Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked

Looking to create the ultimate team in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure? Use this tier list to discover the best heroes for winning ricochet puzzles and PVP battles.

Stormshot Isle of Adventure tier list
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Stormshot: Isle of Adventure provides plenty of entertaining content for fans of the medieval genre. Although there are numerous ricochet puzzles and other types of similar scenarios that offer great rewards, you won’t be able to advance much in the game if you do not actively participate in PvE and PvP battles. After all, it is a multiplayer game and gaining the upper hand over your opponents is a must.

That’s where our tier list comes in. Here, we’ll give you a detailed overview of the best characters in the game to help you get an advantage in combat. We ranked them across 4 tiers based on their strength and potential.

S Tier Heroes (Top Choices)

  • Conrad (Bounty Hunter, Cavalry)
  • Leofric (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Choong-Hyun (Adventurer, Distance)
  • Rozabela (Bounty Hunter, Cavalry)
  • Darius (Scholar, Garrison)
  • Sonya (Bounty Hunter, Cavalry)
  • Pavel (Adventurer, Distance)


Conrad - best Stormshot hero

Conrad is the best hero in Stormshot Isle of Adventure Tier for multiple reasons. First, he has the highest base attack stat among all heroes, and his first skill increases it even further. Secondly, his attacks will also apply a Bleeding effect to enemy troops which causes continuous damage for one round.

And since he excels at leading Cavalry units, his skills also provide additional buffs to your troops, as well as a Cavalry damage bonus for upgrading his star level.

  • Type: Cavalry
  • Class: Bounty Hunter


Leofric - Stormshot hero

Leofric is also a great damage dealer and he excels at leading Infantry units. His skills will greatly increase the damage of your Infantry troops, as well as provide additional bonuses based on his Star level.

But his secret weapon is his first skill which offers a 50% chance of dealing significant damage to enemy troops each round and removing all negative effects that his team might be affected by.

  • Type: Infantry
  • Class: Adventurer



Choong-Hyun is one of the most effective Distance-unit heroes that you can get in Stormshot Isle of Adventure. His skills grant additional speed and damage bonuses to your Distance units, as well as a chance to cause a Bruise negative effect on their targets.

This effect deals continuous damage for 2 rounds. If you manage to unlock his fifth skill, your Distance units will benefit from increased damage and better coordination with other units that you may have in the same team.

  • Type: Distance
  • Class: Adventurer


Rozabela hero

Rozabela is an amazing, multipurpose Cavalry leader as she not only can increase your troop’s attack but also their march speed, as well as their effectiveness against Distance units. She is also great at crowd control, capable of creating confusion among her targets.

If you manage to unlock her Exploitation skill (the fifth one), there will be a chance to grant your troops an Incentive effect which increases the chance of charging at enemies located in the back row.

  • Type: Cavalry
  • Class: Bounty Hunter


Darius - Stormshot hero

Darius may not be a great damage dealer but is a valuable support hero. His skills increase the Troop Health, Defense, and Attack of your garrisoned units, which makes them more resilient to damage in case your city is attacked. If you want to increase your city’s protection, Darius is the most efficient hero you can use.

  • Type: Garrison
  • Class: Scholar

A Tier Characters (Good)

  • Tamir (Bounty Hunter, Distance)
  • Wilfred (Adventurer, Cavalry)
  • Sullivan (Bounty Hunter, Infantry)
  • Peggy (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Blaise (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Felicia (Bounty Hunter, Distance)
  • Phoebus (Bounty Hunter, Garrison)


Tamir hero

In spite of being a Legendary hero, Tamir is not your best choice when it comes to Distance-unit heroes as his base Strength, the stat that increases the attack power, is significantly lower than what other heroes such as Choong-Hyun have.

Nevertheless, he is still an excellent choice for leading your Distance units in battle, as his skills provide additional damage bonuses and a buff that increases the Critical Hit to all your heroes included in that team.

  • Type: Distance
  • Class: Bounty Hunter


Wilfred - Stormshot hero

Wilfred is another excellent Cavalry unit leader and he can be used to provide great mobility on the battlefield. He may not be as powerful as Conrad but his unique set of skills allows him to provide great support to your team by increasing their attack for 2 rounds.

  • Type: Cavalry
  • Class: Adventurer


Sullivan hero

Sullivan is a great alternative to any of the previously mentioned damage dealers like Conrad or Leofric. He not only can boost your infantry’s attack and health but also their overall defense and decrease the damage taken from enemies. Is definitely a worth having hero in your team.

  • Type: Infantry
  • Class: Bounty Hunter


Peggy hero

Peggy is also another hero to have if you want to increase your army’s defense. You can get her after completing the first few campaign chapters and release her from the chains.

She also has the power to further increase your troop’s health, once her Lady Adventurer skill is unlocked. All these features make Peggy an excellent support hero to have in your team if you want to fight against powerful enemies with ease.

  • Type: Infantry
  • Class: Adventurer


Blaise hero

Blaise can also be used to defend your army in tough battles. He can block a small percentage of received damage and can be used to protect your weaker units, especially against higher-tiered Distance or Cavalry units.

His first skill also reduces the damage taken by your troops, which makes him even more valuable on the battlefield. Is not one of the best heroes in terms of offense, but can still be an excellent hero for the early-mid game.

  • Type: Infantry
  • Class: Adventurer

B Tier (Average)

These heroes are not the best choice if you want to increase your army’s power, but they still can be useful in some scenarios. If you don’t have any of the previously mentioned heroes, you can use any of these and still have an improved army.

  • Elena (Bounty Hunter, Distance)
  • Francette (Scholar, Infantry)
  • Giovanni (Scholar, Cavalry)
  • Ching Shih (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Barnaby (Scholar, Garrison)
  • Faustino (Scholar, Infantry)
  • Westley (Bounty Hunter, Distance)
  • Philip (Adventurer, Cavalry)

C Tier (Weakest)

These heroes are the weakest of all the others. As they don’t have any remarkable stats, and only 3 skills instead of 5 as the ones we mentioned before, they are not an ideal choice if you want to have a strong army. However, they can still be useful in the early game, but you should replace them as soon as you can.

  • Executioner of Lille (Bounty Hunter, Cavalry)
  • Bernajoux (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Brisemont (Bounty Hunter, Infantry)
  • Mousqueton (Adventurer, Distance)
  • Count of Wardes (Adventurer, Cavalry)
  • Turenne (Adventurer, Infantry)
  • Madame Lannoy (Scholar, Distance)
  • Thomas Hobbes (Scholar, Cavalry)
  • Dr. Van der Beek (Scholar, Cavalry)
Stormshot Isle of Adventure tier list
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