How to Increase Power Fast in Nations of Darkness

Learn how to increase power efficiently in Nations of Darkness with these tips and tricks, so you can become an unbeatable, powerful leader.

How to increase power fast in Nations of Darkness
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Being a powerful leader in any multiplayer online game brings multiple benefits, and Nations of Darkness is no different. In this game, power is a major factor in determining your progress and success and making sure you stay ahead of the competition. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best strategies to increase your power fast in Nations of Darkness.

Why does power matter in Nations of Darkness?

The main reason why power matters in Nations of Darkness, is that it increases the amount of influence you have over the game. The higher your power, the more you can do in the game, such as constructing powerful buildings, recruiting more troops, and having better chances of success in any type of activity in the game. Another important point is that the higher your power is, the more chances you’ll have of being accepted in one of the top-ranking Alliances on your server.

How to get stronger fast in Nations of Darkness

Here are some of the best ways to become stronger and level up fast in Nations of Darkness:

1. Upgrade the right buildings first

The first thing you should prioritize in Nations of Darkness is upgrading the main buildings in your town. These upgrades will not only boost your overall power level but also help to increase your resource production and troop training capacity.

This includes your Town Hall, Guardian Statue, Research Center, resource production buildings (Farms, Water Plants, Quarries, Lumberyards, Crystal Shafts, and Mana Refineries), Storehouse, and military buildings related to your best heroes, as each hero has a type of unit that performs better with.

2. Level up the best heroes

Upgrading my most powerful heroes in Nations of Darkness

Heroes are a great asset to your town and can greatly increase your overall power. It is important to level them up and increase their rating regularly, as their stats and abilities will become stronger, allowing them to contribute more in battles.

But to get the most out of them, you should upgrade only the best heroes in Nations of Darkness, because they have the highest stats and most powerful skills. Plus, upgrading the right heroes, will save you a lot of Hero XP and Starlight Statues, which are not that easy to get.

3. Gather resources to fuel your city’s growth

You should constantly send your troops out to gather resources from the resource points on the map. The more resources you have, the faster your city will develop. You should aim for the higher-level mines (8 or 9) whenever you can, as they provide more resources per hour.

You should also take advantage of the map search feature so you can easily find what you need on the map. If you can’t find any level 8 or 9 resource points in the 100km range, teleport your castle closer to the center of the map.

4. Unlock and use the most powerful Beasts

Hedvig Beast
Hedvig Beast

Once you reach territory level 15, you will be able to revive and use Beasts along your troop formations. These are magical creatures that will increase your overall power a lot. For example, Hedvig, which is a Legendary Beast, has one of the highest power stat boosts among all Beasts in this strategy/fantasy mobile game.

These creatures come in different rarities and provide different bonuses. At the moment there are 16 Beasts available in the game, so it’s important to use the best Nations of Darkness Beasts as possible.

5. Skip the first two troop tiers

Fighter unit tier 2 requirements

Unless is about drivers tier 1 or 2 (Driver Camp building), you should save your resources for training at least tier 3 Shooters and Fighters. Of course, you will need some tier 1 troops in the early stages but do not overspend.

The reason for this is that tier 2 becomes available after upgrading the Fighter Camp and Shooter Camp buildings to level 2, and this can be accomplished easily. Tier 3 becomes available at level 5, followed by tier 4 at level 10.

As for tier 1 and 2 drivers, these have the highest carrying capacity and march speed, which means you can gather more resources faster. Train these if you plan to do a lot of farming.

6. Join a top-ranking Alliance

Being a member of one of the top-ranking Alliances is very important if you want to become powerful faster. The Alliance system provides players with access to a lot of bonuses and rewards, which will help you develop your town much faster.

Another benefit of being part of a top-ranking Alliance is that you will be able to take part in battles and events with other experienced players that will offer you useful Nations of Darkness tips and tricks.

The only drawback is that most of the strongest alliances require their members to have a minimum power level before they can be accepted.

If you can’t manage to be accepted in one of the top 10 alliances, try to find a good alliance that has a higher gift level as this will offer you better rewards daily for your contribution.

7. Do your Dailies and Campaign Chapters

Campaign Chapter rewards example

This is the most important type of activity that every new player in this game should do as often as possible. While completing Main, Daily, and Campaign Missions will not directly impact your overall power, they can help you get amazing rewards that will help you in the long run.

The rewards vary from resources to hero fragments, speedups, and gems, so it is important to complete as many missions as possible to get the best rewards. Similarly, you should try finishing as Campaign Chapters as soon as possible because you will get a great bonus reward at the end of each Chapter.

8. Create a farm account

A Nations of Darkness farm account allows you to collect more resources and speed up your main account’s development. The resources can then be transferred to your main account through repetitive attacks.

The good news is that this game allows us to create two characters on the same nation (level), which is the fastest and easiest way to create a farm account in most medieval mobile games.

To do that, tap your avatar and click “Settings” at the bottom of the screen. Next, press the “Character” option and tap “Start a new game” and select the server where you already created your main account, which will be marked by a user icon. You can then teleport your farm to your account next to your main account and start building it up.

9. Defeat Feralbeasts and Reapers regularly

Feralbeast level 8 bonus rewards preview

These monsters you see all over the world map in Nations of Darkness are one of the best ways to increase your heroes’ levels and get Recruitment Cards. You can then use these cards to recruit better heroes which will increase your town’s overall power.

Feralbeasts can be defeated only individually and they drop a bonus reward for the first defeat of each level, which includes Speedups and Faction Recruitment Cards.

Reapers, on the other hand, can only be attacked in rallies with your allies. They offer better rewards but they are more difficult to defeat. Both Feralbeasts and Reapers range from level 1 to 11+, and the higher the level, the better the rewards.

10. Research Techs properly

To be able to increase your power as fast as possible you should first prioritize the Economic Development tech tree. Many new players jump directly to researching military techs, but this can be a big mistake. It is important to invest in your town’s economy first so that you have enough resources to build and upgrade buildings, train troops, and research military techs later.

You don’t have to maximize the entire tech tree directly, but you should focus on researching the most important ones and shift between them as you gain more resources. This is a great way to keep your power increasing gradually and stay competitive in this mobile title.

11. Level up the Grail of Protection

Power of the Statue and Grail bonuses

The Grail of Protection building is a very special and probably the most beneficial building in Nations of Darkness. You should level up this building as often as you can because it will decrease the duration required for constructing buildings.

Other important aspects of this building that will help you become powerful faster, are its Grail and Power of the Statue. The Grail should be leveled up daily by hunting Snallygasters. The higher you level up the Grail, the more powerful bonuses you will activate in the Power of the Statue section.

12. Take part in every event available

Events are a great way to get rewards, such as resources, Hero XP items, and other essential items. Some events even offer powerful heroes and hero fragments as rewards. Make sure you complete as many tasks as possible and don’t forget to claim the rewards before they expire.

You can access all the available events from the Event Center page, which can be accessed by tapping the calendar icon visible on the top-right side of your screen.

13. Stay active in the game

If you’re looking to progress faster in this game, you need to actively participate in all of the available game content. This includes constantly attacking other players, gathering resources, completing missions, and participating in events.

The more active you are, the faster you will progress. And the harsh truth is that weak Castles or players that are not able to keep up with the rest of the Alliance members or go inactive, very often get kicked out or forced to move to a farm or academy alliance, which is not fun.

Final thoughts

I hope these tips will help you become more powerful faster in Nations of Darkness and enjoy the game even more. Always remember to stay active and upgrade your buildings whenever you have enough resources and speedups, so you can keep progressing faster. Have fun!

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