Isekai Slow Life Tips for Fast Village Expansion

These Isekai: Slow Life tips and tricks will help you expand your village and progress faster in this fantasy city-building mobile game.

Isekai Slow Life tips and tricks
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Isekai: Slow Life is a relaxing and immersive simulation mobile game that allows you to experience a peaceful life in a magical world. With its diverse and handy fellows, you can form bonds, explore new lands, and build your own village filled with various shops, buildings, and businesses.

In this guide, we will be sharing essential Isekai: Slow Life tips and tricks on how to maximize your village’s potential and expand it quickly, so you can fully enjoy this city-building and exploration game.

Isekai Slow Life Tips and Tricks

  1. Isekai Slow Life Gameplay Overview
  2. Follow the quest line to progress efficiently
  3. The Drakengerg tab is crucial to village expansion
  4. Continuously upgrade your fellows
  5. Increase Intimacy levels to boost earnings
  6. Hire new employees to improve village production
  7. Constantly upgrade your player rank
  8. Make use of the Stage's Auto-mode
  9. Collect all additional freebies that the game offers

1. Isekai Slow Life Gameplay Overview

The main objective of Isekai: Slow Life is to expand and develop your own village while interacting with various characters in the game.

The more you progress, the more lands you discover and the more characters (fellows and family members) you encounter. But for that, you will need a steady economy and resources including Coins, Crystals, and Fellow EXP, to say the least.

2. Follow the quest line to progress efficiently

The game has a well-structured questline that guides you through each step of the gameplay. Make sure to complete these quests as they not only provide valuable rewards but also help you understand the mechanics of the game better.

These quests are located in the lower-left corner of the main screen. Tap them and it will redirect you to their corresponding tasks.

3. The Drakengerg tab is crucial to village expansion

The Drakenberg tab unlocked in Isekai: Slow Life
The Drakenberg tab unlocked

The Drakengerg tab includes the most beneficial features for new players, such as Nanquet, Challenge, Trading Post, Roaming, Bazar, and Fellow Recruit. On the same page, you will also find the Guild feature which requires Rank 9 and allows you to interact and form alliances with other players.

Make sure to frequently visit this tab once unlocked (watch our Isekay: Slow Life gameplay part 3 for more details) for opportunities to improve your village’s growth.

4. Continuously upgrade your fellows

Fellows are companions who assist you in exploring new lands, battling enemies, and harvesting resources. They have unique skill sets that can be upgraded with Study Notes.

Ensure that you continuously increase their levels, unlock new costumes for them, and upgrade their skills to boost your overall village earnings and progress. As a useful tip here, consider upgrading only the best ones to save yourself some resources. Luckily, we ranked all fellows in our Isekai: Slow Life tier list, so check that as well.

5. Increase Intimacy levels to boost earnings

Increasing the Intimacy level in Isekai Slow Life
Intimacy level

Intimacy level is a crucial factor in Isekai: Slow Life and is related to family members located inside the Home tab (so not to Fellows). The Intimacy level can be increased with gifts and it affects the earnings of your shops and other buildings in your village.

The higher the intimacy level with each character, the more significant the boost in income and the more skills they acquire. Make sure to interact with these characters regularly and offer them gifts to unlock all skills (the last one becomes available at intimacy level 100).

6. Hire new employees to improve village production

Hiring more employees in Isekai: Slow Life
Hiring more employees in Isekai: Slow Life

In Isekai: Slow Life, the productivity of each building or field can be increased by leveling them up. This affects how much you can collect by tapping them and how much gold they generate.

But there is also a second way to increase production: by hiring employees. Each building can have up to 2000 employees and the more you hire, the more earnings that building produces per second.

7. Constantly upgrade your player rank

Another fantastic way to increase your progress speed and expand your village in this game is to increase your Player Rank. This can be done by completing quests and clearing stages. There are 60 levels or ranks in total and each level will greatly affect your earnings and increase the friend limit, the education points, and other useful stats.

Additionally, every 6 levels or so, you get a new appearance for your profile: from the tiny mushroom creature at level one, to a teenage human at 13, to an admirable adult at level 19 and beyond.

8. Make use of the Stage’s Auto-mode

The Stage's auto-mode in Isekai: Slow Life
The Stage’s auto-mode

As you progress in the game, you will unlock stages where you can explore new lands and resources with your tiny mushroom creature. These stages (and here I mean the ones found in the Stages tab/mode) require manual taps to advance through this mode and collect gold.

This might seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning but the good news is that these interactions can be shortened once you unlock the auto-mode. I said shortened because you still have to manually advance through those little stories or skip them. Nevertheless, make sure to activate this option each time you explore new stages to save time and tap away more gold.

9. Collect all the freebies that the game offers

Isekai: Slow Life offers various incentives and rewards daily, but perhaps the most significant ones are the ones received in your mailbox. Collect them after starting the game as they include a significant number of resources and special items that will help you level up your fellows and develop your village faster.

Besides this, you should also collect all the freebies included on the event pages and shop – whenever a red dot is visible, that means you have goodies to collect!

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