How to Progress and Gain Power in DC Heroes & Villains

Whether you are looking to gain power, level up, or progress faster in DC Heroes & Villains, this guide includes all the tips and tricks you need.

How to progress and gain power fast in DC Heroes and Villains
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DC Heroes & Villains features a fun match-3 RPG experience that will keep you busy for hours. Although the first few campaign stages are relatively easy, progressing to higher levels and gaining power in this game requires a lot of effort, mostly because of the strategic gameplay. The first few characters you collect may also seem strong at first, but as you progress, you’ll need to upgrade and unlock new abilities for them to truly shine in battle.

And for this, you need to constantly collect better and more resources. But don’t worry – in this guide you will find all the tips and tricks you need to progress faster and become stronger in DC Heroes & Villains.

Tips and Tricks to Gain Power Fast in DC Heroes & Villains

Here are some tips to help you level up quickly and conquer the battlegrounds in DC Heroes & Villains:

1. Unlock new game modes and features

Completing as many chapters and stages in Living World (which is the game’s main campaign mode) are some of the first things you should prioritize if you want to speed up your progress and level up faster in this mobile game. As you progress through it, new game modes and features will be unlocked.

For example, once you clear the first stage of the third Chapter in the Gotham City area of the Living World mode, you will unlock the Sonnar and its Choice Missions (as seen in the short clip above).

These missions are relatively easy and offer nice rewards such as Hero or Villain Capsule Keys (which you can use to recruit more heroes), Battle Pass Points, and Credits which are used to upgrade characters.

Keep in mind that you can only use the Sonnar 2 times (it takes 2 hours to fully recharge), and the Choice Missions expire in 1 hour after being discovered, so make sure to complete them as soon as you can.

Autoplay and the Battle Speed Toggle buttons in DC Heroes & Villains

Other two useful features that will help you progress faster in the early stage of the game, are the Autoplay mode and the Battle Speed Toggle, which are both located in the upper-right corner of the combat screen.

The Battle Speed Toggle requires you to clear Gotham City’s Chapter 4 Stage 3 and it will increase the gameplay speed while having the Autoplay mode turned on.

I’m sure that some would argue that the Autoplay is not as exciting as playing it yourself, but the truth is that it can help you save a lot of time and progress faster in the game, which is what we all need in the beginning.

2. Upgrade characters to maximize power

The most straightforward way to gain power and progress faster in DC Heroes & Villains is to upgrade your characters. There are 3 ways to upgrade and improve your characters in this game: training, increasing their tiers, and upgrading their skills.

Training characters is basically increasing their levels. Each level consumes a certain amount of Metatopes and Credits. To avoid wasting resources, you should focus on the most powerful heroes and you can use our DC Heroes and Villains tier list as a guide.

The maximum level to which you can upgrade a character is limited to the current tier of your characters, which takes us to the next way of upgrading characters, the tier upgrade.

Currently, tier 7 is the highest tier a character can attain in DC Heroes & Villains and it requires a lot of effort and resources. Fortunately, the first 3 tiers are quite easy to unlock and it’s not hard to reach tier 4 with some effort.

To increase the tiers of your characters, you need to equip them with certain items (in the early game most of them have a green color).

How to craft equipment in DC Heroes and Villains

Each character has 6 equipment slots: 3 on the left that are responsible for increasing the Defense and HP, and 3 on the right, which can increase your character’s damage for different tile colors during combat.

The ones on the left are relatively easy to get, but the ones on the right side are quite a challenge because you also need to craft various recipes from rare items for the third item.

Lastly, you should also increase the skill levels of your heroes. You can do this by tapping any of the skills located above the “Train” button (see the above screenshot), and using duplicates of the same hero you want to upgrade. This will make their skill more powerful and unlock more special abilities for them.

3. Take advantage of team synergy bonuses

Team synergy bonuses in DC Heroes & Villains

Another excellent way to gain power and speed up your progress in DC Heroes & Villains is to take advantage of team synergy bonuses. Whenever you form a combination of at least 2 heroes or villains from the same team, they get a special bonus that permanently increases their attack power and defense.

These bonuses can be really game-changing and will make it more likely for your team to survive battles against powerful enemies. However, not all teams are created equally, that’s why you should make sure you focus on some of the best teams in DC Heroes and Villains to maximize your power.

4. Recruit heroes properly and frequently

Obviously, the more often you recruit heroes the more chances you have to get the strongest ones for your team, which will significantly increase your power. But before spending your Gems, Hero, or Villain Capsule Keys, make sure you have enough for 10 attempts at once.

It is the best way to acquire powerful heroes in this RPG title. Plus, the Premium Capsule method also offers extra rewards like Gems and Premium Capsule Keys for every 20 attempts, so it is one more reason to spend them 10 at once.

5. Participate in limited-time events

Limited-time events in DC Heroes and Villains

As the name suggests, limited-time events are available only for a certain time in this team battle game. You can find them in the Events section and they usually offer Gems and Credits, which are crucial for your progress.

It is essential to take advantage of all these events and complete as many as you can before they expire if you want to progress faster in the game and gain more power.

6. Complete missions for extra Gems and Credits

In these missions, you can earn extra Gems and Credits for completing certain tasks like playing battles or recruiting heroes. They don’t require a lot of effort and they are quite rewarding, so make sure to take advantage of all these missions if you want to gain power faster in the game.

Both Daily and Weekly quests offer similar rewards such as Credits, Gems, but with Daily Quests you also get Player XP which also helps you level up faster.

You should aim to complete 10 Daily Quests every day, and 7 Weekly Quests a week to get open all the chests displayed at the top of each page, as they offer generous amounts of resources, in-game currencies, and other valuable items that can help you gain power quicker.

7. Claim freebies and daily rewards

There is nothing more rewarding than getting free game rewards, and DC Heroes & Villains offers some as well. For starters, you can check your in-game mailbox and see if you have any unclaimed resources, hero shards, or any other valuable items.

As you see in the second screenshot above, you get a Welcome pack just for starting the game, and you might also get the generous Pre-Registration pack, as well as other rewards from new updates and new content that the developers release.

You should also take advantage of the Daily Rewards. Each consecutive day you log in you get a Daily Reward that includes various items.

These are given for a period of up to 31 days and the rewards increase as the streak grows, making it a great way to gain useful items without even having to win battles.

8. Complete Battle Pass quests for unique rewards

Battle Pass rewards including a free character

Battle Pass offers some of the greatest rewards in the game, but frankly speaking, they are not easy to obtain. It consists of a progress bar with 20 tiers or levels. Each tier offers a different reward such as a Character Shard, Capsule Keys, Gems, Basic Elements, Credits, and Metatopes, among others.

The most valuable reward, however, is the final one at level 20. This may be different in your case, depending on your server or progress, but in most cases, there is a free character involved.

As you can see above, in my case is the Poison Ivy character, which is a great character with healing abilities and powerful attacks.

Each level or tier requires a certain number of Battle Pass points, which you can collect from completing Daily, Weekly, and Battle Pass Missions, all located under the Quests page.

9. Make use of the Shop’s best offers

The DC Heroes & Villains Shop page is divided into 2 main tabs: Daily and Upgrades. Both offer amazing deals from time to time, and you should keep an eye on them if you want to gain power faster.

Under the Daily tab, you can find various items such as Hero Capsules, Currency Packs with Credits or Gems, Character Shards, and various gear items, but also a free daily reward. Some can be purchased with Credits, while the more valuable items require Gems.

The Upgrades tab, on the other hand, offers a variety of unique and essential items for upgrading your characters. This includes Basic, Improved, or Legendary Elements, and different gear items that may not be easy to obtain through playing or by completing missions.

These items can only be bought with Character Credits and Elite Character Credits, both in-game currencies being generated after receiving a duplicate of a character with a fully-upgraded passive ability.

A great tip of advice here is to avoid touching any items in the Shop tabs you do not intend to buy because they are purchased instantly if you have the required currencies. Instead, tap and hold the item for a short period to see an overview of its characteristics.

10. Stay tuned for new in-game content

Guilds feature coming soon in DC Heroes & Villains

Finally, keep an eye out for all the new content that is released from time to time. The game’s developers are constantly working on adding new events and rewards, so make sure to stay tuned for news on their social media channels if you want to maximize your resources and gain power faster in this super-fun hero game.

For instance, the Guilds feature is currently under development and it will offer great rewards for completing certain tasks alongside your guildmates, so make sure you take advantage of this feature as soon as it is released.

Final Thoughts on How to Level Up Faster in DC Heroes & Villains

These are the main tips and tricks you need to know to get a head start in DC Heroes & Villains. With these strategies, you should be able to make progress faster in the game and enjoy all its content! Good luck on your journey, hero!

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