Tower Brawl: 12 Tips and Tricks for a Strong Start

Here’s your chance to dominate in Tower Brawl! Our beginner tips will help you earn more items to build your towers faster and score more wins

Tower Brawl Guide Tips for Beginners
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Tower Brawl is a newly released game that blends the best elements of tower defense, card genres, and real-time strategy. Its unique siege theme and a wide range of fascinating heroes with various skills will keep you engaged in an exciting and challenging environment. In this game, battles are quick and simple to join, but with enough random variables to keep you engaged.

You can play in Co-op mode and team up with your friends to defeat powerful bosses or randomly match against other players in PvP matches. To help you get started like a pro, we created this guide with useful tips and tricks for new players.

Learning the basics

  • The in-game currencies – in this game, there are two currencies, Gold Coins, and Diamonds. Gold coins are used to upgrade your heroes and purchase various hero cards in the Shop, while Diamonds can be used to buy different Gold Coin packs and recruit more heroes.
  • Tower Brawl Classes – There are 6 classes of heroes in Tower Brawl: Mage, Archer, Warrior, Priest, Summoner, and Wisp. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses that can be used to create powerful synergies.
  • Upgrading the heroes – Each hero can be leveled up by spending gold coins and hero shards, which will give them higher attributes and unlock more powerful skills. This will increase your chances of success in battle.

Try the various game modes in Tower Brawl

These are the various game modes in Tower Brawl. Try them all to get more resources to help you build your tower faster than your rivals.

Co-op Mode

In this gameplay mode, you can team up with friends or other members of your clan, to fight powerful bosses and other tough enemies. To get access to this feature, you need to collect 500 trophies.

PvP Arena

The PvP Arena is a great way of getting better rewards. You can access it by tapping the “Activity” button on the left side of the home screen. The Arena is open every Saturday and to participate, you must have at least 1000 trophies earned.

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In this gameplay mode, you will be competing against other randomly chosen players with similar victories as you. If you get defeated 4 times, you will be disqualified and you won’t be able to participate until the next week’s session.

PvP Quick Match

PvP Quick Match can be accessed by pressing the big PvP yellow button from the home screen. Here you can challenge other players or friends in a quick 1v1 battle. Make sure you customize your battle deck first.

The Grand Voyage Mode

Grand Voyage rewards Tower Brawl

The Grand Voyage mode is open continuously and offers impressive rewards as well. The only requirement is that you need at least 3000 trophies to participate.

What’s different about this mode from the other mentioned gameplay modes, is that the system will give you a random set of hero cards, all having the same level. If you are not satisfied with the given hero cards, you can refresh them using diamonds.

Royale Mode

The Brawler’s Royale mode is open every day and you get only two participation chances. Once it becomes available, you can join the lobby room, and start the fight when 50 players have joined.

Upgrade your hero card decks regularly

Upgrading a hero in Tower Brawl

Upgrading a hero will increase its stats and level, enhancing its battle efficiency. You can do that by spending gold coins. Upgrading your hero decks will also unlock more skills at different tiers, which depend on the rarity of the hero, with Legendary heroes offering the most skills.

To upgrade a hero, tap the “Heroes” icon while on the homepage screen, select a hero, and tap the “Level up preview” tab on the right side.

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Next, press the “Level Up” button as many times as you need, taking into consideration the required gold coins and the number of hero shards required for each level. You can get more hero shards by recruiting the same hero multiple times.

You can also buy more gold from the Shop if you don’t have enough, where 1000 gold coins cost 60 diamonds, 10,000 gold coins 500 diamonds, and 100,000 gold 4,500 diamonds.

Always draw cards in groups of 10

As in most medieval mobile games, you get better chances of recruiting more and better heroes if you recruit them in bundles of 10.

Recruiting heroes in group of 10 in Tower Brawl

In Tower Brawl, heroes can be recruited by spending diamonds. Besides the increased chances of getting some of the best heroes, if you draw 10 cards at once, you get a 10% discount and at least one legendary hero guaranteed!

Considering that recruiting probabilities are 2% for Legendary heroes, 15% for Epic, 30% for Rrae, and 53% for Common, this makes it the most efficient way of collecting heroes.

Additionally, at the top of the page, you also have 2 chests, one that will reward you every 25 recruiting attempts with epic heroes of your choice, and one that will reward you every 50 attempts with guaranteed legendary heroes.

Do your dailies (quests and free chests)

Tower Brawl Daily Quests and daily free chests

In Tower Brawl, each day you can complete a variety of tasks that will give you diamonds. These quests have different objectives like achieving a certain score in Co-op or PvP, upgrading your heroes to a certain level, or summoning a specific number of heroes in battle. The more difficult the task is, the more diamonds you will get.

Additionally, you can open 3 free chests daily that contain heroes of different rarities, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. These chests are located at the top of the daily quests page, and each of them requires you to watch a short video ad. Make sure you collect all 3 chests daily to increase your hero collection.

Sign in consecutively for 14 days

Tower Brawl 14-Day Sign-in rewards

Tower Brawl rewards you for logging in daily. Log in consecutively for 14 days and get rewarded with exclusive items such as Diamonds, Gold Coins, random hero cards with a chance to win epic or legendary heroes, and a Sidekick that will help you collect more trophies.

You will also get two heroes, one on the second day and one on the 4th day! Keep in mind that you must log in consecutively, otherwise, the rewards will reset.

Complete Achievement tasks

Achievement tasks are similar to the Daily Quests and can be found on the second tab of the Quests page. Here you will find a series of achievements that you can complete, and they are organized into 4 mini-tabs: PvP, Co-op, Hero, and Others.

These tasks are related to their respective mode and give you diamonds and certain achievement points for completing them. The points are automatically used to qualify for special rewards, which are split into multiple tiers. Therefore, the more points you accumulate, the better the rewards will be.

Follow Tower Brawl on social media (free diamonds)

Tower Brawl social media diamond rewards

Another way of being rewarded in this game is by following Tower Brawl on social media, such as Facebook and Discord. You get 300 diamonds for each platform, so make sure you do it to get those free rewards.

By doing so, you can play and chat with your friends and be notified of the latest news, events, or potential free rewards in the game.

Check for mailbox rewards

In Towel Brawl, you get rewards for completing certain tasks, being active in the game, or for any update or new feature added to the game. Make sure you check your mailbox regularly to collect any rewards or news you may have missed.

To collect these rewards, tap the 3 horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the game’s homepage, and select “Mails”. After that, press any “Claim” button you might find and collect your rewards.

Claim your Free Daily Selection cards

Tower Brawl Daily Selection free rewards

The Shop page, which can be accessed by pressing the small Shop icon on the homepage’s left side, includes mostly premium packs that you can buy with real money. However, if you swipe left, you will see a section called Daily Selection.

This includes 6 different hero cards that you can buy with gold coins. The first one is free, followed by 3 more where with different prices and hero rarities. The last two are locked for new players, but you can unlock them once you collect 1000, and 2000 trophies respectively.

The free card can be collected 3 times a day by tapping the refresh icon and watching a short video ad each time. It’s a good way to get more heroes if you have a little patience.

Customize your profile

Accessing the profile page in Tower Brawl

As a multiplayer game, is always a good idea to personalize your profile and make it stand out from the others. In Tower Brawl, you can do this by changing your nickname, changing the avatar, picking an avatar frame, or a Sidekick.

Changing the appearance

Changing the default avatar is totally free, and you can pick one from the available gallery, or unlock more by recruiting more heroes.

You can also customize it even further by choosing an avatar frame, or a Sidekick. Avatars can be obtained from various rewards and don’t have any special attributes besides the aesthetic.

Customizing the avatar, avatar gallery, avatar frames, Sidekick and Background tabs

Sidekicks, on the other hand, can be obtained from achievement rewards and will help you get more trophies for battle victories.

These special items can also be upgraded up to level 20, and the higher the level, the more extra trophies you get from each victory. You can get your first Sidekick from the 14th consecutive sign-in reward.

The avatar, avatar frames, and the Sidekick collection can be accessed by tapping your avatar. On the pop-up window, tap the avatar once more, and tap each of the 4 tabs to customize your profile.

Changing the nickname

By default, you will be given a random nickname in this game. This can be changed by visiting your profile page as I mentioned earlier and tapping the little pen icon near your nickname. The first time is free, and any additional change will cost you 30 diamonds.

Join a clan

Joining a clan not only brings many benefits but is also more fun than playing alone. Being part of a clan gives you access to better rewards and you can request help from other clan members in case you are stuck on a certain level.

You can also chat with your team and make new friends! To join a clan, you need to collect 500 trophies.

Once you have that, you can join a clan or create one by tapping the clan icon on the right side of the home screen. You can check how many cups you won so far by visiting your profile page (tap your avatar).

Tower Brawl Guide Tips for Beginners
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