Guns of Glory How to Level Up Fast (And Get Better Rewards)

Learn how to level up fast in Guns of Glory so you can get better rewards and become one of the most powerful leaders in the game

Guns of Glory how to level up fast
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As in most PvP-based games, there is a huge competition and the faster you level up, the more chances you have to stay ahead of your enemies. In this guide, you will learn how to level up fast in Guns of Glory, so can get better rewards and crush your competitors.

Increase your Mermaid affection level

Upgrading the Mermaid affection level

The Mermaid is one of the latest additions included in the latest Guns of Glory version, Lost Island. Frankly, it’s probably the most efficient way to level up fast in this game. She is located close to the Pirate Showdown, the east side of your Estate, where you can see a text that says “Interact”.

The Mermaid offers plenty of useful upgradable skills that will help you level up fast and increase resource production for your Estate. But to unlock these skills, you will have to increase the affection level by offering her Perl Oyster gifts.

Perl Oysters exist in 4 forms: Green (Valuable), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), and Orange (Precious). The green and blue ones can be obtained via Daily Missions, and Treasure Diving gameplay mode.

You can actually have up to 3 Mermaids unlocked. The second one becomes available once you reach Castle level 10 and complete the third Treasure Diving stage, whereas the third one can only be unlocked by purchasing a premium pack.

Treasure Diving

Treasure Diving can be accessed by tapping the Mermaid’s location, and it includes various stages that can be used for sending the Mermaid on expedition missions for certain durations.

The longer the duration of the expedition, the better the rewards. These rewards include Perl Oysters, but also items to upgrade your guards and the Aircraft.

Hire an extra builder

Hiring an extra builder for 4 days in Guns of Glory

By default Guns of Glory offers us only one building queue. This has a huge impact on our progress speed, especially starting from level 7 and beyond, as the building durations will increase immensely.

Luckily we can unlock a second building queue for 4 days, which costs 500 gold. We also have the option to unlock it permanently by purchasing the premium pack. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing this feature as soon as you accumulate enough Gold.

Join a top-ranking alliance

An alliance in this game, and any strategy mobile game, can provide you with a ton of benefits. But if you want to get the most out of your alliance, you should consider joining one of the top-ranking alliances (top 10 preferably).

Not only will protect you from being attacked by other alliances on your server because there is a NAP (non-aggression pact), but also because the strongest alliances usually have a higher Gift level. You will also be able to get valuable Guns of Glory tips and tricks from more experienced players.

This impacts the rewards you get as a member, which include Speedups and resources. Therefore, you will level up faster because you will receive better rewards for your tech contributions and for taking part in alliance-related activities. If you can’t join one of the top 10 alliances, at least search for one that has a higher gift level.

Take advantage of the Return of the King event

Return of the King event Guns of Glory

Return of the King is a special event in Guns of Glory that becomes available only to users that have been inactive for at least 7 days. It offers a lot of fantastic rewards, buffs, and deals for 7 days.

You should take advantage of this event, either for your main account or for any inactive farm accounts you may have. If you are new to this game, you might consider starting your first account and letting it sit for at least 7 days. You could then start working on leveling up one or multiple farm accounts because the await is totally worth it.

Here’s what the Return of the King offers:

Powerful Buffs

These powerful buffs are an enormous help and will help you level up way much faster and increase army damage as well. You get a +30% construction buff, -5% construction resource cost, +30% training speed, -10% training cost, +50% resource gathering speed, +100% Threat loot, and a +100% Threat March Speed increase buff.

Estate Revival

Return of the King Estate Revival rewards Guns of Glory

The Estate Revival tab in the Return of the King page offers a series of special quests with great rewards, among which there are Return Pass Points. These points can be used to unlock a new series of rewards in the Return Pass tab.

You might be confused on the Return Pass page because the rewards area, even though you accumulated enough points to open the first reward tiers, is covered by a dark background. Just tap it and you will receive the rewards.

Return Deal

The Return Deal tab includes various inexpensive premium packs, but also a free reward treasure located at the top of the page. Tap it and collect the rewards.

New Adventure

The New Adventure tab gives you the possibility to open a new account and get an impressive collection of items. The rewards include 100 x 60m General Speedups, 100 x 60m Training Speedups, 1000 Gold, and 1000 Glory Banners (required to upgrade certain buildings).

Keep in mind that in order to get these rewards, you must use the “Go” button displayed on this page. Then you just start a new Farm account on the same server as your main, one or on another server if you simply want to test a new location.

Improve the Pirate Showdown

Upgrading the Pirate Showdown's ramparts

The Pirate Showdown is another good way to level up fast your Estate in Guns of Glory. Besides the individual rewards that you get for each challenge, there is also an idle reward that you can collect every day.

This reward is located in the bottom-left corner (see the screenshot), and includes valuable items that you can use to upgrade the Ramparts, and the Aircraft as well.

Ramparts, the 5 cannons located on your ship while in the Pirate Showdown, should be constantly upgraded, and assign some of your best guards to each of them. This allows you to complete more difficult stages and earn better rewards.

Create a Farm account (or more)

A farm account is the best way to get free resources in Guns of Glory. The way it works is that you create one, or multiple accounts on the same server, and use them to provide support for your main account. You can then switch between them on the same device.

Guns of Glory farm account

The purpose of these accounts should be to collect as many resources as possible and transfer a large portion of them to your main account. This can be done either via the Trade Station or by raiding the farm account(s) with your main one.

Obviously, the higher the level of your farm account is, the more resources will produce and gather from resource tiles on the kingdom map.

However, upgrading your farm accounts requires time and resources as well. Therefore, if your plan is to level up fast your main account, you can start raiding the farm account as soon as it reaches level 5 or 6.

Use your Speedups wisely

The Speedups and Gold can help you finish the building upgrades instantly, but to get the most out of this, you need to plan their usage carefully. First, you must have a bit of patience and not consume your speedups immediately after starting a building upgrade.

Instead, plan your upgrades when the majority of your alliance mates are online and wait for them to help you with each building process. This will save you a lot of Speedups.

Secondly, you should make sure that you have at least one event available that rewards you for spending a certain number of items or increasing the power.

Defeat Threats and Red Guard Camps

Threats, previously called Beasts, are the enemies you see all over the kingdom map. In the early stages of the game, you will progressively receive missions related to defeating certain levels of threats.

Attacking Threats on the Kingdom map in Guns of Glory

But before taking the next mission for the next threat level, make sure you clear as many threats as possible of the same level around your Castle, because once you take higher-level quests, the lower-level Threats will stop spawning.

Defeat as many threats as possible daily because they offer great rewards for your guards and Speedups as well. Similarly, after joining an alliance, you should join raids to defeat Red Guard Camps. To speed up this process, make sure you use the kingdom map’s search function to find Thtreats easily around your Castle.

Increase the March Capacity

Having a large Marching Capacity can help you a lot in leveling up your Estate fast. A high Marching Capacity means you can add more troops to your marches. As a result, you can gather more resources from resource tiles and have better chances of defeating tougher enemies.

Guns of Glory Castle March Capacity boost details

The first thing you can do to increase the March Capacity is to level up your Castle, as it increases with each level. Additionally, starting from Castle level 31, you also get a 10% March Capacity Boost for each level, up to level 45.

Another thing you can do to increase the March Capacity is to use an Estate Buff such as the Max March Capacity Number item.

You should also consider researching the Troop Load techs 1 and 2 from the Development group inside the Academy building. This will increase the maximum amount of resources that your troops can carry while gathering.

Activate and enhance the Adventure Badge

The Adventure Badge is a premium feature that not only can help you increase the army damage in Guns of Glory but also level up faster. You can activate it by visiting your profile page and using Gold, or by starting the 2-day free trial.

This Badge can be upgraded up to tier 5 by purchasing Adventurer’s Notes from the shop. Each tier offers additional bonuses and all the previous bonuses’ percentages increase as well. The great thing about it is that just by starting the trial (so tier 0) you get quite a few efficient buffs.

Adventure Badge tier 0 benefits in Guns of Glory

Here’s what you get at Tier 0:

  • +300s Instant Building Speedup
  • +5% March Capacity
  • +100% Threat March Speed
  • +25% Training Speed
  • +25% Healing Speed
  • +25% Construction Speed
  • +25% Research Speed
  • +50% Resource Gathering Speed

The Badge Perks

The Perks section also allows you to further upgrade the badge and get more bonuses. Among these buffs, you will get an exclusive Peace Shield appearance, 10 Estate Affairs can be instantly completed every day, 50% extra points from completing Daily Quests, increased gathering speed, extra VIP points, and more.

To activate the Adventure Badge Perks, you need Adventure Coins, which again, can only be purchased from the shop. Luckily, there is also a 2-day trial which allows you to get all these benefits for free for 2 days on the first try.


This concludes our guide on how to level up fast in Guns of Glory. Increasing the progress speed in this game is vital because it allows you to stay ahead of your opponents.

You will have more easy targets if you plan on attacking other enemy players, and also have more chances of being accepted in one of the strongest alliances on your server. By following the tactics we mentioned above, you will have no problem achieving all that. Good luck!

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