Return of Shadow Tips and Tricks for a Quick Progress

This guide includes essential Return of Shadow tips and tricks to help you make quick progress in the game and have a better gaming experience.

Return of Shadow tips and tricks
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As we described in our Return of Shadow guide, this is a fantasy-based strategy game where players set out on an epic quest to save their world from the dark forces. It is an exciting and challenging game that requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and tactical decisions to overcome obstacles and defeat your enemies.

And since the game is packed with so many great features and tasks to complete, it’s important to know how to maximize your progress to stay ahead of your rivals.

In this guide, you’ll find helpful Return of Shadow tips and tricks to make quick progress in this thrilling mobile strategy game.

Return of Shadow Tips and Tricks

Link and customize your profile

Customizing the profile in Return of Shadow, changing the nickname and the avatar

One of the first things you should do after starting the game and you have finished the mini tutorial is to link your game account to Google so you avoid losing your progress in case of a device error or loss.

This will also give you the possibility to play the game on multiple devices and have synchronized game progress and data.

To link/bind your game account, tap your avatar and the settings button on the bottom-right corner, and select “Account”. Next, hit “Bind” on any of the 4 options: Mail, Google, Facebook, or VKontakte.

My personal choice is always Google because some games also offer achievements for your Google profile.

Additionally, you should customize your profile by choosing an avatar from the gallery (more become available as you recruit new heroes) and setting up a unique username for yourself.

Having a unique nickname instead of the generic “Player134” will help your allies to identify and remember you easily.

Prioritize Chapter Quests

Chapter Missions in the Return of Shadow game

As you noticed, there are tons of things to do to progress in Return of Shadow. However, in the early stage of the game, Chapter quests are the most important ones, as they will help you quickly power up your team and upgrade your heroes.

They not only reward you handsomely but also unlock new content and features. And the good news is that at the end of each chapter, you get an additional reward that can include hero shards, resources, and other essential items to help you level up quicker.

Take advantage of your first Peace Shield

Peace Shield activated example for Return of Shadow

After starting the game, your city will be protected by a Peace Shield which makes it impossible for other players to attack you and steal your resources. But this shield has a limited duration, so it’s important to take full advantage of it. During this time, you should do whatever is necessary to gain power.

This includes completing Chapter Quests and Daily tasks and gathering as many resources as you can from sending your troops to resource tiles outside your city to support your building upgrades.

You can buy new peace shields afterward, but they are not quite affordable. A 24-h peace shield costs 4,800 diamonds, whereas a 3-day shield 10,000. It is almost impossible to gather that amount that fast unless you make a real money purchase.

Monitor and increase your Prosperity

Prosperity info Return of Shadow

Prosperity is a crucial component in Return of Shadow that can either boost your resource productivity and help you progress faster in the game, or slow you down and make it difficult for you to continue.

In addition, certain tasks and Exploration stages require a certain level of prosperity. There are 3 stages of Prosperity: Damaged, Stable, and Prospering. The damaged state may occur when your city gets attacked and your territory is damaged.

While in this state, your city resource production is significantly reduced. To avoid this, you should always try to maintain a Prespering level so you can get the Resource Production and Training Speed bonuses.

To increase Prosperity and help recover faster once it is reduced, you can build decorations inside your city, reclaim territory areas, and upgrade buildings.

Create effective hero formations

Creating an effective hero formation in Return of Shadow

Your army is the key to winning battles, and having the right composition is essential for success and progress in the game overall. Depending on your lineup, or the type of combat or activity you are planning to take on, you can create different formations and save them too.

For example, if you are planning to send a formation to occupy a resource tile outside your city and gather resources, you should create a formation that includes heroes with the Gatherer role.

This way you benefit from their resource-related bonuses such as faster gathering speed and increased capacity. On the other hand, Attacker and Rider heroes are best for PvP combat.

To help you out, we created this Return of Shadow tier list that ranks all heroes in the game from best to worst, so make sure to check it out before creating your formations.

Join or create your own alliance

Alliance list and how to join one

While playing solo and focusing on tasks is quite fun, it can be difficult to progress in Return of Shadow without an alliance. Joining or creating one is a great way to make allies and work together to reach common goals.

Alliances provide several benefits, such as the ability to send troops to other members for help in times of need and get support with resources or help to reduce the building duration for each project and so on.

However, the biggest advantage of being a member of an alliance is that it helps reduce the chances of being attacked by other players. You see, players who are not a part of any alliance, or one that is weak or newly created, are the most vulnerable and are easy targets in games of this genre. So, make sure you join one as soon as possible.

Get your quick rewards

Benefits Center quick free rewards available to be collected

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to progress quickly in a game. Return of Shadow offers various ways to get quick free rewards. The first free and valuable reward you can get in Return of Shadow is a Legendary key for linking/binding your account to Google as I mentioned earlier.

This can be claimed via the Benefits Center and by visiting the Binding Gift tab. While you are there, you also have a 300 Diamond gift for changing your nickname for the first time. You also have a few more in the Top-up Center and two that need to be collected regularly.

The first one is produced by the Benefits Center building and it will appear on top of the building every few hours, and includes Lord Stamina and Exploration Stamina. Make sure you collect them before they expire.

Next, there is also the Online Reward, which is produced every 5 minutes or so by the Intel building. This reward includes speed-ups, resources, and many other valuable items, so make sure you collect it as often as possible because you will need a lot of speed-ups to progress in this game.

Complete Growth and Daily tasks

Daily Growth tasks

In addition to Chapter quests, you also have Daily tasks and Growth tasks. These can be accessed by pressing the Tasks button at the bottom of your screen and offer fantastic rewards that can help you develop your city and upgrade your army faster.

Both types of tasks are very rewarding but unlike Growth tasks, Daily tasks expire after 24 hours and do not offer rewards per completed task. Instead, you get a certain number of activity points, which are automatically consumed to fill the progress bar displayed at the top of that page.

There, you will notice 7 chests, each requiring a certain number of points and various rewards. The most valuable chest is the last 7th one and includes speedups, legendary skill books and a legendary star statue, an Epic key, among other valuable items. Therefore, make sure you open all your chests every day if possible, as these amazing rewards can help speed up your progress significantly.

Clear and expand your territory

Clearing ruins and expanding the city territory

Similar to Nations of Darkness, here we also must expand our city’s territory and clear any threats and ruins that are blocking our city’s growth. To do so, you can simply press and hold any pile of ruins until a shovel icon appears and clears the obstacles for you.

Clearing ruins also give you resources so it is useful to your overall progress. As you expand your territory, you will find various buildings occupied by dark forces and you need a certain power level to confront them. So, keep on strengthening your forces until you can defeat them and expand your city.


These are some of the essential Return of Shadow tips and tricks that can help you advance faster in the game. Follow these tips and you’ll have the upper hand over your rivals. Don’t forget to join an alliance as soon as you can and be consistent with your daily tasks and activities. Good luck!

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