Top 15 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Call of Dragons

These are the top 15 critical mistakes to avoid in Call of Dragons if you want to be successful in the game, either as a new player or a veteran

Mistakes to avoid in Call of Dragons
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Call of Dragons, one of the best games like Rise of Kingdoms, offers countless hours of entertainment and fun. As you progress through the various levels, you may find yourself making mistakes that can delay your progress. From negligence in upgrading important structures to ignoring your alliance members, here are the most common mistakes to avoid to maximize your success in Call of Dragons.

1. Not linking your game account

The most terrible thing that can happen to you as a Call of Dragons enthusiastic player, is to lose your account due to a device crash or theft. This can all be prevented by linking your game account to a valid email address, Google or Facebook. Linking your account is quick and easy as we covered in our previous Call of Dragons guide, and is the only way you can restore your game account or login from another device.

2. Using your resource tokens improperly

This is a common mistake made by new players and veterans alike. Who doesn’t want to have a bar full of resources, right? I know how tempting it is to use these tokens as soon as you get them, but using them just for the sake of it (or to show off) will cause you more trouble than good. By that, I mean that it will create a huge target on your back from other players who might scout you.

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You will most likely get attacked, and your resources will be stolen. Try to use the resource tokens from your bag only when necessary, such as when not having enough resources for upgrading buildings, training units, or researching techs.

3. Focusing on too many heroes

We all love having the most powerful heroes in our legions, but focusing on too many heroes at once can be a huge mistake.

Having multiple heroes with mediocre stats won’t help you in any way as you will be significantly weaker in comparison to someone who focused on one or two powerful heroes. It’s better to focus on one or two and upgrade your heroes as much as you can, so you can use them to their full potential.

4. Not choosing the right Faction

As you will see, each faction has its own, unique set of bonuses. After starting the Call of Dragons game or a new character, you will be asked to choose between 3 factions: Springwardens (Elves), League of Orders (Humans), and Wilderburg (Orcs).

Each Faction comes with its own bonuses, special units, and starting hero. Before picking your Faction, you should analyze and see what each has to offer and choose the one that best suits your playstyle.

Otherwise, you might not enjoy playing with the one you chose. You can change the Faction once you upgrade your City Hall to level 8, but it will cost you 10,000 Gems, a price that will be almost impossible to obtain by the time you reach this level.

5. Not upgrading your buildings in a timely fashion

Another common mistake that most players make in Call of Dragons is not upgrading their city buildings in a timely fashion. Doing this will have several negative effects on your progress and will slow you down considerably.

Call of Dragons, keeping the Build Queue busy, and how to permanently unlock second build queue slot
Keeping the Build Queue busy

To avoid this, you should try keeping your build queue busy and always spend your resources on upgrading the most important buildings first. Upgrading the City Hall, and Storehouse should be prioritized over other buildings.

Additionally, you could hire more workers for 2 days, or permanently unlock the second Build Queue slot, either by purchasing the premium pack or by paying the 5,000 Gems price. This way you could constantly build or upgrade 2 buildings at once.

6. Ignoring the importance of Artifacts

The Artifacts in Call of Dragons are special weapons that can be used to enhance the stats of your heroes. Having a legion of heroes without these items equipped is like watching medieval movies with knights fighting only with their bare hands. These powerful items are very important and they should always be taken into consideration when upgrading your heroes. Similarly, you should upgrade and level up the skills of your best Artifacts at every chance you get.

7. Focusing on troop training from the start

Yes, troop training is important. But more important is to focus on collecting resources as much as possible to give you a better advantage in the long run.

You may want to first prioritize your Economy Techs over the Military Tech tree, gather resources, and complete Tales Chapters (that open book icon at the bottom of your screen), Main Quests, and Daily Challenges, before spending your resources on troops and PvP upgrades. This will help you build a strong foundation and give you the tools to win battles in the long run.

8. Not protecting your resources from enemy raids

Another critical mistake that new players tend to make is not protecting their resources from enemy raids. Without proper resource protection, you can find yourself in an endless cycle of training troops and gathering resources that will eventually cost you a lot of time and effort.

Call of Dragons unprotected resources example
Unprotected resources example

This is because having your resources constantly pillaged by other players will give you a hard time in developing your city and upgrading your buildings, eventually delaying your progress.

To avoid having your resources stolen by other enemy players, you should always keep your resources below the protection level of your Storehouse building, and constantly use any defensive measures that you can.

9. Playing with an inactive alliance or not joining one at all

Most of the endgame content in Call of Dragons is centered around alliances, such as events in which you can participate with your allies, conquering and expanding the Alliance territory, attacking Behemoths, and planning strategies together. Without an active alliance, all these activities will be impossible for you, so it’s essential to join an active and powerful one.

Similarly, not joining one and having a “lonely wolf” attitude won’t help you in any way, because you will be repeatedly attacked by other players. Find an active alliance, make your contribution to it, and reap the rewards of being part of a powerful team as it will help you increase power quicker in Call of Dragons.

10. Ignoring scouting reports before engaging in fights

Call of Dragons scout report example
Scout Report Example

Scouting reports are essential when it comes to understanding the strength of your enemies. Not only do they provide you with valuable information about their army composition, but also about their Wall durability and the number of lootable resources.

Ignoring these reports can put you at a great disadvantage in battle, as without knowing what you are up against, you put yourself in a situation where you can easily lose your entire army, or not loot any resources at all. Make sure to always review scouting reports before engaging in any battles!

11. Not making the most out of your gathering

Sending out your legions to gather resources, is not a science. But what many players do wrong, is that they either send their troops during the day (when they should be used to defeat Darklings and Darkling Creatures), do not use gathering boosts, or use the wrong heroes or artifacts for their Gathering legions.

You should always send your troops during the night, use an Enhanced Gathering item and make sure to equip heroes or artifacts that increase gathering, such as the heroes with the Gathering talent and Transport units (Work-elk for Springwardens, Workhorses for League of Order, and Workrhinos for Wilderburg faction).

12. Ignoring the importance of Honorary Membership

The Honorary Membership is basically your VIP level as seen in other similar mobile games. Most players completely ignore it and don’t realize that there are multiple benefits to having a higher Honorary Membership level.

The benefits include increased resource income, powerful production and military buffs, highly discounted items, daily free awesome rewards, and much more. You should strive to increase your Honorary Membership level as soon as possible. It is also by far the best thing you could spend your Gems on in Call of Dragons.

13. Not taking advantage of events

Call of Dragons Strongest Lord event
Strongest Lord Event

Call of Dragons features a wide variety of daily or weekly events, from alliance challenges to solo quests. Events offer some of the great rewards in the game, sometimes even heroes such as Elliana’s Crisis or the Strongest Lord event.

Quite often you might find that you’ve already completed a few of the quests without even realizing it, so it is important to check the Events page by tapping that paper scroll icon on the top-right corner and collect your rewards.

14. Failing to create a defensive strategy

This is also another critical mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Players tend to focus too much on offensive strategies and completely ignore their defensive capabilities. These will help you protect your troops and resources and offer you a better advantage in battles.

For starters, try to upgrade your City’s wall and the Watch Tower, and upgrade and garrison the heroes that have the Garrison and Tank talents. In addition to this, you should also level up your Storehouse, as I mentioned previously, and have a few City Shield items purchased.

15. Not having a daily routine

Call of Dragons is a game about progress and efficiency. To be successful, you’ll need to have a daily routine that includes all the necessary steps you need to take every day. This includes speeding up your building and researching queue, making Alliance tech donations, and helping your allies with their help requests.

You should also hunt Darklings, upgrade and promote troops daily, check your mail, and most importantly, socialize with your allies to let them know you are an active player. All these steps will help you progress faster and reach your goals in no time!

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