Ever Legion: 10 Pro Tips to Level Up Heroes Fast

This guide will show you the most efficient ways to level up heroes quickly in Ever Legion to ensure you have a powerful team for any challenge.

How to level up heroes fast in Ever Legion
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Ever Legion offers a thrilling RPG experience with plenty of exciting turn-based challenges. Although in the early stages of the game, the Battle mode is and should be your main focus, the more you progress, the more challenges and combat scenarios become available. To stand your ground in these battles, you’ll need a powerful team of heroes.

That’s why we created this guide, to show you the most efficient ways to level up heroes fast in this RPG battler, so you can dominate the battlefield and become a true champion.

Unlock the auto modes

The first step to quickly and easily level up your heroes is to unlock the auto modes. This will allow you to automate the entire farming process with minimal effort. With auto modes, you will be able to enter the combat and let it play out on its own until you reach a difficult level, upgrade your heroes and repeat. This is the most efficient way to quickly level up your heroes without having to grind or play manually.

Ever Legion auto-modes enabled

The first auto mode is the Auto-Fight which becomes available after clearing a few stages. Make sure you turn it on by tapping the Auto button in the bottom-right corner. Additionally, make sure you also turn on the 2x speed so you can complete stages faster.

The second auto mode is Auto-Progressing which unlocks after clearing stage 4, battle 36. This will allow you to advance to the next levels after winning a battle, without having to press the “Next Stage” button after each combat.

The great news is that these features, once unlocked, are available for any type of combat mode, whether is the Battle, Sky Tower, Spirit Realm, or other.

Focus on the best hero rarity

The rarity of your heroes in Ever Legion has a major impact on your heroes in terms of the number of skills, classes, and stats. A weak rarity hero won’t stand a chance in higher-level battles, so it’s important to pick the most powerful one even from the early stages.

There are 5 rarities in this game: Common, Rare, Elite, Legendary, and Mythical, with Common being the weakest and Mythical being the strongest.

In the game’s early stages, you won’t have access to the Legendary or Mythical heroes as they are not included in the Tavern’s summoning chests (more on this below), but you will get a few Rare and Elite ones. Common heroes are pretty useless and you should not waste your resources on them.

Use and unlock more Wellspring slots

Unlocking more Wellspring slots in Ever Legion

Wellspring is by far the quickest way of leveling up your heroes. This feature will instantly upgrade any summoned hero to the level of your lowest-level hero in your team. So for example, let’s say you have 4 heroes of level 50 but the fifth one is level 45. The heroes you will assign in the Wellspring slots will automatically become level 45.

Bear in mind, though, that the heroes attached to these slots cannot be upgraded manually. However, they will be automatically leveled up if you level up that fifth hero I gave you as an example. Also, removing heroes from the Wellspring slot will make the slots unusable for 24h.

Although you will only have 2 available slots in the beginning, you can unlock more with Wellspring Energy, which can be obtained by claiming Fast Rewards and completing Achievements.

Full faction is the key

There are 7 different factions in Ever Legion, each having its own unique heroes and benefits. But did you know that creating a team of 2 or more heroes of the same faction can offer you additional attack boosts?

Having 3 heroes of the same faction will give you a 10% attack and HP increase, 15% for 3 heroes plus 2 of two different factions, 20% for 4 heroes of the same faction, and 25% attack and HP increase when all 5 heroes are from the same faction.

So try to include 5 heroes of the same faction if you can, even if they don’t have a great rarity, because the bonus will compensate for their lower stats.

Summon heroes the right way

There are multiple ways to get heroes in Ever Legion, but the most common ones are using Summoning or Faction Summoning Scrolls, or Friend Points in the Tavern, as we mentioned in our Ever Legion beginner’s guide. To increase your chances of obtaining the best heroes, we recommend summoning in batches of 10.

Taking this approach, not only will increase your chances of getting a Rare or Elite hero, but you will also unlock a special Summon Chest reward in the Tavern. This chest contains valuable rewards such as Hero XP and Diamonds, which can further help you level up your heroes faster.

Additionally, make sure you have the right Faction selected before using your Faction Summoning Scrolls in the Eternal section of Tavern. The factions are continuously changed and remain active for a specific duration, but if the faction that is currently selected is not the one you need, press the “Switch” button on the top-right corner, select your faction, and pay the 300 diamond price. After that, you can use your Faction Summoning Scrolls.

Increase your favorite faction’s reputation

The Chapel structure, which becomes available after clearing the second stage, battle 16 in the Battle mode, has a few interesting features that will help you make your heroes stronger.


The first one is called Bonds and it will offer you various choices, each choice having 3 different bonuses. But there’s a catch: to benefit from these bonuses, you or any other player in your guild must have those heroes already summoned.

The first bonus can be activated for having at least 3 heroes, either only you or you and other members of your guild. The second one is for having at least 3 Elite+ heroes, and the third one is for having 3 or more Legendary+ heroes. The + tier can be obtained by using the method we described previously, in the Altar of Ascension.

The bonuses can be anywhere from attack or HP increase, dodge or defense, and so on. So make sure you visit all the cards under the Bond section and activate all of them by pressing the “Activate all” button, visible in the bottom-right corner.

Forging Alliances

Forging Alliances is also another great feature that can make your heroes stronger. It allows you to increase the reputation of your favorite faction by completing certain tasks while having the heroes from that faction in your team.

Depending on your chosen faction, you will start by having a Disliked or Neutral status, but the more you increase your reputation, the better the buffs will be. For example, I have a Neutral status with my favorite faction, Illuminated, and I get a +91 HP, +7 Attack, and +1 Armor.

If I will collect 1800 reputation points I will be promoted to the next reputation status/tier and I will get +303 HP, +25 Attack, and +5 Armor. So make sure you visit that page daily and collect and use your points to increase your faction reputation.

Get Legendary or Mythical heroes

Another great method to level up your heroes quickly and increase their power is to increase their tier. This can be done in the Altar of Ascension and requires certain copies of the same hero. This is the only method to get Legendary, Legendary+, or Mythical heroes.

To increase the tier of a Rare hero, you will need 3 copies (the one you want to upgrade + 2 more which will be consumed), and it will be increased to Rare+. On the other hand, Epic heroes only require 2 identical heroes, the one you want to upgrade, plus another one.

To get Legendary or Mythical heroes in Ever Legion, you need to upgrade your Elite heroes at the Altar of Ascension as you see in the above pictures. First, you will need to get that specific hero to the Elite+ tier/rarity.

For this, you will need this Elite hero, plus 2 more Elite+ heroes of the same Faction (doesn’t have to be the same hero though) to upgrade that hero to Legendary. After that, you need to push this hero to Legendary+, and only after this tier, you can transform this hero into a Mythical hero.

Keep in mind that before proceeding with this, you should first select the hero you want to increase its tier, and the copies after, or else you risk having your already leveled-up hero consumed.

Luckily, the gear used on the consumed heroes, as well as all the resources invested in them, will be recovered. In addition, this method only works once per hero.

Upgrade your best heroes (level and skills)

Obviously, the most straightforward method of improving your heroes is to level them up, but what you probably did not know is that the more you increase your heroes’ levels, the more skills you’ll unlock.

The second hero skill becomes available after upgrading a hero to level 11, the third one at level 41, and the fourth one, which is only available for Elite rarity and beyond, at level 61. Upgrading heroes requires Coins and Hero XP, and for each unlocked skill, a specific number of Crystals.

Another piece of advice is to focus on upgrading only 5 of your strongest heroes. To help you out, we created this Ever Legion tier list which ranks the best and worst heroes in the game. This will save you a lot of resources and let you concentrate on the characters that will make up your dream team.

Increase your Sky Tower offline reward

Sky Tower, which you can unlock by clearing the 12th battle in the second stage of the Battle mode, can offer you amazing rewards that will help you increase your heroes’ power. This can include diamonds, coins, crystals, or hero fragments.

All you have to do is to clear levels of progressively increasing difficulty in that tower. But the great thing about it is that it will generate Crystals based on your current cleared stage, for a total offline time of 24 hours. So make sure you collect this offline reward as well.

Dismiss and reset the weakest heroes

You probably already realized by now that Common heroes are pretty much useless in this game. Luckily, you can dismiss them and get Crystals and Traveler Tokens in return.

To do that, visit the Docks in your city and select the Dismiss tab. Pick the heroes that you want to dismiss, or all of them, and press the dismiss button.

You can then use your Traveler Tokens to buy Rare or Elite rarity hero fragments from the very same shop, and the Crystals to unlock more skills for your favorite heroes.

In addition, you should also reset your heroes, once you get better ones. This will allow you to recover all the resources you used in leveling up those specific heroes, such as Coins, Hero XP, and Crystals. You can do that by visiting the Reset tab, located next to Dismiss, in the Docks.

How to level up heroes fast in Ever Legion
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