How to Level up Fast in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is not all about ricochets and epic battles, it’s also important to level up fast. Our guide will show you how!

How to level up fast in Stormshot Isle of Adventure
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Stormshot: Isle of Adventure offers a variety of gameplay modes for players to explore and battle against, all of which require a lot of skill and dedication. As such, it can be difficult to level up quickly in the game. Fortunately, there are ways to get powerful quickly and effectively in the game.

This article will show you the most effective ways to level up fast in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure, so can you can complete more tasks in the game and hopefully, get some great wins.

Unlock better Divination Quests

Divination quests are a great way to get speedups and other valuable rewards in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. These quests can be accessed via the Celestial Globe structure inside your Estate, or via the small globe icon with the same name, which can be found in the left-lower corner while exploring the kingdom map.

As you will see on the radar, various types of quests consist of sending your troops to rescue refugees or to attack ghost pirates. The battles take only a few seconds but it might take a minimum of 1 minute for your troops to return to your city if the quests are a bit far from your location.

But the good news is that you can send engage in both types of quests at the same time, even if you only have one march unlocked.

These quests offer Hero XP and units, which can greatly help you level up fast in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. Completing these quests will also help you increase the Celestial Globe level, which will unlock more difficult ones but with better rewards.

Enhance and use the Sea Master statue

Enhancing the Sea Master's Crown in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

The Sea Master is a magnificent structure in your city and it has the ability to give you a massive boost in terms of power, economy, or city development. This statue has seven different treasures, and each treasure requires a certain number of gemstones to fully unlock its power.

The gems can be obtained through Sharpshooter missions and each gem will also offer additional stat increases or bonuses for resource production, attack power, and more.

Once you have replaced all the stones in a treasure, you can enhance it to further increase its power and effectiveness.

To enhance a Sea Master treasure, you will need Magic Crystal Essence, a special item that can be obtained from Treasure Diving, packs, or your can send your workers to collect it from nearby resources in your city.

But the most important benefit of the Sea Master statue is that each unlocked treasure will offer you a special ability that can be used for a specific duration.

Enhancing the Sea Master's Trident and using the Fury ability

For example, the Fury ability, which becomes available after restoring all the gemstones on the Sea Master’s Trident, can offer an attack power bonus for all your troops for 120 minutes.

On the other hand, the Harvest ability that comes with the Sea Master’s Crown will offer you a significant decrease in time required for your building upgrades, which can help level up faster in the Stormshot game.

To use a Sea Master’s ability, press the little “Ability” button on the right side of your screen, and hit the “Use” button on any of your available abilities.

Increase the Mermaid’s affection level

Another excellent way to level up fast in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is by increasing your Mermaid’s affection level. Once you have removed her from the petrification spell as we described in our Stormshot: Isle of Adventure guide, this lovely creature will offer you plenty of powerful bonuses and new ways of obtaining Hero EXP and other essential items that will help you get power fast and efficiently.

She can be found sitting on her rock on the seashore inside your Estate. Once you press “Interact”, you will have two options: Mermaid and Treasure Diving.

Treasure Diving offers several missions to which you can send the Mermaid for specific durations, 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours. The longer the duration of the quest, the better rewards you will get when it is completed. These missions offer Hero XP and rare items like Pearl Oysters and Sulphur.

Increasing Mermaid affection level in Stormshot Isle of Adventure by offering Pearl Oysters
Increasing Mermaid affection level

You can then offer those Pearl Oysters to Mermaid as gifts, so you can increase the affection level with her – the higher this level is, the more Mermaid’s skills become available with more powerful bonuses.

Sulphur, on the other hand, it’s an advanced building material required for leveling up your Stronghold, so you want to get as much as possible.

Among the skills you will unlock with Mermaid’s affection level is the ability to get additional instant building timers, increased construction speed, increased resource production, and gathering speed, as well as a chance of doubling the rewards from defeating threats on the kingdom map. Therefore, make sure to always increase the Mermaid’s affection level whenever you can!

Recruit stronger heroes efficiently

Obviously, the most straightforward method of getting more power in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is to get stronger heroes. This can be done by recruiting them from the Tavern and by leveling them up. However, the odds of getting strong heroes from the Tavern can vary depending on the Recruitment type you choose.

The Standard method will only offer you Common (green), Rare (blue), and Epic(purple) rarity heroes, with chances starting from 74.8% to get a common hero, 25% for Rare, and a minuscule 0.2% for Epic.

If you want to get stronger heroes, the best option is to use the Master Recruitment, which offers a guaranteed Epic or Legendary hero after 3 attempts.

The odds are also improved as you have a 61% chance of getting a Rare hero, 34% for an Epic, and a 5% chance to get a Legendary hero.

To increase your chances of getting a powerful hero even more, make sure to always recruit in groups of 5. The cost is also lower as 5 recruitments cost 130 Recruitment Banners, instead of 150 as you would use on 5 individual recruitments.

Get powerful castle skins and avatar frames

The benefits of the legendary Storm Queen castle skin
The benefits of the legendary Storm Queen castle skin

This method is a bit more difficult to achieve because most of these skins can only be obtained from purchasing specific packs, which are only available during certain events like Halloween, Christmas, etc. The bonuses that these skins offer are also not that impressive but are still something to consider if you want to fully maximize your power.

For example, the Legendary Storm Queen Castle skin (check the above screenshot) gives a +1.50% damage increase for Infantry troops if unlocked, and a 2.50% attack for all troop units, while the skin is active.

Apart from castle skins, we also have Spirit and Troop skins, as well as Avatar Frames and some of them also offer additional buffs. To check the full list of locked and unlocked skins, tap your avatar, and press the Skins tab at the bottom.

Level up and upgrade your best heroes

Having the best rarity heroes is great, but they will be useless if you don’t level them up and upgrade their skills. This can be done by using hero EXP items earned from events and missions, Celestial Globe’s quests, Mermaid’s Treasure Diving, and so on. Make sure you also check our Stormshot Isle of Adventure tier list to have a better understanding of the characters’ abilities and potential.

Leveling up your heroes will automatically unlock more of their skills. Each hero has 5 skills, and to unlock all of them you need to reach level 30. Some skills also require the previously unlocked skills to be upgraded to certain levels, so it’s also a good idea to make sure that all your best heroes have their skills unlocked and upgraded as much as possible.

Hire extra builders

Hiring extra builders in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure
How to unlock extra builders in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

As you noticed, by default, we can only upgrade or construct one building at a time in this game. This affects the speed of progress and the bad news is that the durations increase greatly with each additional building level.

Fortunately, you have two options to speed things up. The first one is to use Speedup items which will instantly finish any upgrade in progress, or you can hire extra builders (which is basically a second building queue) by paying 500 gold coins for a duration of 4 days.

There is also a 30-minute trial for the first time you hire builders. Additionally, the second building queue can also be activated permanently by purchasing a premium bundle.

Whichever method you choose, having two building queues will drastically reduce the time for your city upgrades, and is something to consider if you want to speed up your progress in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure.

Increase your VIP level

The VIP system is also a great way of getting loads of benefits, including enhanced rewards from events and missions, access to special functions, increased buffs for city development and resource production, and much more.

To increase your VIP level you just need to accumulate VIP Points by completing quests or spending gold coins. Each new VIP level also unlocks valuable daily rewards.

For example, among the benefits I get with my VIP level 3, are an extra troop formation, a 10% Lord Stamina recovery bonus, and a +180s threat march speed, among others. But the good thing about these buffs is that they are permanent and can be further increased with higher VIP levels.

Plus, starting from VIP level 9, you will also get Troop Attack, Health, and Defense bonuses, which will make your army much stronger, and help you progress in the game much faster.

Defeat Wandering Ghosts outside your city

PvE unit - Undead Army Garrison rewards preview on the kingdom map

The neutral PvE units you see outside your estate/city can also help you become powerful faster. These units, also known as Threats, are present in different types and levels of difficulty and can be seen all over the kingdom map. You have Undead Army Garrison, Ghost Troops, Wandering Ghosts, or Ghost Army.

They will not only give you Hero EXP and increase your heroes’ experience upon each victory but will also grant you rewards such as gold, resources, Sulphur, Hero Badges, Battle Scrolls, speedups, etc. Defeating a certain level will unlock the next with higher difficulty, but also higher rewards.

So, make sure to engage in combat as often as you can and take advantage of these PvE units to help you become stronger and level up quickly.

How to level up fast in Stormshot Isle of Adventure
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