15 Excellent Ways to Get Gold in Rise of Castles

Learn how to get Gold in Rise of Castles with these 15 lucrative ways, from events rewards to opening chests, hunting bandits and giants

How to get gold in Rise of Empires

Gold is the most required resource in the Rise of Castles game. It is used to buy and upgrade virtually everything, from buildings and troops to technology and resources. As a beginner, getting gold in the most efficient way possible is crucial to your success and quick progress in the game.

In this guide, you will learn how to get gold in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, through over 15 different methods.

15. Farm gold efficiently

The first and most basic method for getting gold is by increasing your gold production. You can do this by building and upgrading your Gold Mines. But to get the most gold out of gold production, you need to make sure you’re doing it efficiently, and that is by having and maintaining a 100% efficiency rating.

To get a 100% efficiency rating, you need 2 things. First, you need to make sure that your Charcoal Factories are always supplied with Lumber so they can keep producing Charcoal.

Second, you need to have a continuous supply of Food and Ale in your Tavern so your population doesn’t starve and decrease in number. The higher the number of your population is, the more gold your Mints will produce.

halted charcoal production and all other resources dropped to 26% production efficiency

Of course, you might say that this is the opposite of what we advised in our RoC guide, but it all depends on your needs in the game. If you want to focus on gold production, then make sure your wood and food production is top-notch so you can get that 100% efficiency rating.

If you want to save some Food and Ale, then you can lower your population a bit by starving the Tavern, but that will also lower your gold production.

14. Always use your Class Legion when sieging

Your Class Legion for the Raider Class is the only one that can plunder gold when attacking other players or your Farm accounts. Therefore you should first focus on researching the Class Research tech, in the Institute building to its highest level, and use your most powerful legendary heroes and unit tier so you can get the most out of your Legion when attacking.

13. Collect your salary and open the Alliance chest

Donating to your Alliance should be one of your top priorities as an Alliance member in Rise of Castles as it will give you a lot of benefits over time. By donating to your Alliance tech daily, you help increase the Alliance gift level, which is extremely important, not just for the techs but also because it gives you more rewards from opening the chest in the Gifts section.

Another way to get gold as an Alliance member is by visiting the Wages section on the Alliance page. There you will have 3 tabs, Active, Attendance, and Contribution. Only the Active and Contribution tabs offer gold rewards.

The Active tab includes your Daily Tasks, a series of challenges or quests that you need to complete each day. The more quests you complete, the more chests you can open, and the better the rewards you get. The chests that offer gold among other rewards are chests 3, 7, and 8.

The Contribution tab includes 2 chests with gold rewards, and both can be opened each day by donating to your alliance tech.

12. Rally-attack Savage Giants and Ferocious Zoltans

You can also get gold by attacking and defeating the Savage Giants or Ferocious Zoltans that are visible all over your province map.

You can do this by creating a rally and inviting other members of your Alliance, or by joining other rallies made by other members. The higher the level of these Giants, the more gold you will get as a reward, but also the more difficult they will be to defeat.

If you are new to this game, or if your castle is below level 25, you should focus on attacking Savage Giants level 1, 5, or 10, as the Ferocious Zoltan giants have the highest difficulty, and require powerful legions. They are available from level 30 to level 40.

11. Attack Rebel Camps

Rebel Camp gold rewards

Rebel Camps are not really the best way for veteran players to spend their legions’ stamina, but if you have all 4 legions unlocked, and are looking for a way to get some extra gold, then attacking Rebel Camps is a great way to do so.

Besides gold, you will also get experience for your heroes and Dragonite Fragments, and other resources. And the best thing is that there is no daily limit to defeating Rebel Camps, it all depends on how much stamina you have.

10. Do Dragon Exploration missions

Dragon Exploration gold rewards

Dragon Exploration missions are one of the quickest ways to get gold in Rise of Castles. However, not all Exploration missions offer gold, but the more missions you complete, the more experience you get for your dragon, and make him stronger.

The more powerful your dragon is, the higher the success rate for your missions will be, and the better the rewards. To have access to Dragon Exploration missions, your Red Dragon must be advanced to its latest evolution state, the Adult Red Dragon.

9. Hit the Gold Horn several times a day

The Gold Horn is also a quick way to get more gold. Every time you hit it, you will receive a certain amount of gold, and the amount can vary from 500 to 250,000 gold. The horn can be hit several times a day, and the cooldown after the first hit is only 3:40 minutes, and it will increase after each use.

All you need to do is to tap on it, wait a few seconds for the animation to finish, and after that, a gold coins icon will appear and you need to tap on the horn once more to get the gold reward. The reward can also be doubled if you sign up for the premium Royal Prestige package.

8. Open Hourly Challenges Chests 1 and 3

Hourly Challenges Chests are one of the best ways to get gold in Rise of Castles. Every hour, you will get different challenges where you can open 3 chests. Chest 1 and 3 always offer gold as a reward, and the amount you get depends on your castle level and the challenge, whether is for training troops, gathering, building upgrades, etc. For example, for the Hourly Challenge – Hero Development you will get 275,000 gold for chest 1 and 1,100,000 gold for chest 3.

7. Open Clash of Province chests

We talked quite a few times about the Clash of Province event, which is still the most important event in Rise of Castles because it offers the best rewards by opening up to 9 chests. Among these rewards, you will also find gold in all chests except the second chest. If your state wins the CoP you will also get extra gold rewards.

To get as much gold as possible from the Clash of Province event, you should finish the Zone Commemoration tech tree, which will give you a massive gold boost.

6. Sell your trash received from Expeditions

Every time you send your workers on Expeditions, you will be rewarded with resources and some trash items that you can sell for gold. The amount of gold you get is not that high but is definitely worth it if you need some quick gold.

Among these trash items, the Frost Stell has the highest value at 2,000 gold per item and you can get several of them from one expedition.

5. Check your mail periodically for system update rewards

Every time there is a system update, Rise of Castles will send you a mail with rewards. These rewards can vary from Speed Ups to resources to Diamonds and Gold.

Here you will also get the rewards from the Marauders Swarm event, and the Alliance rewards from Clash of Provinces. You should be checking this section as often as possible because these messages have an expiration date, and once expired you will not be able to collect the rewards anymore.

You can access the system update rewards by going to your in-game Inbox, and then to System. If you have multiple emails, you can simply tap the “Read all” button visible at the bottom of your screen.

4. Station Larry The Merchant, Fur Trader, and Accountant

These are three stationing heroes that can give you a significant gold boost. The best one and the most difficult to obtain is Larry The Merchant, a legendary (orange color quality) development hero. The second-best development hero with gold attributes and skills is Fur Trader.

Compared to Accountant (green color quality) with only two skills, or Fur Trader (blue color quality) with 4 skills, Larry The Merchant is a better option when it comes to gold boost since it has 6 skills.

However, you should take advantage of all three heroes, if you want to boost your gold production and station them in your Town Hall. All three heroes offer active skills that can be activated separately by tapping on any Mint building and after that the Skill icon.

 Larry the Merchant - Developing legendary hero with gold skills Rise of Empires

Larry The Merchant has 6 amazing skills for gold production. Its first skill “Economy 103” will provide after use, a 50% bonus of your current gold production as Exp points. In other words, you can use this skin to increase its level.

His second skill, the “Improved Coin Making 3” will increase your gold production by 10,000/h, if the skill is upgraded to level 10 (max level). His other active skill “Coin Collection 2” is also amazing, offering you an instant 950,000 – 1,050,000 gold bonus (level 10) after use.

Dino the Fur Trader - Developing blue hero with gold skills Rise of Empires

Fur Trader hero, on the other hand, has 2 active skills and 2 auto skills. Its first skill, the same as with Accountant, can be used to increase its experience bar but will provide a 150% bonus instead of 50%. His second manual skill, called “Coin Collection 1”, maxed out, will give you an instant 150,000 – 250,000 gold bonus. Both of these skills have a 22-hour cooldown.

His other two skills are also great and you should definitely max them out. His first auto skill called “Improved Coin Making 2” will increase your gold production by 2,000/h, while his second auto skill, “Detailed Coin Making 1”, at level 10, will increase the bonus from “Improved Coin Making 2” by 300%.

Taylor the Accountant - Developing green hero with gold skills Rise of Empires

Accountant hero is the weakest of the 3 mentioned heroes and has 1 active skill called “Economy 101”, that once activated, you get 50% of your current gold production as Exp points. This will not provide you any gold after use but instead will increase Accountant’s experience bar.

The one that provides gold, is its second skill called “Improved Coin Making 1”. Upgraded to level 10, this skill will auto-increase your gold production by 1,000/h.

3. Increase your influence value level in Reign of Chaos

If you take part in the Reign of Chaos event, you can get gold by increasing your influence value. The higher your influence value is, the higher the gold rewards you will get once every roughly 8 hours. You can increase your influence value by taking higher-level tiles on the map.

2. Complete tasks in the Benefits Center

The Benefits Center offers all kinds of events that come and go for a limited time, and you can get you can find speed-ups, resources, medals, diamonds, Orichalcum, gold, or other useful items.

There are many events where you can win gold as a reward, and a good example is a current event, the Imperium Quests. This event includes a series of Bounty Tasks classified by stages.

Each task you complete provides a certain amount of Exp for your Red Dragon. The more tasks you complete, the more Level Rewards you can unlock. Among these rewards, you get gold, resources, speed-ups, or Hero Exp items.

1. Trade your Ale or other resources in excess

Back in the early stages of the game, selling Ale used to be a great way to get gold. Back then, you could have sent the balloon of Trading House several times a day and sold your Ale each time.

But now things have changed, as you can’t send the balloon anymore and it will automatically come and go a few times a day.

The higher the level of your Trading House, the more often the balloon will come each day. Since you can only trade while the balloon is in the building, you can’t do anything but wait for it to arrive.

However, it can still be a good way to get gold if you have a lot of Ale in storage or you are willing to trade other resources for gold.

The good thing is that almost every time you get nice discounts in the Trade House, so you can get more gold for your resources. The only resource I would avoid trading for gold is Iron unless you are in desperate need of gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get gold in Rise of Castles?

The fastest way to get gold in Rise of Castles is by using the Gold Horn multiple times a day.

What is Improved Coin Making 2 skill used for?

Improved Coin Making 2, or Mint Improvement, is a Fur Trader skill that increases gold production by 2,000/h.

What is the Detailed Coin Making 1 skill used for?

Detailed Coin Making 1 is a Fur Trader skill that can increase the bonus from Improved Coin Making 2 by up to 300%.

What are the active skills of development heroes?

The active skills of development heroes are skills that can be triggered manually by accessing the Skill button after tapping a specific resource building.

What is the best way to get gold in Rise of Castles?

The best way to get gold in Rise of Castles is by opening all 9 chests during the Clash of Provinces event.

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