Final Fantasy XV War for Eos: 14 Tips to Get You Started

Our beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy XV War for Eos includes tips and tricks that will help you master the game and beat the competition

Final Fantasy XV War for Eos guide tips and tricks
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Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a strategy mobile game that takes you on an amazing adventure! In this game, you can build your own kingdom and increase its power by recruiting powerful heroes and troops and upgrading a variety of unique buildings. You can either play solo or join a guild of players and take part in PvP activities.

But if you want to stay ahead of the competition you might need a good strategy. To help you out, we created this beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy XV War for Eos, which includes helpful tips and tricks.

Understanding the primary resources

Primary resources in Final Fantasy XV War for Eos

There are 4 primary resources in Final Fantasy XV War for Eos that you must collect and use to upgrade your buildings or build new ones. These are Food, Stone, Metal, and Energy.

There is also Gold, which is more of a premium resource that you can use to finish upgrades, train or heal your wounded units instantly.

The 4 primary resources can be produced actively inside your city by creating and upgrading their resource production buildings such as Farms, Quarries, Mines, and Generators. Gold, on the other hand, can only be acquired from mission rewards or by purchasing premium packs.

Setup your team properly for PvE fights

As you’ll advance in this game, you will have different PvE combat modes such as Skirmish, or Radar that you need to conquer. You will also encounter boss fights, which are the most difficult. To increase your chances of winning the fight, there are a few things you could do.

The first thing is to check if your power is equal to or higher than the one of your enemy. You can check that before starting the fight (see the first screenshot above). If your power is lower, level up your heroes or pick better heroes for your team.

The second thing you can do to improve your winning chances is to pick the best hero as your team leader. You can do that after pressing the Fight button and tapping the little crown icon and selecting a different hero. Legendary heroes are the best for this if your team includes different rarities.

Lastly, you should pick some aid items that your heroes could use during the fight (see second screenshot, point 2). This includes healing potions and various boosts. You should select different items for each of the two slots.

Reclaim your City from monster invasions

Every now on then, your city will be breached by an army of jelly monsters, which can have a negative impact on your resource productivity if you don’t take measures. These attacks happen more often in the early stages, but the duration can be expanded by upgrading your city’s Gate.

These jelly monsters appear in front of the gate, and depending on your gate’s current level, there will be a countdown displayed on them. When this countdown ends, they will breach the gate and set your city on fire.

Luckily, you can avoid this by tapping these monsters, whether as soon as they appear in front of the gate, or after they’ve breached your city. But do it as soon as possible as this can affect your city’s productivity.

Constantly upgrade your best heroes

Upgrading and ranking up a hero

Your heroes play the most important part in your overall success and progress in this game. The higher their levels, the more challenging enemies and missions you can take, and therefore, the better the rewards. To improve your heroes, you should not only increase their level but their Star rank as well.

However, in order to get the best results for your consumed Hero XP and Hero Drink items, you should prioritize your best heroes. Luckily for you, we’ve created this Final Fantasy XV War for Eos tier list that you can use to guide yourself.

Expanding your territory

The city territory it’s a feature quite similar to the one of the Nations of Darkness game, and should be one of your top priorities in this game. That’s because it allows you to unlock more features and buildings, and more importantly, you will have more space to build your favorite layout.

In the early stages, the majority of your territory is foggy but can be expanded by clearing ruins and conquering buildings, and rescuing troops. Ruins will give you Energy, so try to clean them all.

Push through Campaign missions

Completing campaign missions

The campaign missions are a great way to earn rewards, enough to help you push your buildings and your Citadel to a decent level.

This is crucial, especially because, unlike in the majority of strategy games, in Final Fantasy XV War for Eos we don’t have a beginner peace shield. This means that you must focus on accumulating as many rewards as possible and as fast as possible.

One of the great benefits of completing campaign missions is the final reward, which you get at the end of each chapter. This includes a good amount of resources, hero tokens, speedups, and Gold.

Don’t waste your resources on T1 units

To save some resources, you should only train a few Tier 1 Infantry, Ranged, or Cavalry units, just enough to help you win the first few battles while expanding your territory. Otherwise, you will have to promote them to your current higher level, which again will take time and resources.

Tier 2 is quite easy to unlock as it only requires level 4 for your Ranged, Infantry, and Cavalry Barrack buildings. Tier 3 is also not that far as it requires level 7, and level 10 for tier 4. Therefore, we recommend focusing less on troop training, at least until you unlock tier 3 or preferably tier 4, and focus more on building upgrades.

Join a guild or create your own

Reward preview for joining a Guild in Final Fantasy XV War for Eos

Guilds in Final Fantasy XV War for Eos are basically alliances that you might be familiar with in most strategy mobile games. In this game you can, of course, play solo but your progress will be significantly delayed due to constant attacks from other players.

That’s why you may want to join a guild as soon as possible because protection is one of the main benefits. By joining a guild, you also get access to even more rewards and exclusive benefits. The good news is that you get 200 Gold the first time you join one.

You could then contribute resources to Guild Research and get Guild Credit in return that you can use to buy different essential items from the Shop. Additionally, by helping your you can help your allies and vice versa, by decreasing the duration required for building upgrades.

Log in consecutively for 7 days

Consecutive login rewards preview Final Fantasy XV War for Eos

Final Fantasy XV War for Eos rewards you for being an active player. For each consecutive day that you log in, you will be rewarded with increasingly better rewards for a total of 7 days. These rewards include mostly items related to recruiting and upgrading heroes, but also other essential items such as Gold, and Speedups.

On the first day, you get 1,000 Gold. On the second day, you get 10 tokens of Prompto hero, 250,000 Hero XP on the third day, and 5 Standard Keys on the fourth, which you can use to recruit Epic or Rare heroes.

On the fifth day, you get 5 x 60m Speedups, and 3 Premium Keys on the sixth day, which can be used to acquire Epic and Legendary heroes and other essential items. Lastly, the seventh day rewards you with 10 tokens of Prince Noctis hero.

Do your dailies and side quests

Daily quests and Side Missions are as much important and Campaign missions because they offer plenty of great rewards. They can be accessed by tapping the Quests button at the bottom of your screen.

The main tab on this page is the Daily quests tab, and as the name suggests, includes a series of quests for you to complete daily. At the top of this page, you have 7 chests that will offer you additional rewards, and each of these chests requires a certain amount of points for you to open them and claim their rewards.

The last chest, the biggest one, offers the best rewards and requires 325 points. These points can be acquired by completing the quests, where the number varies anywhere from 5 to 30 points per quest.

The second tab, called Missions, are kind of side quest that you can complete for additional rewards. The great thing about them is that most of these quests include Player XP, which is required to upgrade your Player level as I mentioned above.

Use your daily free hero chests

Collecting daily free Standard and Premium hero chests

Hero chests not only offer us a chance to recruit more heroes but also to get other great rewards that can help us to level up our heroes and upgrade our buildings. These can be found under the Hero Chest option in the Hero Hall building.

There, you can collect a free Standard chest several times a day (usually the pause between them is only a few minutes), and a free Premium chest once every 2 days. The main difference between these 2 chests is that the Premium hero chest includes Legendary heroes and a few other items as well.

Plan your upgrades strategically

Upgrading buildings is the most vital thing that will increase your overall power and allow you to level up your Citadel. But to get the most out of your upgrades, you should plan this wisely.

The first thing you should do is to focus on the most essential buildings, the ones required by your Citadel upgrades, before anything else.

Another useful thing you can do is that once you are a member of an active guild, you should plan your building upgrades whenever most members are online.

This will help you a lot as each help provided by your allies, will decrease the upgrade duration by a certain percentage. The only caveat is that you must have a bit of patience and not jump on using your speedups, and wait for your mates to help you out.

Level up your Player level and Skills

The player level is a great feature that gives us the possibility to further improve our City’s productivity by upgrading two types of special sets of skills. You can access the Player Skills page by tapping your avatar and selecting the Skills tab at the bottom of your screen.

On this page, you have two tabs, Economy, and Combat. As the name suggests, the Economy allows you to further improve your city resource productivity, whereas the Combat is related to your troops.

As a beginner, I highly suggest upgrading as much as possible the Economy tab as it will help you a lot in accumulating more resources, that you can later use on your upgrades. Therefore, a better usage in the long run.

Each skill upgrade requires 1 Skill Point, and the only thing to get these is by increasing your Player level (not Citadel level). Upgrading the Player level requires Player XP items, which you can get from missions.

Change your nickname and avatar

How to change the avatar and nickname

Your avatar and nickname give you a touch of personality, and uniqueness, which is as important as other things on this list. Doing so, allows other members to remember you more easily, and can help you make more friends and allies in this game.

Changing your avatar or nickname is free and you can do it by tapping your default avatar on the top-left corner and clicking the little pencil icons displayed at the top. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XV War for Eos does not allow you to upload your own image, so you’ll have to pick one of the available avatars in the gallery.

Final Fantasy XV War for Eos guide tips and tricks
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