Daisho: Survival of a Samurai Guide for Beginners

This Daisho: Survival of a Samurai guide is designed to help new players start the game on the right foot and improve their gaming experience.

Daisho: Survival of a Samurai Guide for Beginners
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Daisho: Survival of a Samurai is an immersive Action RPG mobile game available on Android and iOS. The story is set during the Sengoku period of Japanese history, in a time of war when Oda Nobunaga seeks to depose the weak shogun. While the game is easy to pick up, there are some important aspects that new players might struggle to understand.

In this Daisho: Survival of a Samurai guide for beginners, we’ll go over the basics of the game, as well as some tips to help you on your journey. Also, make sure you check our previous Daisho: Survival of a Samurai tips and tricks for more advanced strategies.

A Story of Samurai Honor

If you like samurai movies or you happen to have an interest in Japanese history then you will appreciate the backstory of this game. You play as a samurai daughter who is trying to protect her village from the chaos of war. You will meet interesting characters along the way, such as the legendary Oda Nobunaga, who is a historical figure from Japan’s Sengoku period.

Daisho: Survival of a Samurai offers many exciting features to explore. You can fight with martial arts and swords, harvest farm crops, mine stones, chop trees, and much more.

You can also build your own village with crafting stations, customize your weapons for special effects, and explore the kingdoms of history in search of treasures. There are plenty of ways to have fun and progress through the game.

Understanding the primary resources

Chopping a tree in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

The game includes numerous resource types, but the ones that are fundamental for your progress are Gold, Wood, Stone, and Gems. Gold is the primary currency in the game and can be used to repair your equipment and purchase more workers to help you build your village faster. Stone and Wood are required for most of the construction tasks and can be gathered around the map using your axe and pickaxe respectively.

Lastly, Gems are the premium currency in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai and can be bought in the Shop with real money or earned through various in-game events or tasks. You can use Gems to buy special items, unlock extra slots for your inventory, or finish construction projects instantly.

Refilling the Energy

Energy boiling cauldron location in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

Besides the mentioned resources, in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai, we also have Energy which is not really a resource in itself, but it is depleted as you gather resources. You will need to wait for your Energy to regenerate over time, or visit the boiling cauldron in your village.

Once you are near it, a two-dice button will appear where you normally have the looting or resource-gathering option (see the above screenshot for more details). After pressing that button, you will need to complete a mini-puzzle game to drag and merge certain food dishes of the same type. The further you progress, the more energy you will get.

However, you should try to obtain the best possible score as you have a limited number of moves. On top of that, the mini-puzzle game can only be accessed every few hours, so try to make the best of it.

Managing your inventory and items

Inventory and Storage - Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

As you explore the game, you will need to gather several resources like wood, stone, water, bricks, various animal and plant materials, and different crafting tools. All these items will be deposited directly into your inventory, which by default has only 8 slots.

And here you have two options: you can either buy new slots using Gems (4 extra slots cost 20 Gems), or you can store items in your Storage/Warehouse and retrieve them when needed.

The Storage has 28 slots but is limited to a maximum of 10 items per type. While this is enough in the early game, it will soon be insufficient if you are a frequent crafter. Luckily, you can always increase that maximum amount per slot by 10 for 50 Gems.

Exploring the World

While focusing on the main objectives should be your priority, don’t forget to explore the world around your village. There are plenty of secrets and hidden locations that will help you obtain rare resources and find powerful gear. So make sure you explore every part of a certain area before moving on to the next.

Mastering the Combat System

Fighting wolves with a Katana sword in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

Combat in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai is plain and simple. All you need to do is to press and hold the action button (no need to spam it) and your character will keep attacking until the enemy is defeated, and then you can loot the spoils.

However, there are several things you can do to make combat more interesting and dynamic. You can equip weapons with special effects, such as the Katana sword, spears, staffs, and even ranged weapons like sling shooters. The weapons have also different rarities and the better the rarity the more damage they will do.

Controls and world interactions

The game’s interface and controls are quite intuitive, which makes it easy to learn and play. You can move your character around the map using the on-screen joystick on the left and using the 4 action buttons on the right side to interact with the environment.

This is the only way to interact with NPCs on the map or certain objects like gear repairing tables or info points, as tapping them won’t do anything until you press the 3rd small circled button.

Building Your Village

What I really like about this game is that it combines the typical RPG elements with some city-building aspects. While you can gather primary resources like wood, and stone through basic actions like chopping trees and mining, the more you advance in the game, the more complex materials you will need.

That’s where expanding and upgrading your village can help as you can build certain structures that will let you craft those materials using primary resources. Here is a list of the buildings you can construct in your village:

  • Workshop: This building can be used to craft different parts and tools
  • Potter’s Wheel: Here you can make clay bowls and bricks
  • Stonecutter: Can be used to cut and refine stones
  • Tanning Rack: Here you can tan leather
  • Sawhorse: This will help you saw wood and create flitches
  • Disassembling Workbench: Here you can dismantle items and get essential resources
  • Pharmacia: This building will help you craft healing potions

To construct a new building, while in your village, press the 4th small action button (see the step 1 image above). Next, press the home button and pick the building you want to construct, and use the on-screen joystick to decide its location. After that, a new worker will start the building process.

Upgrading the Talent tree

Upgrading Talents in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

The more you progress in the game, the tougher your enemies become. This is where the Talents come in. You can access them by pressing the “Talents” button at the bottom of your screen, and here you have 3 branches: Forager, Survivor, and Warrior. Each upgrade you perform will use 1 talent point. The Forager tree includes a series of upgrades that will help you gather more resources.

The Survivor branch includes survival perks such as increased energy, health regeneration rate, increased dodge when fighting beasts, and more. Lastly, the Warrior talent tree contains combat-related upgrades, which will help you gain more power. The first 4 upgrades in this talent tree are specific to the available types of weapons: Katana sword, spear, staff, and sling.

FAQ on Daisho: Survival of a Samurai Guide

How to get talent points in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai?

In Daisho: Survival of a Samurai, you get one talent point every time the green experience bar at the bottom of the screen fills up. This can be done through completing quests, crafting items and gathering resources, defeating enemies and so on.

How to heal in Daisho: Survival of a Samurai?

You can heal using plants or healing potions. Plants can be gathered around the map, while healing potions can be crafted in the Pharmacia building in your village.

Daisho: Survival of a Samurai Guide for Beginners
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
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