Stormshot Skull Isle of Adventure: 11 Tips for Newcomers

In this guide you’ll find essential tips and tricks for Stormshot Skull Isle of Adventure, to help you start your journey the right way.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Guide Tips
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Pirates, mysterious islands, strategic battles, and kingdom-building, Stormshot: Isle of Adventure has it all. This exciting game combines the best elements of a classic strategy and ricochet-based puzzles with modern MMO elements to create an immersive, dynamic experience. This strategy mobile title is available on both, iOS and Android, and is brought to us by FunPlus, the same company behind popular titles like Guns of Glory and King of Avalon.

This guide will cover everything you need to know as a beginner in Stormshot: Skull Isle Odyssey, including strategies for building your kingdom and combat tips to help you improve your gaming experience.

Getting started with Stormshot

Although the game includes a mini-tutorial, some of the details might still be confusing for beginners.

The main resources

Just like in any other strategy game, there are several resources that you need to manage. The game features a variety of resources and essential items, but the primary ones are Food, Stones, Magic Crystals, and Silver.

You will also need Planks. Although they are not presented as a main resource, they are required for most building upgrades. Planks can be easily obtained by sending your workers to chop trees.

Battle system

Despite being mainly advertised as a ricochet-based puzzle game, Stormshot: Skull Isle Odyssey also includes PvE combats where you can fight against Undead Generals and Ghost Armies of pirates. It also offers PvP strategy battles where can test your skills against other players.

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The battle system is easy to learn – you search the map for a desired target, whether it be a player or a neutral unit, and start creating your march. The march consists of 2 heroes and various types of units like Infantry, Distance, and Artillery.

You have as well the possibility to assign an Airship to your army/march after reaching Stronghold level 10, which will significantly increase your army’s power. Once you are happy with your march, press the “March” button and wait for the outcome.

Customize your game profile

Customizing the game profile in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

One of the first things you should do after starting the game is customize your game profile. This will help your allies and other players on the same server as you to easily recognize you because the game automatically assigns a generic name and avatar to new players.

Therefore, you can start by changing your nickname. This can be done by visiting your profile (tap your default avatar in the upper-left corner), and pressing the little feather icon as you see in the above screenshot.

This will give you 3 options: Rename, Change Portrait, and Frame. Select the “Rename” option and type in your desired name. The first change is free but any additional name change costs 200 gold.

To change your avatar, follow the same steps I described previously, and press “Change Portrait”. Here you can upload your own image, which is free but can only be done once every 72 hours, or choose one from the gallery and pay 400 gold. You can even go further and add your own short motto or unlock/purchase premium avatar frames.

Take advantage of your beginner’s peace shield

Beginner peace shield example

As a new player, you will enjoy a peace shield for 7 days which means that other players won’t be able to attack your city and steal your resources. During this time, you should focus on building an effective economy, training your troops, and learning the best strategies to defend your city so you can be prepared for any potential attacks when the shield expires.

You can as well purchase additional Peace Shield items by tapping your city from the outside view and selecting the “Estate Buffs” option, but you’ll probably need to save up for this as a 24-hour Peace Shield costs 2,000 gold.

Build an effective economic system

As a new player to Stormshot: Skull Isle Odyssey you should focus on building an effective economic system before building a strong army. Yes, you will need to train some troops in the early stages so you can complete Chapter Missions and other similar tasks, but focus more on upgrading and expanding your economy as this will support you in the long run.

You can build and upgrade resource production buildings like Stone Quarry, Orchard, Silver Mine, and Magic Crystal Factory. You should as well research technologies in the Economy tech tree of the Research building.

These techs will greatly increase the productivity of your resource production buildings. Additionally, you can send your troops to gather resources outside your city from resource tiles (they have the same names as the resource production buildings inside your city).

Explore the foggy map

Foggy map area Stormshot Isle of Adventure

In the early stages of the game, the majority of the map inside your Estate will be covered by fog. You should constantly explore all the new areas as you level up, as this will reveal many secrets and mysterious items that will help you increase your strength and power.

Keep in mind that the more you explore, the higher the level of your Stronghold is required, and to fully explore the map you will eventually need to reach level 35.

Save your game progress

There is nothing worst than having your game progress lost due to a device issue or accidental deletion. To avoid this, you should link your game account to Google so that you can easily recover it on any device. This will also allow you to switch between multiple devices if you prefer, and start playing from where you left off.

To link your game account to Google, go to the game settings (tap your avatar, and the Settings button is located in the bottom-right corner) and select the “Account” option.

Next, press “Account Management” and hit the first “Bind” button which is the Google option. You can as well choose to bind your game account to Facebook or Twitter, but you won’t receive the bonus rewards (100 gold and speedups) you get when linking to Google.

Rescue and recruit Peggy

Saving Peggy

Peggy is one of the best Stormshot heroes and she will probably be your first legendary hero recruited in the game (unless you decide the invest some real money from the start). As you’ll see, she is captured by a ghost captain and tied to the ship’s mast with chains.

Each chain has a lock and you will have to get the keys by completing chapter missions. Stormshot’s campaign includes multiple chapters and each chapter has several missions. Once you finish all the missions in a chapter, you will get a bonus reward, which will also include one key.

You will then have to use the key to unlock a chain, and there are 6 chains in total. Once all of the chains are unlocked, Peggy is free and will join your side!

Take advantage of the second builder trial

By default, Stormshot only gives you one builder, which means that you will be limited to upgrading only one building at a time. This is not very efficient when you’re trying to grow your city quickly.

To get around this limitation, you can activate the second builder trial available in the game. The first activation comes free and it will last 30 minutes. That’s why you should first make sure you have the required resources to support as many upgrades as possible during this period.

Once the trial is over, you can activate it again as many times as you like and it will cost you 500 gold each, for 4 days.

Save the Mermaid, she’s a handy asset

Saving the petrified Mermaid

The Mermaid is a special ally character that appears in the game and can be very helpful for resource gathering, stat boosts, and special missions that will reward you with amazing rewards. Like most heroes and citizens of your new settlement, the Mermaid is also petrified and can only be freed if you win the quick ricochet battle.

This character has a variety of abilities that can increase your power quickly, but can also be used to collect shipwrecks – you just need to tap them when you see one floating in the sea, and the mermaid will take care of it, bringing resources back to your city.

Join a strong alliance

Playing this game solo is fine if that’s what you prefer, but if you want to get the best out of Stormshot, you should consider joining an alliance. This will allow you to get help from more experienced players, as well as take part in alliance events and join other related activities.

But the main advantage of being an alliance member as a new player is that you will get access to the alliance shop, where you can purchase powerful items and exclusive rewards.

Presuming your chosen alliance is one of the top-ranking ones, you will also be protected from enemy attacks. This is a great option if you don’t want to get involved in PvP battles with players from the same state as you.

Make the best out of your shots

Remaining shots in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

The quick ricochet battle scenarios, which can be found in the Sharpshooter section, also play an important part in your game progression. There are around 300 levels but you will only be able to access a few stages in each chapter of the game. Therefore, you need to progress through the story mission to unlock new levels.

Each Sharpshooter level has its own rewards but you only have 5 shots (displayed in the top-center) to achieve the goal. That’s why you have to make each shot count to get the maximum rewards out of it.

Rescue petrified heroes and workers

Saving petrified heroes and workers

Although we are limited in terms of building queues, we can have numerous workers (also known as villagers). They will help you with resource gathering inside your city, as well as clearing the ruins and chopping down trees, and exploring new areas of your Estate.

You can recruit more workers by saving the ones that appear to be petrified in various game levels. To do that, you just need to tap their avatars as you see in the above image, and win the quick ricochet fight. Rescue as many villagers as possible as this will allow you to get resources faster.

Similarly, you will also come across petrified heroes on certain levels. Their rarity may differ each time, so make sure you save all of them as you don’t know what surprise you may get.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Guide Tips
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