will offer you an 800 increase in HP and 150 ATK if you manage to qualify for the second rank during the Championship. Not an easy task as you will compete against other players, but certainly worth it for the extra stats boost.

Join a guild of other players

Guilds are communities within the game where players can join forces, chat and participate in various activities together such as Guild Rivals or Guild Ordeal to earn amazing rewards.

Being part of a guild can offer many other benefits, including access to exclusive events, rewards, and a special shop where you can use your Guild Contribution points to buy ninja shards, gear or items to upgrade your characters with.

Additionally, being part of a guild allows you to contribute and level up the Guild, which also brings better rewards for all members. If joining one is not your cup of tea, you can always create your own guild for 500 gold.

Unlock and use Sage Tools to buff your team

Sage tools in Temple of Shadows

Sage Tools are powerful items that can be equipped and used in battles and will also offer amazing buffs for your entire team. For example, the Seven Stars Sword can deal massive damage to 2 random foes and has a 32% chance to decrease targets’ ATK by 10% for 2 turns.

Sage Tools can be accessed via the bottom tab with the same name. There are 5 sage tools in total, each with different bonuses and effects. Make sure to unlock and equip the one that fits best your current progress and the type of enemies you are facing.

To unlock Sage Tools, you will need to complete a series of challenges such as reaching a certain level, winning Arena fights or clearing a specific stage.

Make use of the raid PvE buff

The Raid buff is quite similar to the one offered by Sage Tools but a bit less powerful. Nevertheless, it will offer your team a 10% DMG increase for 10 minutes. Additionally, includes several currencies, gear and special items that can also be used to upgrade your characters.

Raid is the first tab on the bottom bar while on the Fight page. Make sure you activate it only if you know you can take full advantage of it (e.g. you are planning to progress through some tough stages for at least 10 minutes).

Complete daily and weekly quests for more rewards

Daily quests, weekly quests and trophies

The Daily Tasks tab is your source for various objectives that offer different rewards such as Silver, Gold, Tier-up Orbs, and Friendship points. Completing these quests will also help you unlock the 5 chests displayed at the top of the page as you see in the image above.

The most valuable chest is, obviously, the fifth one and requires 100 Activeness points (each daily quest you complete will grant you 5, 10, or 15 such points) to unlock.

It includes 100 gold, 50,000 silver and 80 Command Points that you can trade for special items for your characters. The trophies tab includes tasks a bit more challenging but the rewards are also a bit better. So make sure you check it out as well.

Try the Gate of Empowerment for unique items

Last but not least, you should try the 4 game modes located on the Test page. The easiest and most common one is the Daily Trials which includes resources and Sage Stones that you can use to upgrade the Sage Tools I mentioned earlier.

The other 3 gameplay modes also offer plenty of special items to boost your team’s power, but they are more difficult to access. The Relics mode requires level 30, Land of Trials level 25, and Ninja the Legend level 35.

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