How to Increase Army Damage in Guns of Glory

Learn how to increase army damage in Guns of Glory, in the most efficient ways, so you can beat your rivals and have a successful gaming experience.

Guns of Glory how to increase army damage
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Guns of Glory has a ton of amazing content to enjoy. While in the early game, you can level up your Castle fast, the requirements become progressively more complex. And since this is also a highly competitive strategy game, you need to constantly increase your army damage so you can take more challenging missions and be able to defeat stronger enemy players.

In this guide, you will learn how to increase army damage in Guns of Glory, so you can become a powerful leader and climb the leaderboards easily.

Forge and equip Guard Weapons

King of the Deep R9 Guard Weapon tier benefits showcase for Guns of Glory
King of the Deep R9 Guard Weapon stats showcase

One of the first things you could do to increase your Guns of Glory army damage is to forge and equip powerful Guard Weapons. This feature becomes available after upgrading your castle to level 12 and can be accessed y tapping the Tavern Building and selecting the “Guard Weapons” option. On that page, you will have 8 slots to which you can equip different weapons.

How to forge Guard Weapons

To forge Guard Weapons, you need Gold, and various rare items depending on the quality of the weapon tier that you want to forge. These rare items include Mediterranean Metal, Argent Ascendant Scrolls, Royal Knight Ascendant Scrolls, and Lava Crystals.

These special materials can be acquired from the Catacombs Trader, Ultimate Alliance Campaign, Red Guard Raids, or by purchasing premium packs.

Guard Weapon Tiers

The Guns of Glory Guard Weapons exist in 5 qualities/colors (gray, green, blue, purple, and yellow) and have 9 tiers. Currently, the 9th-tier (R9) Guard Weapons have the most powerful stats, but they are insanely difficult to craft as well.

Those starting from the purple color can also be upgraded up to 5 levels using Mediterranean Metal. However, not all weapons provide the same stats. So make sure you craft weapons that fit your needs, whether is to increase Cavalry Attack, Distance, Infantry, or Troop Attack and other stats.

Activate and enhance the Adventure Badge

Enhanced Adventure Badge benefits

The Adventure Badge feature can be accessed by visiting your profile page (tap your avatar). At the bottom of that page, you will see a black and white badge with a red dot on it. Tap it and you will see the page as in the above screenshot.

This badge can be upgraded up to 5 stars and offers impressive bonuses such as increased Army Damage, Instant building speedup, March capacity and speed, Training speed, Resource Speed, and so much more.

To get started, you will first need to activate the Badge by spending Gold for a specific duration or permanently by purchasing a premium pack. The good news is that you have a 2-day trial as well, which can be activated by pressing the “2-day trial” button located at the bottom of that page.

How to increase the Adventure Badge tier

To upgrade the star tiers, you need special items called Adventurer’s Notes. Unfortunately, these items can only be purchased from the shop and cannot be earned as rewards in the game. Nevertheless, the first purchase is highly discounted.

Each of the 5 Star tiers offers different bonuses, and the ones related to increasing the army damage, become available from the third tier. Therefore, you might consider upgrading the badge at least to tier 3.

Upgrade your best guards

Your guards, also known as heroes in other similar games, are one of the most important and fastest ways to increase your army damage. But since each guard offers different bonuses for your troops and has different stats as well, you need to carefully pick the best guards to use for your marches.

Once you identify which guards offer the highest damage for your troops, you should upgrade and level them up as high as possible so you can increase their stats even further.

The easiest way to upgrade your guards, is by defeating threats, the PvE enemies around your Castle on the kingdom’s map.

Light up Constellation Talent Stars

How to access the guard Constellation feature
How to access the guard Constellation feature

The Constellation is a special feature that allows us to further upgrade some guards in Guns of Glory. So far only a few epic guards like Captain Treville, and the majority of legendary guards have this feature included.

To access the Constellation talent page, tap the star button (below the hat icon) located on the right side of the guard’s profile page. Next, tap the “Constellation” orange button, and a new page will appear with a list of tiers on the left side.

Epic guards have 5 tiers, while the Legendary ones have 6. Each of the star tiers brings different benefits such as increased March Capacity and Speed, various bonuses to increase the damage of specific units, or general damage such as the Army Damage bonus provided by the Selini Sanna legendary guard.

Guard Constellation talent stars upgraded and army damage benefits
Selini Sanna guard’s Army Damage bonus enabled (credit: K688AutobotArmy)

How to activate Constellation Star tiers

To activate the effect of a Star tier, you must light up all the constellation talents, where each talent needs to be fully leveled up before proceeding to the next one. Constellation talents’ levels vary between 1 and 5 levels, so it will take you some time.

The same goes for the Star tiers: to unlock the next Constellation Star tier and activate its bonuses, the previous one must be fully upgraded.

How to level up Constellation Talents

The first thing you need to level up or light up Constellation Talents (the star points located inside each Constellation Star Tier) is Guard Fragments, which can be obtained each time you recruit the same guard.

Additionally, you will also need Starlight Shards for Epic Guards, which can be acquired from Daily Quests, and Star Flake items for Legendary guards, which can be acquired via the Expedition Shop or by premium packs.

Enhance the equipment

King's Signet Ring Equipment item Army damage bonuses
King’s Signet Ring – Army Damage bonuses

The equipment is also a fantastic method of improving the dealt damage in battle. These items can be equipped on your user profile (tap the avatar) and can be crafted for 6 different slots (Headgear, Armor, Weapon, Boots, Necklace, and Ring).

To equipment is split into two categories, Battle and Economy. As the name suggests, the one responsible for combat is the Battle category. To craft a piece of equipment, first, tap the Forge building and click the Battle tab. On this page, you will see various sets, the more powerful ones being displayed at the top of the page.

However, not all equipment pieces can boost your army damage, but in most sets, the Ring and the Necklace items offer great Army Damage or specific unit Attack stats.

For example, the Ring item from the King Set, which is the most powerful equipment set in Guns of Glory at the moment, offers an impressive almost a 6,000% Attack bonus on average for all units when maxed.

Equipping the entire set of Equipment will activate a bonus of +108% Army Damage as well. There are also additional bonuses that can be activated for upgrading the Star level of each item, so there are various ways to increase your troop’s power.

Level up the Glory level of your buildings

The Tavern building's Glory level maxed and its permanent benefits
The Tavern building’s Glory level benefits (credit: K688AutobotArmy)

Another efficient way to get your account stronger and increase your army damage in battle is by unlocking and upgrading the Glory levels of your buildings.

The buildings’ Glory feature becomes available once you upgrade a building to level 15. You can then start collecting Glory banners, which are special items required to upgrade the Glory level of your building.

Each building offers different Glory bonuses, so make sure you check these stats and pick those related to increasing your army damage, such as the ones provided by the Tavern building. That’s mostly because Glory Banners’ costs will increase aggressively and they are not easy to get either.

Keep researching the Combat tech trees

As we previously mentioned in our Guns of Glory guide, if you are a beginner in this game, you should first focus on researching the techs related to your city’s growth and resource productivity.

Once you have advanced your Castle at least to level 15, and you have researched a decent percentage of those techs, you can start researching Combat techs.

These techs will improve your army performance a lot and the first tech tree for that is the Combat tree. Here you can increase your army march speed, attack, and defense as well.

The second Combat tree becomes available once your reach Castle level 26 and provides more advanced techs to further increase the army damage.

Change your Castle Appearance

Lord of Inferno Wings Castle Appearance - Guns of Glory
Lord of Inferno Wings

Changing your Castle appearance in this strategy game is a good way to give your account a unique, personal touch. But did you know that this can also help increase your army damage?

Some elements such as the Castle appearance (also known as skins), decors, Aura Rings, and Wings, besides the impressive design effects, also come with various stats.

These elements provide bonuses for unlocking, and an additional and higher bonus for activating them. Some good examples include the Lava Crack Aura Ring and the Lord of Inferno Wings, which offer a -3% Offensive Resistance bonus for unlocking and a +5% Army Damage bonus upon activation.

Train and level up troops

Leveling up Infantry barracks units from tier 1 to tier 3
Leveling up Infantry units from tier 1 to tier 3

Training troops is one of the best free ways to increase your army power. The more troops you have, the stronger your army becomes, and the more chances you have for defeating your enemies. However, to avoid wasting your resources and speedups, you should spread your troop training progressively.

By that, I mean that you will unlock new troop tiers faster than you would think, especially in the early stages. So for example, instead of going nuts on training T1 or T2 units, you should train just enough to help you complete more Campaign Chapters and Daily Quests, and focus on unlocking higher Troop tiers instead.

Similarly, don’t forget to promote/level up your previously trained troop tiers as well. For instance, if you have a bunch of T1 troops but unlocked T3, tap the T1 and press the “Level Up” button as you see in the above screenshot to promote their tier to tier 3.

Set up the Guard Appointment

Your guards cannot only be a great help in combat but can also be appointed in the Tavern building. On that page, you will have 8 different slots to which you can assign guards for specific Positions (Captain, Defender, Innovator, Aide, Enforcer, Advisor, Strategist, and Quartermaster.) To unlock all 8 Appointment slots, your Castle must reach level 16.

To get the most out of your appointed guards, you should consider appointing S Tier guards because they offer the highest amount of benefits. The activated bonus can also depend on the current Star level of a guard, the higher the star level, the better.

Lieutenant Appointment

Appointed guards can also have up to 2 Lieutenants which also contribute a lot to the provided bonuses. To unlock the Lieutenant slots, you will need Appointment Orders, which can be obtained by completing Daily Quests and participating in various events.

Master Specific Balance Talents

All Troop Attack talent Guns of Glory

The Lord Talents are similar to the tech research feature and allow you to unlock a series of benefits for your account. Among these bonuses is also the troop attack which can be activated by mastering the talents Troop Attack 1 and 2.

These can be found on your profile’s page (tap the Talent Points book icon) under the Balance tab of the Talents page. Mastering Lord Talents require Talent points, which are automatically received upon each level increase of your Castle.

That’s why is better to decide your strategy before using the points, whether you want to improve your Estate’s growth, resource production, or your army’s power. You also have the option of resetting the Lord Talent points, and this will cost you 1,000 Gold.

Buy and Use Attack Boosts

Using a 12h Attack Boost - GoG

The last method on our list to increase your army damage is by purchasing Attack Boosts. These items can be bought and used directly from the Estate Buffs menu. To do that, go outside your city/estate, tap the Castle, and press the Estate Buffs option. Scroll down until you see Attack, and press it.

On that page, you have 4 different Attack Boosts, with different durations and Attack Boost percentages as well. The prices also vary from 100 Gold for a 12h Blue Attack Boost with a 10% bonus, to 400 Gold for a 12h Orange one that has a 25% Attack bonus.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are multiple ways through which you can increase your Army Damage in Guns of Glory, and in this guide, we listed some of the most efficient ones. Follow them and you will have no problem becoming one of the most powerful players on your server.

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