Rise of Castles Alliance Guide: Ranks, Benefits, and More

Learn how to create or join an Alliance in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire, and the benefits of being a part of one.

Rise of Empires Alliance Guide: Ranks, Contribution Points, Benefits, Alliance buildings
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Let’s be honest, playing solo in any Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy game becomes quite boring after a while. Sure, certain players enjoy the “lone wolf” play style, but these types of games are designed for groups, otherwise, you will be subject to repeat losses and crushing defeats, which as a result it will take you much longer to progress.

Today we are going to cover everything you need to know about joining or creating an Alliance in Rise of Castles, including ranks, contribution points, gifts, wages, and which buildings are available to you once you’ve joined an alliance.

Why being a member of an Alliance is important?

For starters, it allows you to have direct communication with other players in order to better coordinate your efforts. It also gives you access to a series of benefits such as the daily salary paid in gold (not a fortune, but it’s something), and the construction of certain buildings that otherwise would be impossible.

Furthermore, it allows you to contribute with resources or Gems to the development of your alliance tech, which in return gives you and your alliance members better gift rewards and contribution points that later can be used to buy plenty of useful items from the Alliance Store.

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Certain events can only be completed as a member of an alliance, such as the Marauder Siege Defense, Alliance Cup, Alliance Battlefield, Reign of Chaos, and many other major events.

And most importantly, the top most powerful alliances have a NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) which means that they will not attack each other.

This allows members of the top alliances to focus on other things, such as farming resources in peace, and not having to activate the shield all the time to protect their castle.

As an Alliance member, you have also the possibility of calling for reinforcements from your alliance mates in case you are being attacked by a much larger army.

Types of Alliances

In general, there are 3 types of Alliances in Rise of Castles created by the same members of a primary alliance. These are not officially stated anywhere, but it’s something that many Alliance leaders have in most states.

The Main Alliance: In general, these types of alliances are formed by players with a Raider class as their primary class and are the ones where most players will contribute the vast majority of their resources and time.

Depending on how powerful this alliance is, it will be quite difficult to get accepted if you don’t have a high PvP score or a powerful army.

The Academy: The second type of alliance is the Academy. As the name suggests, this is where members go to learn about the game and get better at playing. As soon as they become stronger they can ask to be transferred to the Main Alliance.

The Farm Alliance: The last type of alliance is the Farm Alliance. This type of alliance (in most cases each main alliance can have several farm alliances) is usually composed of members that are not as active in the game, or members that have additional or multiple Farm Accounts. This type of alliance is also included in the NAP agreement.

How to join an Alliance in Rise of Castles

There are two ways to join an Alliance in Rise of Castles: by applying to any of the available Alliances in the Join Alliance tab list, or by being invited by another player who is already a member of an Alliance and has a Rank 4 or Rank 5.

If you are not yet a member of an Alliance

If you are not yet a member of an Alliance, you can join one by tapping the menu icon, located on the right side of your screen, and then the “Alliance” icon (it looks like a flag with one star in the middle, see the screenshot above).

There, you will see a list of all the available alliances that you can apply for. To do that, simply tap the “Apply” button. You will become a member of that Alliance once an R4 accepts your request.

If you are already a member of an Alliance

If you are already a member of an Alliance and you want to move to another one, you will first need to leave the current Alliance.

To leave your current Alliance, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Alliance menu, and at the top of the screen, on the right side of your Alliance name, you will see a little cog icon.
  2. Tap the cog icon and it will take you to the Alliance settings page. Here you have 2 tabs, Alliance and Manage.
  3. Tap the Manage tab and after that, tap the Quit option. A new window will appear and ask you to enter the displayed numbers in the text field.
  4. Enter the numbers and hit Ok. You are now out of your current alliance.

What to do after leaving your Alliance

As soon as you leave your alliance, you need to put on a 24-hour Peace Shield. This is because members without any alliance are the most vulnerable targets for enemy attacks. You should also be aware that you must wait 24 hours after leaving your Alliance before you can join another one.

How to create an Alliance

how to create a Rise of Empires Alliance

You can create an Alliance in Rise of Castles by accessing the Alliance menu. Near the “Join Alliance” tab, you will see another tab called “Create Alliance”.

To create a new alliance, write your desired alliance name, choose an alliance tag (it doesn’t matter which one), and hit the “Create Alliance” button. If your castle is below level 8, it will cost you 2000 gems, otherwise, it’s free.

Alliance Features and Benefits

As a member of an alliance, you will have access to the following features and benefits:

Alliance Chat

The alliance chat is a great way to communicate with other members of your alliance. You can use it to coordinate attacks, request or offer help, and just chat with other members in general or make new friends.

Another interesting fact about the Alliance chat is that whenever a member of your Alliance upgrades his castle to certain levels, an envelope will be posted in the Alliance chat and will reward each member that clicks on it with a random amount of Gems.

Alliance Ranks

Rank 1 (R1)

This is the default rank given to every player that joins an alliance. It doesn’t have any special privileges. They can: check the allies list, trade, donate to alliance tech, view rank details or leave the alliance.

Rank 2 (R2)

Members with this rank have everything from the previous rank, plus they can: view the online status of other members from the same alliance and other members’ locations.

Rank 3 (R3)

Members with this rank have everything from the previous ranks, plus they can promote or demote other members.

Rank 4 (R4)

The R4 rank is more special and the members that have it are usually the ones in charge of the alliance, minus a few important alliance-related privileges that only the R5 rank has.

Members with this rank have everything from the previous ranks, plus they can: invite other players to join the alliance, mail all members at once, manage applications, and change the announcement.

They can also block Alliance messages, start activities (such as the Marauder Siege Defense event), research alliance technologies, resupply items in the Alliance Store, change the Alliance language, change the slogan, change open recruitment, and kick out members.

Rank 5 (R5)

The R5 rank is the most special and it’s given to the leader of the alliance or the one that created it. The member with this rank has everything from the previous ranks, plus he can: edit the alliance information such as the Alliance name, or the nickname, change the banner or the rank titles, or transfer the Alliance mastership.

Alliance Technology Donations

The Alliance Technology section from the Alliance menu, allows members to donate resources such as Food, Ale, Lumber, Iron, or Stone to research various technologies that will benefit the whole alliance. Additionally, you can also donate Gems if you want to gain additional Alliance Contribution Points and be among the top contributors of the day or week.

Why you should donate to Alliance Technology?

The reasons are simple: all members of the alliance, regardless of their rank, will receive bonuses from the researched technologies. The benefits can be an increase in resource-gathering speed, a reduction in construction and research time, and many other develop-related bonuses.

There are also plenty of combat-related technologies, such as an increase in march size, a reduction in casualties, an increased Alliance members’ rally speed, and so on.

By donating resources or Gems you will also earn Alliance Contribution Points. The more points you receive each day, the higher your position in the leaderboard will be during each week.

At the end of each week, there is also an automated special reward called Weekly Alliance Contribution Leaderboard, where the top 3 contributors will receive resources, Gems, and gold.

How to collect your Weekly Alliance Contribution Leaderboard reward?

You can collect your reward only if you are among the top 3 weekly contributors. To do that, simply tap on the envelope icon to go to your in-game mail, and at the top of the page, tap the Alliance tab.

There you will see the message sent by Isabella, the fictive character in the Rise of Castles, where you can see the top 3 contributors and the rewards received by each member. If you are among these 3 players, you can collect your reward by tapping the blue button at the bottom of this message.

How to donate to Alliance Technology?

You can donate resources by going to the Alliance tab and selecting the Technology option. On the next screen, you will see a list of all the available technologies that can be researched, their level requirements, and the required type of resources that can be donated. At the top, you will see two tabs: Develop and Combat. Each of these tabs has different technologies.

To donate, simply select the latest technology that is under development and tap on the donate blue button, which will show the type of resource and the amount required for each donation. There is also a “Max Donations” button visible on the same window, but this can be used only by the members who have unlocked the VIP Shop Level 2.

Chest, Gifts, and Wages

Alliance Wages

As I mentioned earlier, by donating to Alliance Technology and helping other Alliance members, you will be rewarded with wages/salary. These wages are represented by 2 tabs:

  • Attendance: There are 3 chests filled with Gems and speed-ups and you can open them depending on how many members log in during a day.
  • Contribution: This tab has 2 chests, the first one has 10,000 gold, and the second one has 20,000 gold. To open these chests you need to have contributed enough to the Alliance Technology tree with resources, Gems, or both.

The Alliance Gift and the Chest

The Alliance Gift page is where you can collect your daily rewards (resources and speedups). These rewards are split into 2 tabs, Normal and Rare, with the Rare tab having better rewards. On the same page, you also have a big Chest that can be opened multiple times a day, which also gives you nice rewards.

All these rewards are influenced by the Alliance Gift level, the higher the level, the better the rewards. Collecting your rewards will also help increase the Alliance Gift level, so make sure you do this on a daily basis.

Alliance Contribution Points

The Alliance Contribution Points are a type of currency that can be used to buy items in the Alliance Store. For instance, during the Reign of Chaos event, you will need Alliance Contribution Points to buy Bunch of Rocks items to donate stones in order to build the alliance centers and honor structures. These stones are also required to place resource tiles, very useful, especially for those who can create level 10 resource tiles.

Alliance Store

The Alliance Store building is where you can buy items with Alliance Contribution Points. The items you can find in the store are: Speed-ups, Rename items (used to change your nickname), Random or Advanced Teleports, War Badges, Courage Medals, Gather Bonus items (to increase resource gathering speed), Peace Shields, and other special items.

items in the Alliance Store

The most valuable items that you can buy from the store are the Peace Shield, Advanced Teleport, Courage Medals, and the Gather Bonus. However, most of the valuable Alliance Store items have a daily or weekly purchase limit, so you will have to wait until the next day or week to buy more, even if you have saved plenty of Alliance Contribution Points.

Alliance Buildings

After becoming a member of an alliance, you will have access to the following buildings:

Alliance Hall

The Alliance Hall building allows you to help and request help from other members on building construction and research upgrades by reducing the time needed. The more you level up this building the more time you can reduce.

A second important function of this building is that allows members to station up to 4 legions as reinforcement. Lastly, it also allows members to collect their daily alliance salary.

War Academy

The War Academy building allows you to rally with other members and attack giants ( Savage Giants, Ferocious Zoltans, and Wight Knights) that are visible all over your province map. The more you upgrade this building, the more rally slots you will have available and allow other members of your Alliance to join your created rally.

To upgrade the War Academy building, besides the required amount of resources, you will also need a special item called War Horn, which can be obtained randomly from your Trading House.

Currently, there is a maximum of 4 rally slots available, and the 4th slot can be unlocked once you upgrade your War Academy to level 12. However, if you upgrade the building beyond level 12, the troops’ Might for you and your fellow members, will be increased by 1% for each additional level.

FAQs on Rise of Castles Alliance

How to get Alliance Contribution Points?

You can get Alliance Contribution Points by donating resources or gems to Alliance Technology.

How many R5 members an alliance can have?

An alliance can only have 1 R5 member. This is the leader of the alliance or the one that created it.

How many R4 members an alliance can have?

In Rise of Castles, there can be a maximum of 8 R4 members in an alliance.

How many R3 members an alliance can have?

In Rise of Castles, an alliance can have a maximum of 30 R3 members.

How many R2 members an alliance can have?

There's no limit to how many R2 members an alliance can have.

How can we increase the Alliance Gift level?

The Alliance Gift level can be increased by collecting rewards from the Alliance Gifts section.

Can I join another alliance right away?

No, there is a 24-hour waiting period after you leave an alliance before you can join another one in Rise of Castles.

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