Nations of Darkness: How to Defend Your Territory Efficiently

Learn how to defend your Nations of Darkness Territory and your hard-earned resources, and be prepared for unexpected enemy attacks!

Nations of Darkness how to defend territory
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Like most PvP mobile strategy games, Nations of Darkness offers us the chance to build and expand our own territory and engage in epic battles with other players. And while most of us focus more on the offensive side, we tend to ignore the importance of having a well-fortified city/territory. After all, nobody wants to be zeroed while offline or by not having a good defense strategy.

In this guide, you will learn how to defend your territory in Nations of Darkness in the most efficient way, and why protecting your territory is so important.

Why does having a Good Defense in Nations of Darkness Matters?

The main reason why having a good defense strategy is crucial in Nations of Darkness is to avoid having your resources stolen by other players, and your territory zeroed and randomly teleported.

While not all of the methods we’ll be sharing below are fully effective, they will definitely make it harder for your enemies to attack you and reduce the chances of losing all your hard-earned resources.

How to Defend Your Territory in Nations of Darkness

These methods worked well for us in defending our territory against unexpected attacks from other players. Use them to avoid having your resources plundered by other players.

Upgrade the Storehouse

The first thing you must do to increase your territory defense is to upgrade the Storehouse. This building is responsible for storing your resources and protecting a large portion from raids. The protected resource amount increases with each level, that’s why is essential to increase the Storehouse level as high as possible.

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To verify the number of protected resources, tap the resource bar at the top of your screen, and see the “Storage Protection” number at the bottom of that window. Those resources cannot be transferred, nor be raided/stolen by other players.

Improve the Wall Defense

The second most important thing when it comes to Territory defense is improving the Wall defense. This can be done in two ways: by increasing the Wall level, and by garrisoning your best Nations of Darkness heroes and your most powerful Battle Beast.

Every time your territory is attacked, a percentage of your territory wall is decreased. Once its durability goes to zero, your territory will be randomly teleported on the map. That’s why it is highly recommended to level up the Wall because its durability increases with each level.

Additionally, you should level up the garrisoned heroes, and increase the Beast’s star rating as high as possible to advance their power and stats as much as possible.

To garrison heroes or a Beast inside the Wall, tap your wall gate, which can be found on the southern side while viewing the interior of your city/territory.

Next, choose the Defense option, and on the next page, tap the empty slots at the top and pick your highest-level heroes and a battle beast. Make sure you have at least one or two tank heroes as they have the most effective defensive stats and skills.

Garrison the right Heroes in City Hall

The City Hall building allows us to garrison heroes and benefit from their garrison’s skill bonuses. The great thing about this is that these bonuses can stack, so the more garrisoned heroes, the better.

Each garrisoned hero costs a certain amount of leadership points. This cap can be increased by upgrading the City Hall building.

However, to activate these bonuses, garrisoned heroes should have the second skill unlocked (preferably leveled up as well). This skill can be unlocked once a hero has at least star tier 1. Also, keep in mind that not all heroes have garrison skills, and this can be seen on the hero list inside City Hall.

To garrison a hero to the City Hall building, tap this building and select “Garrison”. Next, tap the plus sign at the top and pick the heroes that offer the best bonuses for your needs (whether is the troop’s resource cost reduction, increased training speed, healing cost reduction, and so on).

Join a top-ranking Alliance

Being a member of any alliance in Nations of Darkness is a million times better than playing solo. But joining one of the top-ranking alliances is even better. This will give you access to even better rewards and benefits.

But the biggest advantage regarding your territory defense is that on most servers (called nations in this game), the top 10 alliances have a NAP (no aggression pact). This means that they won’t attack each other’s territories (at least not intentionally) or their Nations of Darkness farm accounts.

Dispatch the best Develop Beast

The Beasts in this game can help you immensely with both, the city development and in battle. Similar to garrisoning a beast to your territory’s Wall, beasts can also be assigned/dispatched to the Beasts Workshop. To get the best bonuses, you should consider dispatching your best Beasts.

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To dispatch a beast, tap the Beast Workshop building, press the empty slot at the top of the page, and select your most powerful Develop Beasts. Each of these creatures requires a certain amount of Stamina, so make sure you increase that cap as well.

Use your resource tokens wisely

The resource rewards you get from events and missions in this strategy mobile title are received in the form of tokens and deposited automatically in your bag. While might be very tempting to use them as soon as you get them, this is actually a bad idea.

The reason for this is that using these resource tokens just for the sake of it will more than likely exceed the protection limit provided by the Storehouse. Any enemy player that will scout you will most likely take advantage of this and attack you.

The best strategy for this is to use your resource tokens only when you need them. The way I do it is whenever I need to upgrade a building or research a tech I hit the “Go” button from the pop-up window and hit the “Use” button until the red background of the tab displayed at the top, disappears. This will ensure I only use what I need.

Of course, you can also use your tokens until the number of that specific type of resource is equal to or lower than the Storage Protection cap.

Turn on the Personal War notifications

One of the most useful features of the Nations of Darkness strategy game is that it can alert you whenever an enemy scouts your city or is on his way to attack your territory.

This can be really useful as you can act immediately and either activate a Peace Shield or use a Random Teleport if the enemy is more powerful than you.

You might think that you have one of the most powerful heroes and troops on your server and however tries attacking you will be defeated. If that’s the case, kudos to you, but in most cases, no other player will ever attack you if he did not consider you an easy target.

Whatever the case, make sure the in-game Personal War notifications are turned on by going to Settings > Notifications > Personal War. You might also consider turning on the Alliance War and Town Hall Status options as well.

Research Territory War techs

The Research Center building offers various tech trees that can help you increase your power rapidly. Among these tech trees, there is also the Territory War tree, which includes tech related to your troops and overall territory defense.

The techs you should consider researching as high as possible if you want to increase your territory defense, are those that have “Territory Defense” included in their names, such as Territory Defense Attack, Fighter Defense Attack, Shooter Defense Attack, and so on.

These techs will increase your units’ attack power while your territory is attacked by other players. Additionally, you might also consider researching “Garrison Attack” and Garrison Defense” if you plan on garrisoning troops outside your territory.

Get some Peace Shields

A Protection Shield is the only thing that can fully protect you from being raided by other players. To avoid. That’s why you should make sure you always have at least one in your bag/inventory, or at least make sure you have enough Gems to buy one quickly when needed.

Protection Shields in Nations of Darkness come with 4 different durations: 1h, 8h, 24h, and 3 days. Only the last 3 can be purchased from the Territory Bonus menu, the 1h shield being received as a reward from missions and other activities.

To use a Protection Shield, either visit your inventory, tap it, and click “Use”, or tap your castle/territory and choose “Territory Bonus”.

This will display a list of all the bonuses you can buy and activate for your territory, among which is the Protection Shield also. A 24h shield costs 1,000 Gems, whereas the 3-Day Protection Shield costs 2,500.

Level up the Hospitals

Hospital buildings are where your wounded troops are being sent in this game. While upgrading these buildings does not contribute directly to your city’s defense, it will help your troops recover faster and decrease their fatality rate.

This means that you will lose fewer troops if you are defeated in a battle or after your territory is attacked by other players.

However, the Hospital’s wounded capacity is limited and once that limit is reached, any additional wounded troops have a high chance of being permanently lost.

To increase this limit and the healing speed of your troops, make sure you upgrade all your Hospitals as high as possible. Additionally, you could dispatch a Develop Beast (see tip #5 above) such as Iganesha to the Beast Workshop, which can reduce the healing costs and other healing skills as well.

Use a Defense Bonus or an Anti-Scout

Another good tactic to protect your territory is by using a Defense Bonus or an Anti-Scout item. Both can be purchased from the Territory Bonus menu I described previously.

The Defense Bonus exists in 4 different versions and once consumes, it increases your troops’ defense by a specific percentage, for a limited duration. These are all listed under “Defense Bonus” in the Territory Bonus menu and here’s what they offer:

  • 8-Hour Defense Bonus with a 5% defense bonus for your units and costs 140 Gems
  • 12-Hour Defense Bonus with a 5% defense bonus for your units and costs 200 Gems
  • 8-Hour Defense Bonus with a 10% defense bonus for your units and costs 300 Gems
  • 12-Hour Defense Bonus with a 10% defense bonus for your units and costs 400 Gems

Alternatively, you might consider using an Anti-Scout item which will protect you from being scouted by other players. This means that they won’t be able to see how many resources and troops you have. There are 2 types of this item, 24 hours and 7 days. The latter costs 3,000 gems.

Use a Random Teleport

The last defensive method you could apply is using a Random Teleport item. This can be essential on both, offense and defense.

For example, you could attack another player’s territory and use the Random Teleport item to vanish soon after that.

Similarly, you can use it quickly while an enemy is on its way to attack you and you think he’s more powerful than you. Random Teleport can be obtained from events, missions, and sometimes from the Trade Center while the merchant is in your city.

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