16 Essential Tips for Land of Empires Immortal Newcomers

These tips and tricks for Land of Empires: Immortal will help you get the most out of this exciting strategy game and dominate the competition.

Land of Empires: Immortal Guide, Tips and Tricks 2023
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Land of Empires: Immortal offers a unique and exciting strategy experience where you can manage resources, research technologies, and fight against other players to become the most powerful ruler. In this guide, we will cover the Land of Empires Immortal game’s features, and offer you some tips and tricks to help you take your empire to the next level.

1. Getting started with Land of Empires Immortal

Land of Empires: Immortal is a captivating, free-to-play 3D medieval strategy game that brings something new to the genre. What makes this game so intriguing is the stunning graphics and storyline. Players will be able to build an army with some of history’s most famous characters, such as El Cid, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra.

Your main objective in Land of Empires: Immortal is to rebuild a city that has been attacked and occupied by undead forces. This involves gathering resources, fortifying walls around the city, exploring and clearing new areas of the city, rescuing captured soldiers, pillaging other cities, researching new technologies, and defeating powerful enemies.

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In the first chapter, while attempting to reclaim the Warehouse building, your dragon, the Awaken Bloodshade, is wounded and you need to find some ancient relics to restore his strength.

These relics can be found only in the undiscovered zones of the city. There are 3 main types of scenarios through which you can progress and unlock new city zones in this game, and these are:

2. Understanding the Prison Scenario

Prison Scenario and the secret chest in Land of Empires: Immortal
Looting the chest in the Prison scenario

In the Prison scenario, you have to rescue soldiers captured by an undead army. The objective is quite easy: you need to sneak behind the guards without being detected and kill them, and then rescue the hostages by opening the cage. But before rescuing the hostages, look for hidden chests in the room and pick up the loot.

3. Reclaim Territory Scenario

Fighting the Boss in the Reclaim Territory Scenario in Land of Empires: Immortal
Fighting the Boss in the Reclaim Territory Scenario

In this type of scenario, you will have to traverse dungeons and fight your way through powerful enemies. These scenarios consist of multiple enemy waves, and at the end of each wave, you will face a powerful boss who must be defeated.

You should use your heroes’ skills as soon as they are fully charged to maximize your chances of success. Your heroes’ levels and star levels should also be constantly improved because you will face increasingly difficult enemy waves.

You also have the option to turn the Auto Battle mode on to let the system activate the Hero skills for you. I personally prefer to keep it off and manually activate the skills by myself.

In Dungeons, you can have one hero of each type, Infantry, Cavalry, and Archers, and you can deploy them by tapping their avatar on the left side of your screen. If you are in a hurry, you can also speed up the fight by switching to 2x speed.

4. Constantly upgrade your heroes and your troops

Upgrading hero level and star in Land of Empires Immortal

Heroes play an important role in Land of Empires: Immortal, as they help you clear out the enemy forces and succeed in Prison scenarios, reclaiming territories, defeating monster camps, completing Hawk Intel quests, and other similar tasks.

And since this is an MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), you’ll need to upgrade your heroes constantly and their skills, to keep up with the competition and be victorious against other players.

You can do this by heading to the Heroes tab in the main menu and tapping on a hero’s profile. From there, you can upgrade your hero’s level using Hero EXP items, or the Star level using Hero Shards and Badges. Upgrading the hero’s Star increases the hero’s stats and unlocks new skills.

Similarly, you should also upgrade your troops regularly as well. You can do this by upgrading the Infantry, Archer, and Cavalry Barracks buildings. By upgrading these buildings, you will unlock higher tiers of troops and make your army stronger.

5. Try the Monster Camp Scenario for easy rewards

The Monster Camp Scenario Land of Empires: Immortal
The Monster Camp Scenario

The Monster Camp is entirely automatic and it consists of a massive undead army attacking your city or you and 2 other heroes fighting on the front line. You can either choose to observe the battle, skip it, or speed up the battle process by pressing the 1x button. However, before starting this fight, make sure you meet the Suggested Power or above to avoid being defeated.

6. Log in 7 days in a row

7-days login rewards preview in Land of Empires Immortal

If you log in for 7 consecutive days, you will receive special rewards each day for your dragon. However, if you miss one day, the rewards reset and you have to start from scratch. Here’s an overview of the rewards you’ll get:

  • Day 1: 200 Diamonds
  • Day 2: 40 Ancient Dragon Claw
  • Day 3: 30 Blazing Wildfruit
  • Day 4:200 Diamonds
  • Day 5: 200 Crimson Dragon Scale
  • Day 6: 100 Blazing Wildfruit
  • Day 7: 60 Ancient Dragon Claw

7. Complete the campaign missions

To make the most out of your game, it is important to progress through the storyline. Besides the rewards for completing individual campaign missions, each campaign chapter will provide you with a bonus Chapter Reward upon completion.

These rewards include diamonds, speedups, Mobility (which can be used to restore your lord’s mobility/stamina), and plenty of resources and other essential items. These rewards will help you grow stronger and are the only way to unlock new features and expand your city territory in Land of Empires: Immortal.

8. Scavage resources from the ruins

clearing ruins obstacles
Clearing obstacles in Land of Empires Immortal

As you explore your city areas, you will come across ruins scattered throughout. These ruins can be cleared by tapping them. Once cleared, you will be rewarded with food or wood. Some campaign missions even require you to clear some, but you should not limit yourself only to those.

You should clear as many obstacles as you can. Doing so will ensure maximum resource gathering and provide you with the necessary materials to build a strong base.

9. Bind your account to Google

how to bind account to Google in Land of Empires Immortal

Binding your game account to any of your Google accounts gives you the ability to switch between any additional Land of Empires accounts you might create in the future, without losing your progress. Plus, your game progress will be saved in case you want to change your mobile device. And the good news is that you will get a 200-diamond reward for doing so.

To bind your game account to Google, tap your avatar and go to the Settings page. From there hit the Bind Account icon, and from the list that shows up, click the Google option. You need to create a Google account if you don’t have one. Once is complete, you will receive the reward.

10. Create farm account(s) for more resources

how to switch accounts

If you want to increase your chances of success in Land of Empires: Immortal, it is recommended that you create a second account. You could then, use your additional account (also known as farm accounts) to get resources from it through repeated attacks with your main account. When creating a new account, remember that you can have up to two characters per continent.

New players should join states lower than s4 to have an easier time getting started. Be aware that you need to bind your existing account before creating a new one, or you’ll lose your progress.

To create a second account, click ‘Create a New Account’, locate the state you have your first account in, and tap that server. A message will pop up, asking you to confirm and informing you that the game will reboot. Click ‘Confirm’ to accept, and you’re ready to play.

switching characters
Switching characters

You can switch between characters/accounts at any given time, by visiting the Settings page and then tapping the Manage Characters icon. From there you can click the additional character you have on the same server, and confirm by tapping the button.

11. Enable the 60 fps setting

how to enable the 60 fps setting in Land of Empires Immortal

If you want to get the most out of the game, you can enable the 60 fps setting in your device settings. This will make Land of Empires look smoother and more fluid, giving you an advantage in combat and making it much easier to move your units around the battlefield.

The downside is that this mode will drain your battery faster, so you may need a power bank if you plan on playing for extended periods. To enable this option, as well as adjust the graphics quality, tap your profile picture, and at the bottom of that window, hit the settings icon. Next, tap the Settings icon and turn on the FPS Setting.

12. Change your player name and the avatar

how to change the player name in Land of Empires Immortal

Changing your player name will make it easier for your allies to recognize you. By default, new accounts are given a generic, unmemorable name. To change the player name, click your avatar on the top-left corner of your screen.

Next, click the little pen icon and type in your new name, and hit the Confirm button. You only have 1 Name Change Voucher so make sure you want to stick with that name, or you can change it in the future by purchasing more Name Change Vouchers.

how to change the avatar in Land of Empires Immortal

The avatar can be changed from the same profile section. The game, however, does not allow you to upload your own picture, and only two avatars are available by default. If you want more interesting avatars, you’ll need to unlock them by obtaining additional heroes and skins.

13. Become an alliance member

You can create or join an alliance after the City Revival, which requires you to upgrade your city to level 5 and completely clear the first 4 zones of your city from the undead army. Once you do that, you can access the Alliance page and choose to start your own Alliance by tapping the “Form” button”, or joining one by clicking the “Join” button and selecting a powerful alliance from the list.

If this is your first time playing this game, I would recommend joining an existing Alliance. After joining an Alliance, you should use an Alliance Teleport to move your city near your other alliance members.

By default, you have 3 Alliance Teleports and these cannot be used if your troops are marching outside your city. Being an alliance member is a great way to get help and advice from experienced players, make friends, and collaborate on strategies.

14. Activate your talent skills

The more you progress in the game, the more talents you will be able to unlock. Talents can be accessed by tapping your profile picture, and then tapping the Talent option. Once there, you’ll see 3 tabs on the left side of your screen: Titanio, War, and Economy.

The Talents page and how to activate the talent skill

These tabs include boosts for resource production, building speed, and combat stats, so make sure to activate the ones that best fit your playing style. As a beginner in Land of Empires: Immortal, you should generally focus on boosting your resource production and building speed.

These talents, however, need to be unlocked first by completing the main campaign missions and other additional quests. Once they are unlocked, you can then activate their skills by accessing the talent skill page on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

The more you upgrade each talent, the stronger the boost of its skill will be. For instance, the first talent you’ll unlock is Construction Mana. This talent skill, once activated, increases the building speed for 60 minutes, and has an 8h cooldown.

15. Do Hawk Watch missions

Hawk Watch Intel quests
Hawk Watch intel quests

Hawk Watch intel quests are a great way to earn additional resources and can be accessed after reaching level 5 with your city and building the Hawk Tower. These quests are time-limited and involve slaying monsters or exploring mysterious fortresses outside your city. To start your first quest, tap the Hawk Tower, and pick a quest from the map.

After finishing a quest, you need to return to the intel map, tap the quest you’ve completed and hit the “claim” button to collect the rewards. The more intel quests you complete, the more the Hawk Eye level (visible on the map in the bottom-left corner of the screen) increases. This will unlock better rewarding quests, but difficulty increases as well.

16. Increase your VIP level

The VIP section is unlocked after reaching level 5 with your castle. You can increase your VIP level by using VIP points. You can claim free Perks Points daily. The more consecutive logins you have, the more points you’ll receive. You can also buy VIP Points with Diamonds. For example, 100 VIP Points will cost you 200 Diamonds.

However, the VIP benefits do not last forever, as you need to activate the VIP Perks for a specific duration. Upon activation, you can claim your free VIP Daily reward, which contains nice rare items for upgrading your heroes, such as Orange or Purple Badges (used to upgrade your heroes’ star), or Lord Exp to increase your Lord level. As your Perks level increases, you will receive better rewards.

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