How to Get Gold in King of Avalon Frost and Flame

Learn how to get more gold in King of Avalon, what to spend it on, and why having gold is important for your in-game progress.

How to Get Free Gold in King of Avalon Frost and Flame 2023
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There are plenty of resources and special items in King of Avalon that you can use to your advantage. But one of the best ways to get ahead in the game is by collecting Gold. This precious resource is used for instant troop training, instant tech research, and many more, which I will explain in more detail below. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to get free Gold in King of Avalon, and in this article, we’ll explain how.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that the methods we’ll be discussing are legit ways (by playing the game). By that, I mean no cheating or hacking is involved, and you should avoid at all costs any sites that offer “free gold” hacks or cheat codes for King of Avalon, as you’ll likely end up downloading malicious software or have your game account banned.

1. Bind your King of Avalon account to Google

When you bind for the first time a King of Avalon account, you will be rewarded with Gold. For this, tap your avatar on the top left corner of your screen and hit the Settings button, located in the bottom-right corner. Next, from the Settings menu, tap the Account icon, and after that, click the Account Management button.

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On that list, you will see 3 methods, Google, FunPlus, and Facebook. Select the Google method by tapping its “Bind”, green button. On the next screen, you will have to pick an existing Google account or create a new Google account if you don’t have one.

Once you do that, you will automatically receive a reward, and you can collect it by visiting your System inbox. There you will see the Bind confirmation message, and inside the message, you will need to hit the “Collect” button to claim your reward. This reward includes 100 gold, as well as Construction, Research, and Training Speedups.

2. Claim your Avalon Chronicles rewards

Claiming Avalon Chronicles rewards

Avalon Chronicle is a good way to get Gold in King of Avalon. They offer a series of goals that you can complete with your allies and can be accessed by tapping the little open book in front of the Sanctum building in your city (Sanctum is located next to the Siege Workshop).

For example, the one I can currently claim, is called Royal Conqueror and requires a level 16 Stronghold and a total of 40 level 15 or above Barbarian Camps to be defeated in total by members (so not individually). The rewards for this challenge include 300 gold, 3×10 Small Lord Stamina, and 10 Gold Summoning Horns.

3. Complete Achievements

Completed Achievements in King of Avalon

Achievements in King of Avalon are similar to Avalon Chronicles, the difference being that these tasks/challenges are individual, so only you can claim the rewards, and depend entirely on your efforts. Each achievement gives you anywhere between 100 and 1,000 gold, and some achievements can also include special items such as Resourceful Leader Accolade (increases your troop defense by 5%).

For example, the “Land of Plenty 1” achievement requires upgrading a Farm to level 20 and rewards you with 400 gold, while the Core Groth achievement requires a level 20 Stronghold and rewards you with 1,000 gold. To check out the list of achievements, simply tap your avatar and click the “Achievements” tab at the bottom of the screen.

4. Take part in the Gold event

Gold event overview in King of Avalon

This event is specifically designed to allow players to win Gold. This event is available every 2 weeks and once it appears in your game, players will need to compete with each other for specific activities. Each day will have a different target such as training troops, tech research, or building upgrades, and completing it will give players great rewards based on their accumulated score.

The Gold event rewards are split into 3 sections – Individual, Stage Ranking, and Overall Ranking, and each of these sections offer Gold rewards.

The individual tab (named My Points)

On this page, you can see your individual points and the rewards you are qualified for. The rewards on this page are split into 3 tiers and each tier requires a certain number of points. The third tier offers the best individual rewards and includes 1,000 Gold, resources, speedups, and other essential items.

Stage Ranking

Here only the top 100 players at the end of each stage (7 in total) can qualify for rewards. You can preview your score at the top of the page. The gold reward for Rank 1 offers 1,000 Gold, speedups, resources, and great items for your dragon.

Overall Ranking

Finally, the Overall Ranking has the best Gold rewards in this event, and they are offered to the top 100 players at the end of the event. However, is not an easy task to make it to the top as you’ll need to constantly monitor your progress and compete with other powerful players. But if you manage to make it to the magic 100, you’ll be rewarded with amazing rewards. The rewards for Rank 1 are a hefty 10,000 Gold, Food for your dragon as well as other special items, lots of resources, and Silver.

5. Claim Goody Bags

Claimimg Goody Bags in King of Avalon

That’s one of the main reasons for being an Alliance member in King of Avalon. Members can choose to share Goodie Bags in the Alliance chat, so other players can get a reward. These bags contain Gold and Hero Skill Scrolls. The good thing is that you can claim any bag you’ve missed that day by tapping the notification on the top-right corner while accessing your Alliance chat.

It will let you know how many Goodie Bags are available for you to claim, and if you tap it, it will open them immediately, so there’s no need for you to scroll between previous discussions to search for Goodie Bags.

6. Check your System and Alliance messages

You should always check your System and Alliance messages in the game. This will allow you to see any special events, offers, and future updates that might be available, some of which can give you a chance to get free Gold by simply hitting the “Claim” button.

System and Alliance mail rewards in King of Avalon Frost and Flame

The messages that contain a claimable reward have a gift icon displayed on the right side of the message on the inbox list. If you are in a hurry or have several unread messages, you can also hit the “Mark all read” button, and it will collect all the rewards for you.

7. Open Alliance Gift chests

Alliance Gift chests offer members of the same Alliance the to claim a daily amount of gold by simply opening the chests. These can be found in the Locker section of your Alliance menu. Each chest offers a random amount of Gold for every member.

However, these chests have a limit on how many times you can open them as well as a cooldown of 10h 45m before you can open them again. So be sure to open them as soon as they become available!

8. Purchase the Growth Fund premium package (optional)

The Growth Fund premium package in KOA
The Growth premium package

This is optional but is worth considering if you need more Gold. The Growth Fund is a special package that can only be purchased once by each player. However, it is available for a limited time frame and requires you to be level 8 or higher with your castle/stronghold.

After purchase, you can claim various Gold rewards depending on your castle level, and it ranges from 1,200 Gold for a level 6 Stronghold to 7,200 Gold for a level 20. So is best if you are at least level 19 before buying the Growth Fund, to fully benefit from it. You can access it from the War Aid Center once it becomes available.

What to spend Gold on in King of Avalon?

In King of Avalon, Gold can be used to buy useful items or to finish certain activities instantly, and below are some examples of the different tasks you can use Gold for:

To finish building upgrades or tech research instantly

Instant researching tech with Gold

Most building upgrades for advanced levels can take a long time, but you can instantly finish them by spending Gold. Of course, you should consider spending your Gold on building upgrades only if you have no speedups left and no other urgent tasks to do.

This will save you a lot of time, especially if the upgrade is for a building that will help you progress further in King of Avalon. The same goes for tech research, as it can take days or even weeks to complete some of the higher levels if you have no more Speedups left.

To instantly heal or train troops

Even with some of the best heroes in KOA, your troops will be injured quite often. Fortunately, you can use Gold to instantly heal them so they will be ready for the next battle. This is crucial if, for example, you are about to be attacked by another player, or you need troops to help your allies in a raid or reinforce them, and you don’t have time to wait for them to heal naturally. Similarly, if you are out of Speedups, you can use Gold to instantly train troops.

To buy Steel for crafting equipment

Purchasing 30 Steel bars with 90 gold for crafting equipment

In King of Avalon, Steel is used for crafting equipment, but obtaining this material can be a long process. If you are in a hurry, you can buy some with Gold. 10 Steel bars will cost you 30 Gold, 30 Steel 90 Gold, and 50 Steel 150 Gold. To buy Steel, simply press the + icon at the top of the screen while visiting the Forge building in your city and pick the number of Steel bars you need.

For boosting resource production

If you want to increase your resource production buildings (Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mine, and Silver Mine), you can activate a resource boost for each of these buildings by spending a resource boost item or Gold. A resource boost will give you a 50% bonus for 24 hours.

To buy City Buffs

Buying a 24-hour Peace Shield using 1000 Gold in King of Avalon
24-hour Peace Shield Gold price

City buffs are special items that give you a bonus for your troops, resources, or buildings. They can be obtained through rewards from certain activities or events, but the amount you get or the duration offered is usually quite short. The City Buffs which offer the longest duration, however, can only be bought with Gold.

Let’s take, for instance, the Peace Shield, which is probably the most important buff in the game as it gives your city total protection from other players for a certain amount of time. It is available in three versions, 2 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours. The 24-hour Peace Shield can only be purchased and it will cost you 1,000 Gold.

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