Triumph Fantasy RPG: Tips & Tricks for New Players

Prove your might and conquer all challenges with our beginner’s guide to Triumph: Fantasy RPG. Learn about combat, leveling, and more tips!

Triumph: Fantasy RPG Guide Tips and Tricks for Beginners
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Triumph: Fantasy RPG is a card battler game that features a unique blend of future-fantasy and RPG elements. Players can team up with friends to explore magical quests, battle epic bosses, and collect unique heroes from the five unique factions.

The game is quite easy to learn, but for those who are just getting started, we have put together this Triumph: Fantasy RPG guide which includes some helpful tips and tricks to help you get off to a strong start.

Managing resources and inventory

Triumph: Fantasy RPG like most RPGs has a broad range of resources and items that you’ll need to manage. The primary resources include Gold, Lux, Hero XP, Player XP, Gems, and Premium Gems.

Gold is the most valuable resource in Triumph: Fantasy RPG because it can be used to increase the level of your factions. Gems, on the other hand, have a more universal use but they are mostly used for summoning heroes in the game’s shop.

Lux is also a valuable resource because it is required for every certain level of your faction upgrades (10, 20, 40, and so on), and the amount will increase significantly with every upgrade.

Lastly, Player XP is automatically used to increase your player rank, whereas Hero XP can be used to increase the level of your factions, just like Gold, and Lux, but on all levels.

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Although most of these resources are automatically consumed upon receiving them, some of them such as Pile of Gold Coins, Pile of Lux, and Hero Shards, are stored in your inventory. Therefore, you should check it regularly and use these resources.

You can visit the inventory by pressing the Play tab, the one where you get access to the campaign mode, and tapping the cube icon on the lower right corner. If you cannot see it, make sure the menu is not collapsed by pressing the arrow icon.

Understanding the types of heroes and factions

As you probably noticed, there are 4 main hero rarities and 5 different factions that each hero can belong to. The factions five factions are Wild Waste, Bastion, Oasis, Stronghold, and Mist Nation.

The best part of this game is that you don’t have to upgrade each hero individually, as you would in other similar games. Instead, in Triumph: Fantasy RPG you level up the factions and every summoned hero from that specific faction will automatically reflect the faction level.

While every hero can only belong to one faction, the rarity can be changed up to a certain point, a process called Evolving. You can check how far can a hero be evolved by visiting the Codex page and checking the “Max Evolution” label for each hero. Upgrading the rarity of your heroes, they will become more powerful and will have better stats.

The main rarities are Common, Rare, Elite, and Legendary, but you will also have a few rarities between them such as Rare+, Elite+, and Legendary+. The best rarity is Triumphant because it offers the greatest stats and hero skills.

To evolve a hero, press the Heroes tab at the bottom of your screen, and hit the Evolve tab visible in the top right corner of that page. Next, select 2 or 3 copies (it depends on the chosen rarity) of the same hero, and press “Evolve”.

Learning the basics of combat

The game’s tactical turn-based combat is where the real action happens! Every hero has his own set of unique skills. While some skills are automatically used by your heroes, the first skill can be triggered manually when the energy bar is full.

The hero card will pop up when is ready, and all you need to do is to tap it. You can as well turn on the automatic mode for the entire duration of the battle by pressing the little play button in the top left corner. To speed up the battle even further, you can as well activate the 2x speed option.

Before starting the combat, you should make sure your power is at least equal to or higher than your opponent’s. Likewise, placing your heroes in the right row is also crucial. The back row should only include ranged heroes such as Mage, Marksman, and Enchanter, while the front row should be filled with melee heroes such as Fighter, and Tank.

Make your game profile unique

As a PvP game, Triumph: Fantasy RPG allows you to show off your game profile with different options to customize it. Having a unique profile can make your profile stand out in the leaderboards and show other players how dedicated you are to the game.

Plus, many of these options are also included in the daily missions, so you will also be rewarded. The personalization options include picking an avatar, changing your nickname, writing a short Bio as well as showcasing your top heroes in Triumph: Fantasy RPG.

All these changes will also help increase your chances of being accepted in some of the most powerful guilds, once you unlock this feature.

Summon heroes the right way

In Triumph: Fantasy RPG you can get new heroes through quests rewards or by accumulating 60 hero shards of a certain rarity. But the most common and quickest way of obtaining new heroes is by spending Gems and Summon items on the Store page. Here you have 2 options: summon one hero at a time for a certain amount of gems or one Summon item, or Spend 3,000 Gems and summon 10 heroes at once.

The rarity you get is random but choosing this method will offer you better chances of getting Elite heroes (as you can see in the above screenshot, I got 2 Elite heroes from my first try). Additionally, the more times you summon, the more bonus rewards you will get based on the bar displayed at the top of the page.

Once the summoning bar is complete, which requires a total of 100 summons, you will get one of the featured Elite heroes. There is also a Premium Summon feature, but this can only be used with Premium Gems, for those willing to spend some real money.

Spend your Lux wisely

As I mentioned, you will need Lux to upgrade your factions beyond certain thresholds. As a new player, you might be tempted to upgrade all factions to the same level, as I did. But this is a big mistake because it is better to focus on one or two factions in the beginning and try to upgrade them as high as possible.

Otherwise, your progression will be delayed because Lux is not easy to get. Unlike other games, where each faction has its own benefits, in Triumph: Fantasy RPG it really doesn’t make a big difference which faction you decide to upgrade. So I would say to pick the one or two factions for which you have the most and/or the strongest heroes summoned.

Retire some useless heroes

Common rarity heroes, despite being almost useless in the game, because they have the lowest stats and the least and weakest skills, they do have a certain use. These heroes can be retired, which will then offer you Dust, a currency that you can use in the Store to buy rare or elite heroes or hero shards.

To retire heroes, simply tap the Heroes tab at the bottom of your screen. Next, press the “Retire” orange button displayed in the lower left corner. Select the Common heroes you want to retire and press the Retire button.

For each hero, you will receive a certain amount of Dust. You can as well automate this process and have the summoned Common heroes automatically retired by turning on the Auto mode in the top left corner of the Retire page.

Take advantage of the Starter Event

The Starter event is a great way to earn rewards as a beginner to Triumph: Fantasy RPG. This event becomes available after starting the game, for 7 days. During this time, each day you will get different quests to complete which will reward you with gems and progression points.

The points are automatically used to fill the progression bar at the top, which contains 6 chests with additional rewards like gold, Hero Summons, Piles of Hero XP and Lux, and so on.

But there is also a final reward, an Elite hero that you can get once you accumulate 1300 points. So make sure you tap each day’s tab and complete all tasks before the event ends. The event’s icon and the remaining time can be found at the top right corner of your screen on the campaign page.

Do your Daily, Weekly, and Lifetime Quests

Other great ways of earning rewards in Triumph: Fantasy RPG are the Daily, Weekly, and Lifetime quests. These quests can be accessed from the campaign page (press the “Play” button at the bottom of your screen). The first tab is the Daily Quests, which will not reward you with items per quest, but a certain number of points.

Same as in the Starter event I described above, these points will be used automatically to unlock the 5 chests located at the top of this page. These chests include Piles of Gold or Lux, Player XP, Hero Shards, Gems, and Hero Summons.

The Weekly Quests have the same reward system. The tasks are more difficult to complete, but the rewards are also much better. Lastly, there are the Lifetime Quests.

Unlike Daily and Weekly quests, Lifetime Quests reward you for each completed quest, so no chests to unlock. The rewards are also amazing and can include Gems, impressive amounts of Gold, and even heroes.

Collect your Idle Rewards

Idle Rewards Triumph RPG game

What I like about this game in particular is the Idle system. If you are a busy person, this system will come in handy as it rewards players even when they are not playing. When you are not in the game, a timer will be running for a maximum of 8 hours, and once it’s over, you can collect your rewards by simply tapping the Collect button.

The rewards include Gold, Lux, Hero XP, and Armory XP, and the amounts you get depend on how far you have progressed in the Campaign mode. The further you advance, the more rewards you get.

Additionally, there is also a second reward that you can use once per day and it will offer you rewards equal to 60 minutes worth of Idle Rewards. The claim this reward, press the banner located below the “Collect” button as you see in the above screenshot.

Join a guild or create your own

Being a part of a guild with other players is a great way to make friends and get additional rewards. After progressing in the Campaign mode for some time, you will unlock the Guild feature and be able to chat with other players or friends.

You will also get access to the Guild Boss mode in which you can challenge different bosses every day and be rewarded based on how much damage you can do. At the same time, you will be competing with your guild mates so is a nice way to start competing against other players.

If you don’t like the idea of joining one, you can also create your own guild and invite other players or friends. To do that, type the name and tag of your guild, choose the playstyle and country flag, and decide how players can join: directly, by application, or by invitation only.

Triumph: Fantasy RPG Guide FAQ

What are the differences between Gems and Premium Gems?

The differences between Gems and Premium Gems in Triumph: Fantasy RPG are that Premium Gems can only be purchased with real money and are required to open special hero chests in the shop.

What is the best faction in Triumph: Fantasy RPG?

The best faction in Triumph: Fantasy RPG is the one for which you have the most and strongest summoned heroes.

Can I delete my game account and start over?

Yes you can delete your Triumph: Fantasy RPG game account. To do that, tap your avatar picture, and press the cogwheel button located in the lower right corner. Next, scroll down and press Delete Account.

Is Triumph: Fantasy RPG pay to win?

Triumph: Fantasy RPG is not a pay to win unless you want to. You can enjoy the game and have a great progress just by following the tips mentioned in this guide and other guides displayed at the bottom of this page without spending any money in the game. But if you want to progress faster and have better heroes quicker, then investing money in the game is an option you can explore.

How to evolve Common heroes?

Common heroes cannot be evolved in Triumph: Fantasy RPG. Instead, they can be retired, a process that will destroy them and give you Dust in return.

Triumph: Fantasy RPG Guide Tips and Tricks for Beginners
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