All Classes in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire & Which is Best

Learn everything about classes in Rise of Castles, the pros and cons, and which class is best between Farmer, Trader, Raider, and Craftsman

Classes in Rise of Empires
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In Rise of Castles (previously named Rise of Empires), there are four main classes to choose from Farmer, Trader, Raider, and Craftsman. Picking the right class in this strategy mobile game can have a major impact on your game progression as each class provides a series of pros and cons.

In this guide, we will take a look at all classes in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire and see what features and benefits they offer and which one is best.

Farmer Class

Farmer class Rise of Empires

The main Farmer Class abilities are focused on gathering resources. Their exclusive building is the Farmer’s Guild where you can use its Bountiful Harvest perk to get a significant amount of resources instantly. This feature is available only once every 12 hours.

The Farmer Class is also the most popular for creating farm accounts. The number of resources received depends on the existing level of the Farmer’s Guild building, so consider upgrading the level as high as possible.


  • Greatly improves resource production rate (Harvest Speed +50%)
  • Considerable Collection (When Harvesting, Troop Payload +100%)
  • Higher resources depot protection against plundering


  • Less damage when Sieging ( -30% )
  • Troop marching speed decreased ( -30% )
  • Weaker defense when sieging ( -30% )

Raider Class

Raider class Rise of Empires

The Raider Class is the way to go if you like playing more on the offensive side, constantly attacking your enemies, or participating in combat events such as the Heroes Duel. With this class, you can create powerful heroes and units, with skills that can easily take down enemy castles.

It’s the only class that should be used for attacking and is a must-have for any player who wants to be successful in PvP.

Their unique building is the Raider’s Hall and will provide powerful buffs for your Class Legion such as Class Formation Resistance and Class Formation Might. The percentage of each of these buffs depends on the Raider’s Hall building level. Another special skill for the Class Legion is the ability to plunder gold from your enemies.


  • Bandits by nature (Troop Payload +150% when sieging)
  • First Aid (When sieging, 40% of Casualties become wounded, meaning that you lose fewer troops)
  • Medical Advancement (Healing Speed Doubles)


  • Inefficient Production (Lumber, Food, Marble, and Iron production -30%)
  • Economical Depression (Gold production -30%)
  • Military Style Harvesting (When Harvesting, Troop Payload -50%)

Trader Class

Trader class Rise of Empires

The Trader Class focuses mostly on trading resources. Their unique building is the Market, which allows you to buy extra resources for lower prices. You can also support your allies by sending them resources, but a tax rate will be applied. Increasing the level of the Market building will lower the sending tax rate.


  • Free Market (Gold Production +50%)
  • Logistic Planning (Troop Food consumption -30%)
  • Market Economy (Resource sale prices at Trade House +50%)


  • Costly Treatments (Wounded healing speed -50%)
  • Unsecured Warehouse (when raided, lose double resources)
  • The tax rate applied to sending resources ( starts at 45% with Market building level 1 ).

Craftsman Class

Craftsman class Rise of Empires

The Craftsman Class is the latest class included in Rise of Castles and so far it has no Exclusive Class Building but in my opinion, is still a much better class choice than Trader Class. It provides a significant crafting boost to your building process by saving you time and resources.

However, the Craftsman class is enabled only after the Emperor has enabled the National Chapter via the Launch Center.

Another great thing about the Craftsman Class is that if used in combination with the latest update feature, the Dragon Altar can almost double that bonus.

For example in our case, with an Architect subclass level 40 and the dragon from the Dragon Altar advanced to level 20, we’ve seen a decreased duration of up to 55 minutes. Meaning every construction that requires up to 55 minutes or less, will be built instantly.


After the Emperor of the state you are located in has enabled the National Chapter, each main class will be divided into two subclasses to choose from. However, at the time of writing this article, only one subclass (the ones in bold text below) is available to pick from each of the main classes.

  • The farmer class will have Defender and Agricultural Scholar
  • Raider class: Siege Master and Gladiator
  • Trader class: Keeper and Duchess
  • Craftsman: Tech Master and Architect

So which class is best?

There is no definitive answer as to which class is the best in Rise of Castles. It depends on your playstyle, what you’re most comfortable with and what you think will help you succeed in the game.

However, the two most popular class is Raider, followed by Farmer. If you’re just starting out, I recommend going with the Farmer class.

Once you get a feel for the game and how everything works, and you have gathered enough resources, you can then switch to Raider class if you have a more offensive playstyle. Otherwise, you can continue playing as a Farmer if gathering and harvesting is your cup of tea or any of the other two classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change class in Rise of Castles?

To change your class in Rise of Castles, tap the Class Hall building inside your castle and then tap the Class option. This will take you to the class selection screen. At the top of the page, you have four tabs, one for each class. Tapping on any of them will lead you to that specific class screen and the two subclasses I mentioned before. 

Is it trader class better than the farmer class in Rise of Castles?

It depends on what you're looking for. If you're mainly focused on gathering resources, then the farmer class is better. However, if you're more interested in trading resources, and better gold production, then the trader class is better.

When you can change the class in Rise of Castles?

Once you reach Level 6 with your castle and already built the Class Hall building, you will be able to pick a class for the first time. Later on, you can switch to a different class but for a cost. However, by changing your class you will start from level 1 in your Class Manual progression, and will not inherit another class level progress. 

How do you increase your class level in Rise of Castles?

You can increase your class level by doing Province Quests on a daily basis, and unlocking new class points in the Class Manual. Using the right Cards can also help boost your progress.

Final Words

We hope you’ve found this guide useful, we made this guide to help more players of the ROE community. If you meet someone who needs help, please share this article using the share buttons below or at the top of this page. Thank you!

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