Wolf Game Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked

Use this tier list to create the most powerful packs of hero wolves in Wolf Game and dominate your enemies!

Wolf Game tier list best heroes
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Wolf Game is a fast-paced strategy game that requires players to build the most powerful packs of hero wolves while facing their opponents and tough wild animal battles. At the moment, the game offers over 30 heroes to choose from.

With such a wide selection of heroes, one must carefully consider the wolves they add to their pack in order to create the most powerful and successful teams. This Wolf Game tier list will help you make the best decisions when creating your hero packs.

How did we rank the hero wolves?

We analyzed and evaluated the skills, abilities, and overall strengths and use the best use case of each wolf in order to determine their rankings on this Wolf Game tier list. Then, we ranked them into 4 different tiers: S, A, B, and C. The most powerful wolves are placed in the S tier, while the weakest ones are placed in the C tier.

Wolf Game Character Tier List

S Tier

HeroRarityBest at leading
LokiLegendaryGray Wolves, Jackals
Kui XingLegendaryCoyotes

A Tier

HeroRarityBest at leading
FenrirLegendaryGray Wolves, Coyotes
PedroLegendaryGray Wolves
LoganLegendaryGray Wolves
AshesLegendaryGray Wolves
BegeLegendaryGray Wolves

B Tier

HeroRarityBest at leading
VenusLegendaryGray Wolves, Coyotes
AceLegendaryGray Wolves, Jackals
CharlieLegendaryGray Wolves
LupaEpicGray Wolves, Jackals
RoseEpicGray Wolves, Jackals
SamEpicCoyotes, Jackals
EragonEpicGray Wolves, Jackals

C Tier

HeroRarityBest at leading
GhostEpicGray Wolves, Coyotes
GreyEpicGray Wolves, Coyotes
AlphaEpicGray Wolves, Coyotes
ElmerEpicGray Wolves, Coyotes
GeorgeEliteGray Wolves
AkelaEliteGray Wolves

Best Heroes from this Wolf Game Tier List

These are the best heroes from our top-ranking tiers that will help you make the most of your pack and lead them to victory.


Loki, the best hero in Wolf Game
  • Tier: S
  • Max Attributes: ATK 2447, DEF 1542, HP 1707

Loki is by far the most powerful wolf hero in Wolf Game for two reasons. First, his active skill causes a huge amount of damage to a single target, while his passive skill can significantly increase the damage of his leading packs.

Secondly, he is among the fewest wolf heroes that are extremely specialized (S grade) at leading two types of units. In his case, Gray Wolves and Jackals. This makes him the go-to leader for any type of combat in Wolf Game.


Thor, S tier powerful hero in Wolf Game
  • Tier: S
  • Max Attributes: ATK 2405, DEF 1516, HP 1678

Thor is also one of the most powerful wolf heroes who excels at leading Jackal units. When used as the leader of the pack, Thor can increase the skill damage of all units by up to 60% for 3s (at max level). If used as an assistant, that amount of skill damage is halved, which is still significant, considering that this can also be amplified by his Electriffied passive skill.

Kui Xing

Kui Xing - S tier, legendary hero in Wolf Game
  • Tier: S
  • Max Attributes: ATK 2273, DEF 1883, HP 2073

Kui Xing is a good choice for protecting your pack in combat while dealing great damage. This fascinating green wolf hero is considered the guardian of heaven.

When used as the leader of a Coyote pack, his active skill can deal a huge amount of damage to a single target, while his Blessing of Star passive skill, can increase the attack and the march speed of the pack, which can be quite useful in battles.


Nicholas - A tier, legendary hero
  • Tier: A
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1957, DEF 1622, HP 1786

Nicholas, this legendary icy-blue wolf, is the go-to leader for multi-target attacks. When leading a Coyote pack, this hero can deal massive damage to up to 3 enemies in the fan-shaped area ahead. while also reducing enemies’ attacks by up to 15% for 2s. He is also great for boosting the mobility of the pack, once its third skill, Arctic Hunter, is unlocked.


Fenir - the best tank legendary hero in Wolf Game, A tier.
  • Tier: A
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1480, DEF 2403, HP 2201

Fenrir is your best choice for defenseless packs. He can take a lot of damage thanks to his high defense stat and his active skill, which can deal impressive damage, while also allowing him to take up to 40% less damage for 3s.

While he is not one of the best damage dealers, he has the highest HP and Defense stats among all heroes in Wolf Game, which make him the best tank hero in this game.

His passive skill, Wolf’s Will, also reduces the damage taken by his leading units. Another advantage of this hero is that he also excels at leading two types of units, Gray Wolves and Coyotes.


Pedro - A tier, legendary hero in Wolf Game
  • Tier: A
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1792, DEF 1486, HP 1635

Pedro, with his active skill, Bad Habit, can increase the attack and skill damage of his pack by up to 50% for 3s, when used as a leader. However, he is better used as an assistant, thanks to his healing and defensive skills. Specifically, his Cold Turkey passive skill can increase the pack’s health by up to 10%, while also healing slightly wounded units.


Venus - B tier, legendary hero
  • Tier: B
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1135, DEF 1381, HP 1650

Venus is a versatile wolf hero. She should be used either as a healer or for gathering resources. Her active skill heals slightly wounded wolves in her pack, and when used as a leader, this skill can also heal up to 5 surrounding friendly packs within a certain range.

Her second skill, Protective Spirit, is the one you should unlock and maximize to get the gathering bonuses. This skill can increase her load and gathering speed of all resources by up to 20%, plus an additional 10% when gathering Crystal.


Ace - B tier, legendary hero
  • Tier: B
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1022, DEF 1650, HP 1512

Ace is also quite a versatile wolf hero, who is good for both offense and defense. While he is not the best hero for dealing immense damage, he can still deal a significant amount of damage to nearby enemies with his active skill, while also healing slightly wounded wolves.

In addition, his passive skill, Released Fury, can decrease the damage taken by his pack by up to 10%, while also increasing the attack of up to 5 surrounding friendly packs within a certain range, by up to 30% for 2s.


Charlie - B tier, legendary hero
  • Tier: B
  • Max Attributes: ATK 1083, DEF 1750, HP 1603

Charlie is a good tank alternative to Fenrir, with his passive skill, Hardened Physique, which increases the defense of all units in his pack by up to 15%, and health by up to 10%. When used as an assistant, he can also heal slightly wounded units, which can be quite essential if you don’t have a healer in your squad.

That being said, he is best used as an assistant and combined with a high-damage dealer like the ones from the S or A tier that we covered above.

Final Notes on Wolf Game Tier List

I hope that this tier list for Wolf Game has helped you get a better understanding of what to look for when building your pack. While each hero can be used in different ways, depending on the strategy you want to use, these are the best heroes in Wolf Game for winning any type of battle.

Remember to also train and constantly upgrade the best units for your chosen heroes (whether are Gray Wolves, Coyotes, Jackals, or all of them). Good luck!

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