How to Upgrade and Use Champions in Kingdom Maker

Learn everything you need to know about Kingdom Maker Champions, including how to use them and which ones are the best!

Kingdom Maker Champions Guide
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The Champions in Kingdom Maker play a vital role in the player’s army. As such, you need to carefully consider which ones to assign to your armies and upgrade. They are basically the heroes you are used to in other games, with special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. But that’s not their only role.

In this guide, I will cover everything you need to know about Champions, their usage, how to recruit and upgrade them, and more!

Champion Types and Usage

There are 3 types of Champions: the Officer, which can be used in combat, the Miner which can be used for mining resources, and the Engineer specialized in Siege Machines.

In the early game, the Kingdom Maker Champions can only be used in battles as you’ll only have the Officer Champion type. However, as you progress through the game (starting from level 10) you will be able to recruit and use the other 2 types as well.

How to assign and use Champions

If you don’t have an army yet, the first thing you need to do is go to the Armies tab in the navigation bar and then tap the “Assemble Army” button. This will take you to a page where you can choose one of your available nobles for leading the army.

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After choosing a noble, you will be able to add a Champion to the first Officer slot (the second one can be unlocked after upgrading your Noble to level 25).

Click that slot, pick one of your best available Champions, and click Assign. You have then the possibility to also assign troops and troops equipment to your Champion, which will increase the overall power of your newly created army.

The Champion slot
Empty army slot for assigning a Champion

Champion Rarity

In Kingdom Maker, there are 4 different rarities for Champions: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The weakest and most basic Champions are the Common ones, while the strongest ones are the Epic ones. Each rarity also comes with its own color code: Common (gray), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), and Epic (purple).

They also have different abilities: 1 ability for Common, 2 abilities for Uncommon and Rare, and 3 abilities for Epic Champions. As you see, the Uncommon and Rare Champions have the same number of abilities, but Rare Champions are more powerful and have higher stats.

How to Recruit Champions

The Champions can be recruited by collecting shards that you can find by completing quests, attacking enemy camps, through daily rewards, or by opening Champions Packs.

The Champions Packs

Champions Packs are by far the best way to recruit Champions shards because they offer the largest amount and variety of shards. The downside is that these packs can only be opened after collecting a required number and type of tokens. There are 3 types of Champion Tokens, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Bronze Champion Pack requires 20 Bronze Champion Tokens for each attempt, the Silver Champion Pack requires 150 Silver Champion Tokens, and the Gold Champion Pack requires 800 Gold Champion Tokens. After opening a Champion pack, the drop rates are the following:

  • Bronze Champion Pack: 50% to receive Common Shards, and 50% for Uncommon Shards
  • Silver Champion Pack: 33.3% for Uncommon Shards, 33.3% for Rare Shards, and 33.3% for Epic Shards
  • Gold Champion Pack: 50% for Rare Shards, and 50% for Epic Shards

How to obtain Champion Tokens

Silver Champion tokens rewards from Daily Goals chests

Champion Tokens can be obtained by completing Daily Goals and claiming the rewards from the 5 progress chests, by opening your daily free chests, or by completing tasks from various events (which is also the best way to get Silver in Kingdom Maker).

There is also an Epic Recruitment Chest at the top of the Champions page. This chest offers Epic shards and can be opened by filling up the progress bar every time you open a Champion Pack, but it will take some time to get it.

Promoting and leveling up

Assigning Champions to your army is one of the main ways to increase your army’s power. But to make them even more powerful, you need to promote and level up them, as I mentioned in the previous Kingdom Maker Beginner’s guide.

You can do this by going to any of your available Champions details pages and clicking either the Level up or the Promote button. You will also notice a green arrow on the top-right corner of the champion slot in your army, once the Champion is eligible for promoting or leveling up.

Each time you promote a Champion, a new star will be added to its rank, it will allow you to increase the maximum level he can reach, and it will also grant additional bonuses in terms of stats. Leveling up, on the other hand, increases the stats of its current abilities.

For both of these actions, you need Champion XP. This item can be obtained by completing daily goals or by attacking NPC enemies visible all over the map (Marauder Camps, Separatist Army, Ravager Camp, etc.).

Battalion Slots and Equipment

Each Champion has Battalion Equipment slots where you can attach different types of equipment, depending on its assigned type of units (Ranged, Infantry, or Mounted).

The attached equipment can also be upgraded, which also adds additional bonuses on top of the existing ones, which is another way to increase your victory success in battles and increase your army’s power.

Best Champions in Kingdom Maker

The best Champions that you can have in Kingdom Maker are the Epic Champions. These are the hardest to obtain, but they provide the biggest bonuses in terms of stats and abilities.

The first Epic Champion you might get is Basilea from completing quests on the main storyline. Each time you complete certain tasks, you will be rewarded with a few Basilea shards.

To unlock her, you need 180 of these shards, but if you focus on as many quests as soon as possible, you should be able to get her sooner than you expect (at the time of writing I am level 9 and I’ve managed to collect 112 shards).

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about Champions in Kingdom Maker. The most important thing is to keep completing as many quests and tasks as possible and unlock as many Champions as you can.

As a final piece of advice, I also suggest saving a bit of your Champion XP items for better rarity/quality Champions, other than Common, especially before reaching level 10 when your protection bubble disappears.

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