Grand Cross Age of Titans Numa Build & Skills Overview

Numa is a strong damage dealer that can move quickly on the battlefield. We recommend the following team for her.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Numa character wiki guide, skills, and how to get her
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Numa is a strong damage dealer that can move quickly on the battlefield. Her powerful single-target attacks make her a great option for those looking to take out tough enemies like bosses.

Her passive skills are also crucial as they increase troop capacity and rally size, making her an excellent choice for those looking to assemble a large army in no time. Make sure you visit our tier list for Grand Cross: Age of Titans to see how she stacks up against other heroes in the game!

Grand Cross Age of Titans Numa Profile

  • Title: Requiem Player
  • Faction: Underworld
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Units: Cavalry
  • Role: Maneuver
  • Abilities: Troop and Rally Capacity Increase, Mana Recovery

How to get Numa in Grand Cross: Age of Titans?

In Grand Cross: Age of Titans, you can get Numa via the Star Fragment building, the Advanced Summon tab.

Although the chance of getting Numa is only 11%, you can always increase your chances by using the x10 summon option.

You should also take advantage of the Grand Summon event as it offers higher drop rates for legendary heroes. This event appears in the Star Fragment building for a 12 days duration and consists of 4 summoning rounds.

The heroes for this event are picked randomly so make sure you check this event regularly and see if Numa is currently listed on your server.

Recommended Secondary Heroes for Numa

Any of the following heroes perform well as a secondary hero for Numa. Pick the one that suits best your current type of battle or favorite style:









Grand Cross: Age of Titans Numa Skills

1. Ghostly Wail (Active Skill)

This skill inflicts damage equal to 300% of ATK on a single enemy troop target. It also inflicts damage over time equal to 100% of ATK every second for 2 seconds.

Skill Upgrade preview:

  • Skill Damage: 300% / 325% / 350% / 375% / 400%
  • Damage Over Time: 100% / 125% / 150% / 180% / 200%

2. Requiem (Passive Skill)

Increases ATK by 3% and troops size by 2% for Cavalry units led by Numa. The bonuses increase with each skill level, offering a 6% ATK and 4% troop increase at level 2, 9% and 6% at level 3, 12% and 8% at level 4, and 15% ATK and 10% troop size increase at skill level 5.

3. Wailling Sorrow (Passive Skill)

Increases rallied troop size by 2% for troops commanded by Numa. The bonus increases to 4% at level 2, 6% at level 3, 8% at level 4, and 10% at skill level 5.

4. Lullaby (Passive Skill)

There is a 30% chance of inflicting damage equal to 50% of ATK when the skill is used. At skill level 2 the damage is increased to 75%, 100% at level 3, at level 4 125%, and 150% at level 5.

5. Shepherd of Souls (Passive Skill)

Restores 70 Mana when Numa attacks enemy units. The mana recovery effect cannot exceed a maximum of 700 per turn. This skill unlocks when all the previous skills are unlocked and fully upgraded.

Numa’s Story

The silent rivers of the Underworld flowed in an intricate pattern. Numa understood their flow and guided the dead who came through the river to the lamp. All dead souls were equal before the blindfolded woman, and they were mourned with silence. As a result, she spoke very little, which made it difficult for her to get along with others.

Because of their cold impression of Numa, many were surprised to see Numa voluntarily set out to protect the collapsing Underworld.

After seeing the surprised faces of those around her, she quietly told them that she only broke her silence because she had something to protect.

Numa’s bio via Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Grand Cross Age of Titans Numa character wiki guide, skills, and how to get her
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS, PC
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Anime,
  • Publisher(s): Netmarble
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