Tower Brawl Tier List for the Best Decks and Heroes

Use this tier list to create the best deck of heroes in Tower Brawl to smash your opponents’ towers!

Tower Brawl tier list best decks heroes

Tower Brawl is a fun multiplayer mobile game with plenty of activities to engage you. It has a huge collection of card heroes to choose from and each has its special powers and abilities. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which heroes are the best in each situation.

To help you out, we have compiled a tier list that ranks the best heroes according to their power and usefulness. With this list, you can create the best decks of heroes to go up against your opponents and crush their towers!

Best Deck (S Tier)

Our S Tier includes the best hero combination in Tower Brawl. This team includes a great balance of damage and support, while the 3-warrior combo adds extra attack and Control Immunity, which makes it the best deck you can possibly have in this game.

Colossal (Warrior, Damage Dealer)

Colossal hero Tower Brawl

The first hero in this Tower Brawl tier list is Colossal. He can do massive damage in close combat, making him one of the best legendary heroes in this tower defense game.

His primary skill deals 100% Attack Damage to a single target, while his secondary passive skills provide a good Attack and Speed increase for every target defeated. Overall he is a very strong hero who can quickly take down tough enemies and towers.

Zeus (Mage, Damage Dealer)

Zeus hero Tower Brawl

The second hero on our S-tier list is Zeus. He is by far the strongest damage dealer Mage in Tower Brawl. The Mage class gives him the advantage of being able to attack from a safe distance and his primary skill cause great Attack Damage to multiple targets.

His passive skills increase his attack even further based on War Engine’s HP. This means that the more slots with heroes you have in the tower, the more damage he can do.

Queen (Mage, Support)

Queen hero Tower Brawl

Queen has also the Mage class and despite not being a damage dealer, she can still offer a decent damage output. However, her role is to provide support for her teammates by boosting the attack damage of her allies with her passive skills.

Her allies can gain an impressive Crit Rate and Crit Damage for as long as their passive skills are not active in battle. This makes her a great hero when combined with a good damage dealer such as Zeus or Colossal.

Medusa (Archer, Damage Dealer)

Medusa hero Tower Brawl

Medusa is the best Archer-class hero you can possibly have in this mobile game. She can easily take out up to 5 enemies at once with her primary skill which deals high damage to all targets in a wide area.

Her first passive skill can double her attack power while slowing down the attack speed of all enemies affected by it. Her second passive skill, however, is even more impressive. It offers her a 500% Critical Damage bonus by default which increases even more when upgrading her skill to level 15 at least.

Demon Tracker (Summoner, Support)

Demon Tracker hero Tower Brawl

Demon Tracker has also a powerful attack despite having a Support role. He can summon a baby demon to help your team in battle, which has a base Crit Damage of 50%. In addition to this, both his passive skills increase his and his baby demon Crit Damage significantly.

When combined with Queen and some of the mentioned damage dealers, you can easily create a strong team in the Tower Brawl game.

Lee (Warrior, Damage Dealer)

Lee hero

Lee is also a great hero to use when creating a strong Tower Brawl deck. He offers high damage output and the unique ability to increase his attack power for every -1% War Engine’s HP drop. His primary skill deals great damage to a single target, making him one of the best Warrior class heroes in this game.

Enigma (Mage, Damage Dealer)

Enigma hero

Unlike many heroes in this list, Enigma’s primary skill has two major effects. It can deal high damage to multiple targets within the range and reduce their healing by 50%. These effects can increase even more when she reaches level 18.

Her passive skill also grants her an additional attack power boost for each additional level her targeted enemies have been upgraded to. This makes her a great damage dealer with a debuff ability that can help you take down tougher opponents.

Paladin (Priest, Support)

Paladin hero

Paladin is the true meaning of a Support role hero. He has amazing healing capabilities with his primary skill, which can heal all nearby allies for a decent amount, but that’s not all. His main skill can also protect your War Engine from negative effects such as Ignite, Poison, Attack speed reduction, and Curse.

In addition, all his passive skills can restore the War Engine’s HP, making him a must-have hero in any support deck or an overall best deck such as this one.

Light Wisp (Wisp, Support)

Light Wisp hero

Wisp is a special class in Tower Brawl. While these magical elements do not offer a damage bonus, they can help level up heroes rapidly. The Light Wisp, for instance, offers a 60% chance to level up a hero upon victory.

This chance can be increased to 100% at level 15. Another benefit of using Wisps is that when their passive skill takes effect, they do not require space in the War Engine.

Monk (Warrior, Damage Dealer)

Monk hero

Worthy Deck (A Tier)

This tier includes good alternatives for the previous heroes. They have good support skills with good healing effects and decent attack power.

Blade Master (Warrior, Support)

Blade Master hero

Blade Master is another unique warrior class hero that offers great support to your team. He can increase the attack power of his allies. Additionally, he deals a decent amount of damage with his primary skill and can be a good alternative to other more powerful Warriors mentioned in the previous tier.

Guru (Priest, Support)

Guru hero

Guru is a good healer for any team composition. His primary skill can heal all allies for an equal 500% attack, while his passive skills increase the healing effect. If you don’t have Paladin, Guru is a great alternative to help your team during a long battle.

Tiger Archer (Archer, Damage Dealer)

Tiger Archer hero

Tiger Archer is a good hero to use for long-range attacks as he can hit up to 5 enemies at once. Surprisingly, his passive skills increase his attack power when he attacks the same target multiple times in a row, which makes him a worthy damage dealer for both short and long-range battles.

Bombardier (Archer, Damage Dealer)

Bombardier hero

Bombardier can deal decent damage to all enemies with his main skill. While his first passive skill is kind of useless, his second passive skill can be incredibly helpful as it increases the attack power of all nearby allies when he attacks.

With this in mind, Bombardier can still be a powerful ally if you need to take down multiple enemies at once.

Axe Master (Warrior, Damage Dealer)

Axe Master hero

Axe Master is one of the strongest Epic heroes in Tower Brawl. If you don’t have any of the Warrior heroes mentioned above, Axe Master is a great alternative. His main skill can deal good damage to a single target in combat. This is not all though, as his passive skills can increase his damage for every 1% HP his target losses.

Witch Doctor (Priest, Main Priest)

Witch Doctor hero

Witch Doctor can become one of the best Support heroes in this game, provided you have at least two more Priests in your Deck.

That’s because his first passive skill increases the overall damage of War Engine when he teams up with 2 additional heroes, or even much more when you have 5 Priests in total in your deck. He is also a decent healer, taking into account the amount of healing he can provide to his allies.

Craftsman (Priest, Support)

Craftsman hero

Craftsman has similar healing abilities to Witch Doctor, but his passive skills serve a totally different purpose. They can help reduce the Crit rate of all enemies quite a lot. This makes Craftsman a good alternative to Enigma for defensive strategies.

Wood Wisp (Wisp, Support)

Wood Wisp hero

Wood Wisp can help restore the War Engine’s HP by a good amount each turn, making him the ideal Wisp for defensive strategies. This allows your heroes to fight much longer and greatly increases your chances of winning.

Venom (Archer, Damage Dealer)

Venom hero

Venom is one of a kind Archer-class hero. This ferocious little green beast can attack multiple enemies at once, inflicting a Poison effect. He can gain an impressive amount of Attack and Attack speed after a meal, and these stats can be significantly increased with each additional level.

Demonic Wisp (Wisp, Support)

Demonic Wisp hero

Since this deck has great support heroes with good healing skills, Demonic Wisp can be a great addition as it increases the attack speed of all allies for a cost of a small amount of War Engine’s HP. If you need to finish the battle quickly, Demonic Wisp can be a good choice as it can help increase the damage output of your heroes for a short period.


I hope this tier list can help you build a reliable deck for your team. As there are many heroes to choose from, the heroes mentioned in the S tier and A tier of this list are the most solid options, in my opinion, as they provide the best set of skills and attack power in the game. Experiment with different combinations and create your strategies as you progress in the game. Good luck!

Tower Brawl tier list best decks heroes
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