Rise of Castles Heroes Duel Event: All You Must Know

From betting gems to no troop losses and great rewards opportunities, the Heroes Duel event is one of the most popular events in Rise of Castles.

Rise of Castles Heroes Duel event guide
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If I have to pick one event in Rise of Castles that I absolutely love, it would be the Heroes Duel event. Not only is it a great opportunity to get more rewards, but I also enjoy its simplicity over most of the other events. It’s more like a passive, friendly activity, kind of similar to the Marauder Siege Defense, where having strong legions is the key to success.

This complete guide to the Heroes Duel event in Rise of Empires will cover everything you need to know to make the most out of it, including how and when to participate, what rewards you can earn, and more.

What is Heroes Duel?

Heroes Duel is a friendly fighting event where you can use your legions to earn rewards. It’s part of the Clash of Province event and it takes place from Thursday to Sunday each week. It’s a great opportunity to get some extra rewards and also to test your best troops and heroes against other players. What’s even better is that there are no losses in this event, so you can go all out!

When to Sign up

The event starts on the second week of the CoP event, right after the warm-up week, and lasts until the end of the CoP event. Once it starts, you can sign up during the sign-up phase, from Monday to Wednesday each week.

How to access the Heroes Duel event

You can find the Heroes Duel event in the game menu, under the “Events” tab. Tap on it and then look for the “Heroes Duel” event. Tap on that and you will be taken to the event page where you can click the “Sign up” button and set up your troops.

how to access Heroes Duel event

How does the event work?

This event is pretty straightforward. You sign up for the event and then you will be matched up against other players from your state and other states, who have also signed up for the event. You will then battle it out in a series of matches for 4 days until there is a winner. Here is the schedule:

MondaySign up day
TuesdaySign up day
WednesdaySign up day
ThursdayProvince-wide competition

Basic Rules

  • The competition starts each Thursday and a total of 10 rounds of combat will take place with a 1-hour break in between each round.
  • Players who lose 3 times over this period (except round 10), will be eliminated, and the top 4 winners will be qualified for the Championship.
  • If there are identical wins/losses between the participants, the player having the highest score will advance to the next phase.

Troops Setup

Once you have signed up, you can start setting up your troops. You can do this by tapping on the “My Schedule” tab and on this page you can assign 3 of your best legions, one for each round of combat.

To do this, simply tap any of these 3 slots and add a legion from your city. You can also re-arrange the order in which these legions will fight by tapping on the 2 arrows from each round slot.

You can then select and configure the equipment for your legions by clicking the little armor icon. Likewise, you can also tap the little cog icon to configure your troops for each legion.

It’s worth noting that any changes you make here will only apply to the legions you have already assigned, and not to your core legion setup. As a general rule, you should always pick your highest-tier units (if you have enhanced units, these are a great choice) as well as your best legendary heroes.

Betting in Heroes Duel

Players who do not take part in the event can bet gems on which player they think will win. If guessed correctly, their amount of gems will be doubled or more, depending on the ratio of bets between the two players.

To place a bet, while on the event’s page, tap the Arena tab. At the bottom of this page, you will see the “Bet” button. Next, you will see the list of players qualified for the current phase.

Choose the fight you feel more confident about, and tap the “Bet” button again in that group. On the next window, pick the player you want to bet for, enter the number of gems you want to bet, and confirm your choice.

Check the previous fights

To make an educated guess, you could also look at previous fights. To do that, go to the “Recap” tab and check out the results of the previous rounds. This will give you an idea about which player is more likely to win. You can also see the odds for each player in the “betting” tab.

However, multiple factors can affect the outcome of a battle, and some players might even lose on purpose. The only thing that you could do in this regard, is to talk with other players and see if they have any tips or suggestions.

How to recap previous fights in heroes duel

Rewards and other Benefits

What’s special about this event is that it is one of the few events where you can get rewards even if you lose. So, even if you don’t manage to win any phase of the event, you will still be rewarded with 5 Courage Medals and 2 x 5,000 Hero Exp, which are always handy if you want to level up your heroes.

On top of that, the champion of the event, besides the regular rewards, will also contribute 2 points for his state for the Clash of Province event. The rewards are:

1st Place (champion)2,000 Courage Medals, 500 Wisdom Medals, 4 x 500,000 Hero Exp, 4 x 1,5M Food, 4 x 1,5M Lumber, 4 x 1M Marble, 4 x 750,000 Iron
2nd Place1,000 Courage Medals, 300 Wisdom Medals, 2 x 500,000 Hero Exp, 3 x 1,5M Food, 3 x 1,5M Lumber, 3 x 1M Marble, 3 x 750,000 Iron
Top 4600 Courage Medals, 200 Wisdom Medals, 6 x 100,000 Hero Exp, 4 x 500,000 Food, 4 x 500,000 Lumber, 4 x 320,000 Marble, 4 x 240,000 Iron
Top 8300 Courage Medals, 100 Wisdom Medals, 3 x 100,000 Hero Exp, 2 x 500,000 Food, 2 x 500,000 Lumber, 2 x 320,000 Marble, 2 x 240,000 Iron
Province-Wide Competition Win10 Courage Medals, 2 x 20,000 Hero Exp
Province-Wide Competition Loss5 Courage Medals, 2 x 5,000 Hero Exp


The Heroes Duel event should not be missed by any player who wants to get the best out of their troops and heroes. It’s fun, and a great opportunity to test your legions against other players and see how their strategies stack up.

And even if you have weaker troops than other participating members, you can still earn some rewards by betting on the right player. After all, you don’t lose any resources and you don’t need to heal your troops either. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the next Heroes Duel

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