How to Create a Nations of Darkness Farm Account

Learn how to create a farm account in Nations of Darkness, the best free method to speed up your main account development.

Nations of Darkness Farm Account
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Nations of Darkness features plenty of engaging gameplay through which you can earn enough rewards (at least in the first few levels) to upgrade your buildings and train armies to take on more challenging tasks. However, for a successful strategy over the long term, you’ll need to create a farm account so you can fully support the high resource costs for the further expansion of your territory.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a Nations of Darkness farm account, what are the benefits of having one, and how to maximize your farming efforts.

What is a farm account used for in Nations of Darkness?

A farm account in Nations of Darkness is basically an alternate account that you create on the same server as your main game account. The main purpose of this should be to collect as many resources as possible and transfer a large portion of them to your main account to help advance your territory as fast as possible.

How to create a Nations of Darkness farm account

There are two ways to create a farm account in Nations of Darkness:

1. Create a second character on the same server

The easiest and most efficient way of creating a farm account in Nations of Darkness is by creating a second character on the same server as your main account. Once created, you can switch quickly between the two characters in a few clicks. Unfortunately, with this method, we can only have 2 accounts on the same server.

Here’s how to create a second character:

  1. Tap your avatar on the top-left corner
  2. Click “Settings” in the bottom-right corner and after that, tap “Character
  3. Next, tap “Start a new game” and select the server where your main account is (it will be marked with a little user icon).
  4. Confirm, and once your account is created, finish the tutorial.

2. Switch Accounts

This method allows you to switch between two or more accounts. It is a bit more overwhelming because you not only need to switch between accounts but also create a second character for the second account. This is because the first account is created on a random server.

How to create and switch new account in Nations of Darkness

For each new account that you want to create, you must provide a new email address, or a new Google, Vkontakte, or Facebook account.

But before creating a new account, follow the steps from the previous method, and note down the number of your main account’s server, as well as the coordinates to where is located on the map.

Here’s how to create a new account

  1. Tap your avatar on the top-left corner
  2. Click “Settings“, and after that, click “Account
  3. Link your main account with Google (very important).
  4. Next, tap “Change Account” at the bottom
  5. On the linked method (in this case Google), tap “Switch
  6. Create a new Google account or select any of your additional accounts
  7. Play the mini tutorial until you have access to the settings menu
  8. Create a new Character (see the previous method) by selecting the server where your main account is.
  9. Continue playing until you reach at least level 5, to be able to access the World map
  10. Teleport your new account close to the main one

How to teleport your farm account

How to teleport a farm account

The best way to teleport your farm account closer to your main account in Nations of Darkness is by joining the same Alliance with both accounts. This is because you get a free teleport to the Alliance territory.

Once you are in the same alliance with your farm account, or vice versa, visit the alliance menu, tap Alliance Territory, and hit the teleport button as you see in the above screenshot. If you don’t choose this method, you will need an Advanced Teleport item or 2,000 Gems to buy one.

Also, if you don’t want to join the same alliance with both accounts, make sure you have your main account situated close to the edge of your alliance territory. Otherwise, it will not be possible to teleport your farm account to your main account’s alliance territory unless both accounts are in the same alliance.

How to transfer resources from a farm account

There are 2 methods through which you can transfer resources from a farm account. The first one is through the Black Market building, and the second one is through repetitive attacks/raiding of your main account. Below I will explain both methods.

1. The Black Market method

The pros: This is the most “friendly” method of getting resources from your farm account. This is because you don’t have to worry about healing your troops and you can also work on improving the defense of your farm account so that other players would have difficulty raiding it.

The cons: The biggest drawback of this method is that it takes time. You have to reach level 13 in order to access and level up the Black Market, so you can benefit from a lower resource transfer tax. Likewise, the number of resources that can be transferred is limited. Both accounts must be in the same Alliance as well.

2. The raiding method

Raiding my farm account
Raiding my farm account

The pros: The main advantage of this method is that allows you to get resources before reaching level 13, required for the Black Market. Another advantage is that you get more resources than you would through the previous method, assuming your both accounts are at least level 10.

The cons: The only disadvantage is that you will need to heal your troops and repair your farm account’s territory after a few attacks.

How to maximize your farming efforts

1. Recruit and level up Gather talented heroes

Kezlov  -hero with Gathering skills

For your farm account, you should be focusing on upgrading and recruiting heroes with the Gather and Develop talents because they will significantly increase your resource production. You can use our tier list for Nations of Darkness as a guide.

Those with the Gather talent will have a higher resource gathering speed, while those with the Develop talent will boost your territory’s resource production when they are garrisoned in the City Hall building.

2. Level up the resource production buildings

Resource buildings such as Farms, Water Plants, Lumberyards, the Crystalshaft, and Mana Refineries, are essential for farming as they continuously produce resources for your city. The more you increase their level, the more resources you will be able to accumulate.

3. Do not upgrade the Storehouse

To get as many resources as possible from your farm account while using the raiding method, you should not upgrade the Storehouse on your farm account. Otherwise, the resource protection level will be increased, which means that a larger amount of resources will be stored and protected from raiding.

4. Choose the Hunter Faction

The Hunter Faction benefits

The Hunter faction is the best faction for farming, as it gives a 5% Resource Output bonus, which means you can collect more resources. Choose this faction for your farm account.

5. Maximize the Economic Development Tech tree

On your farm account, your main priority for tech research should be the Economic Development Tech tree. This is essential for maximizing your resource gathering speed, load capacity, and the overall production of your city.

5. Rename your farm account properly

To avoid confusion from other players, especially if your farm account is in a different alliance or not in one at all, make sure to rename it accordingly. For example, you could name it something like “Your username F1” or something similar for easy recognition. This will avoid potentially having your farm account raided.

7. Train and use Wanderer units mostly

Wanderer driver unit stats in Nations of Darkness
Driver Units Tier 1 – Wanderer

Wanderers, which are the first tier of the driver units, are the most efficient troops for your farm account because they have the highest Load capacity and march speed. Since the purpose of the farm account is to gather as many resources as possible, you should focus on training and using these units for gathering resources.

Tier two, the Explorer has the same stats as tier 1 but they cost more resources to train and you don’t need more powerful troops for your farm account since the main objective is to provide resource support for your main account.

8. Level up the Black Market building

As I mentioned previously, the Black Market building gives you the possibility to transfer resources between accounts, but for a cost. Once you unlock this building, you will have a 38% tax at level 1 but can be decreased significantly as you level it up.

For instance, at level 10 you have a 25% resource transfer tax and a transfer limit of 60,000, while at level 25 the resource aid tax rate is 10%, with a limit of 500,000 per transfer.


I hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of creating a farm account in Nations of Darkness. Personally, I prefer to stick to only one farm account because the account switching method is a bit too energy-consuming. But you can always experiment with both methods to find out which works best for you.

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