Primitive Era: 10000 BC Tips and Tricks for New Players

Our list of top tips for new players in Primitive Era: 10000 BC mobile game will help you speed up your progress and rule the world in no time!

Primitive Era: 10000 BC tips and tricks for beginners
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Primitive Era: 10000 BC offers a new and exciting strategy-based gaming experience that allows you to create your own tribe, build villages, fight prehistoric creatures, and join other clans of players in a fight for supremacy.

In our beginner’s guide to Primitive Era: 10000 BC we covered the basics of the game and how to get started. Now that you’re comfortable with the game, it’s time to dive into our top tips and tricks for new players, so you can level up your skills and become a master of this fascinating strategy mobile game.

1. Start as a Farmer

The Farmer Custom in Primitive Era: 10000 BC
Choosing the Farmer Custom

In Primitive Era: 10000 BC there are 3 Customs (strange name, but they are basically classes) to choose from: Farmer, Plunderer, and Trader. As a beginner, you should start as a Farmer. It gives you a +50% bonus for resource gathering, which helps you start building your villages and armies faster.

You’ll also get higher resource protection from enemy attacks, a resource load capacity for your troops when gathering, twice as much as other Customs.

Additionally, you have the Harvest structure that you can use to gather a certain amount of resources instantly every day.

Of course, the Farmer Custom has its own cons too, such as a -30% warrior defense and attack as an invader (in case you want to attack other players).

But if you’re just starting out and want to build a strong base, Farmer is the way to go because you can always change it for Plunder, once you have solid grounds.

2. Focus on Elite’s March Queue

Elite's Queue - Primitive Era: 10000 BC

March Queues or Queues or basically your squads of heroes, and troops. In the first few levels, you will only have unlocked Queue 1. This might create confusion as I’ve seen many players focusing on upgrading this Queue first, which is a big mistake.

The March Queue you should unlock and upgrade first is Elite’s Queue because is the only one that benefits from the chosen Custom’s Buff. Here’s what each Custom’s buff gives you:

  • Plunderer buff: Increased attack and defense and can plunder Gold.
  • Farmer buff: Increased load and gathering speed.
  • Trader buff: Reduced Food cost for this March Queue.

3. Take advantage of your beginner’s Peace Shield

Village under Beginner's Peace Shield
Village under Beginner’s Peace Shield

After starting the game and finishing the first few chapters, your beginner’s Peace Shield will be activated for 7 days. During this period, your village will be safe from attacks by other players.

Use this time to focus on collecting as many resources as possible, and upgrading your buildings so you can be prepared for battle, or at least have some defense and attack capabilities when the Peace Shield wears off.

4. Recruit the best heroes

In Primitive Era: 10000 BC, heroes can be recruited at the Heroes Lodge structure using Recruitment Scrolls. You can get scrolls from completing missions, events rewards, defeating Barbarians, and many other similar activities.

Having any hero leading your March Queues is better than nothing, but to be able to dominate in battles, you need to have the best combat heroes available.

In this game, heroes are divided into 2 main categories, Combat heroes, and Growth heroes. As the name suggests, combat heroes specialize in attacking and defending while growth heroes specialize in gathering resources and developing your village.

They also 4 rarities: Ace (green color), Stellar (blue color), Epic (purple), and Legendary (golden). The best ones you can get are the Legendary ones, and you should always try to get them and upgrade as soon as possible.

5. Have a proper March Queue setup

March Queues can have up to 3 heroes. Unfortunately, in the first 10-12 levels or so, you only have one hero slot available. But as you progress and research the March Warfare Chief 2 and 3, you will be able to unlock all 3 slots.

Once you have at least 2 hero slots, you should be placing your heroes in the right slot because some perform better in combat when they are placed in the mid-row or back row, while others need to be placed in the front.

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To check a hero’s recommended row, visit its profile on the Heroes page and tap the first icon on the top-left corner.

Similarly, they perform better with a type of unit, whether is Infantry, Cavalry, or Archers (check the second icon on the hero’s profile). Therefore, when creating a hero’s squad row, you should drag the right units.

6. Check out the Infinite Challenge event

The Infinite Challenge event in Primitive Era
The Infinite Challenge event

The Infinite Challenge is an hourly event that offers plenty of great rewards. The activities vary for each hour and include building upgrades, training warriors, upgrading beasts, consuming speedups, and researching techs.

Therefore it is in your best interest to check out the Infinite Challenge before doing any of the activities I mentioned above. This way you get great rewards while doing what you already need to do.

This event has 3 rewards and each one requires a certain amount of points. The points can be easily obtained by doing the activities I mentioned before.

The only drawback is that they need to be obtained within a 1-hour duration, otherwise, the accumulated points will be lost. The rewards include speedups, resource tokens, Rubies, Gold, and hero frags.

7. Keep an eye on the Villager Status

Villager Status - negative impact example
Villager Status – negative impact example

The maximum number of your villagers has a direct impact on Gold productivity. The majority of new structures also require a specific number of villagers to be constructed.

To keep your villagers happy, you should make sure that Bonfire Plaza is always filled with Food and Water. You don’t really need to fully refill it, but if you know you’ll be offline for several hours or days, it’s better to fill it up completely.

Additionally, the villagers’ cap can be increased by building and upgrading Living Tents. If you want to check the Villager Status, you can do that by tapping the user icon in the top-left corner.

8. Economy before military

As a beginner, you should first focus on building and upgrading the resource production structures, gathering resources as much as possible, but also researching economy-related techs. These techs include the ones from the Rapid Production tech tree, Village Development, as well as the Elite’s Queue tech tree.

The Rapid Production techs allow you to instantly harvest a certain amount of resources from each of the resource production buildings in your village. The collection is not guaranteed, but the more you research this tech tree the higher the chance of successfully collecting resources will be.

The Village Development tech tree helps you increase the efficiency of your resource production buildings, the storage capacity, and the gathering speed from Resource Points on the world map.

As for the Elite’s Queue tech tree, it includes all the necessary upgrades for unlocking all hero slots and increasing your most important March Queue’s potential.

9. Log in consecutively for 7 days

7-day consecutive login rewards preview - Primitive Era game
7-day consecutive login rewards preview

Primitive Era: 10000 BC rewards you for being an active player. For each consecutive log-in day, you will be rewarded with increasingly better rewards for a total of 7 days. These rewards include Rubies, Gold, Speedups, and the most attractive rewards of them all, two heroes.

The first one is an epic hero, which you will receive on the second day, and the second hero is a Legendary one, available on the seventh day. Keep in mind that the consecutive login bonus will reset if you miss a day. Make sure you log in and collect these rewards to get a proper start in the game.

10. Boost your buildings’ productivity

Sun's Blessing surrounded by village structures for productivity boosting
Sun’s Blessing surrounded by structures

Your village structures require a continuous Charcoal supply to stay active and produce resources at their maximum potential. But did you know that you can increase the efficiency of your structures even further? You can do this by placing Sun’s Blessing structures near your resource production structures.

Ideally would be to surround each Sun’s Blessing with as many resource structures as possible. The structures affected by this bonus will have a green smiley icon over them (see the above screenshot).

There is also a premium structure called Colossus which increases the building speed by 10% (and goes up to 22% after upgrades), but it’s up to you to consider whether it’s worth the price or not.

11. Maximize your rewards potential

As a new player in this game, you should collect as many rewards as possible from every activity you can find. This includes completing Solo, Daily, and Main Missions, but also defeating as many creatures as possible and joining Barbarian rallies, or creating one so other allies could join. The events and Benefits Center’s quests should not be ignored either.

For instance, the Earth Domination event inside Benefits Center offers a series of missions over five days and offers great rewards for completing basic tasks such as logging in consecutively, consuming speedups, etc. The most interesting rewards from this event are the Legendary Scrolls that you can use to recruit Legendary Heroes.

12. Join a Clan and claim your gifts

Clans are alliances that we see in most mobile games of this genre. You may want to join one as soon as you finish the tutorial and reached level 5 and have built the Clan Castle. By joining a clan, you will get access to even more rewards and exclusive benefits.

You could then contribute resources to your Clan’s Tech and get contributions points in return and use them to buy different essential items from the Clan Shop. Additionally, by helping your allies and donating to Clan Research, you will be able to get numerous gifts each day.

13. Maintain the Charcoal Supply at full capacity

Unprofitable production rate example - Primitive Era game
Negative production rate example

Charcoal is a vital resource in Primitive Era: 10000 BC. This resource is required and consumed by all the resource production structures in your village. If the Charcoal Supply drops below 80%, so the efficiency of your resource production will start to decline.

To prevent this from happening, you should constantly refill the Charcoal Kiln structures with Wood, the same as you would with Food and Water at the Bonfire Plaza for your villagers.

14. Bind your game account

5 Legendary Scrolls reward for binding account
5 Legendary Scrolls reward for binding account

Binding your account will ensure that your progress is secure and that all the data is backed up on a server. This way you can even play with the same account on multiple devices or just reinstall the game on a new device and continue playing from where you left off. And the good news is that you will be rewarded with 5 Legendary Scrolls for doing so.

To bind your account, tap the power orange button at the top of the screen. Next, tap Settings and select “Account & Character”. On that page, click Bind Account and pick one of the 3 available options (we recommend Google).

15. Create a Farm Account

Our last tip for Primitive Era: 10000 BC new players, is to create a farm account. What is a farm account you ask? Well, it’s an additional game account that you can create with a different email address or Google account, and use as a resource support for your main account.

Once created, you can switch between accounts, and get resources from the farm account with your main account through repetitive attacks.

The best scenario for creating a farm account in this game would be to create a second character on the same server, but unfortunately, we can only have one character per server at the moment.

Keep in mind that you should first Bind your main account before proceeding with creating a second account. To create second or multiple switchable accounts, first, tap the crossing swords power indicator on the top-middle of your screen.

Next, click Settings, and after that, tap “Account & Character”. At the bottom of that page, click “Switch Account” and select any of the 3 options (again, we recommend Google). Follow the steps and once created, you can switch between your accounts by visiting the same page.


This concludes our list of top tips and tricks for Primitive Era: 10000 BC new players. Follow these instructions and you will have an easier time dominating the game. I hope you found this guide useful, and if you did, please share it with your friends so they can also benefit from it.

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