Grand Cross Age of Titans Beom: Is He Good?

Grand Cross Age of Titans Beom character wiki guide, skills, and how to get it
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Beom is a very strong character that excels in siege battles. He is great at both dealing damage and healing his allies, making him a great choice for those looking to stay in the fight longer.

His passive skills increase attack power and troop capacity, allowing you to bring larger armies against enemy walls and fortresses.

Pairing Beom with other powerful heroes like the ones mentioned below can make your team composition a formidable force on the battlefield. Beom is no doubt one of the best characters in Grand Cross: Age of Titans!

Grand Cross Age of Titans Beom Profile

  • Title: God of Fighting
  • Faction: Shinsi
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Units: Cavalry
  • Role: Siege
  • Abilities: Damage and Rally Capacity Increase, Healing

How to get Beom in Grand Cross: Age of Titans?

In Grand Cross: Age of Titans, you can get Beom via the Advanced Summon section of the Star Fragment building in your city.

Bear in mind that the drop is not guaranteed as the chances of getting a legendary hero is around 11%. But you can always increase your chances of obtaining a legendary hero (which could be Beom) by summoning 10 heroes at a time.

Beom Grand Summon Event in Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Beom Grand Summon Event

For better chances of obtaining Beom, you should take advantage of the Grand Summon event. This event lasts 12 days and consists of 4 summoning rounds that offer Beom or any other legendary heroes at higher rates.

The heroes for this event are picked randomly so make sure you check this often and see which one is currently listed on your server.

Recommended Secondary Heroes for Beom

Any of the following heroes perform well as a secondary hero for Beom. Pick the one that suits best your current type of battle or favorite style:









Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beom Skills

1. Beom Appears! (Active Skill)

This skill inflicts damage equal to 450% of ATK on a single enemy troop target and heals the lightly wounded units in Beom’s troops by 150% of ATK. Upgrading this skill increases the ATK and Healing bonuses to 525% and 175% respectively, 600% and 200%, 675% and 225%, and 750% ATK and 250% Healing at the max level.

2. Fearless (Passive Skill)

Increases troop capacity and rallied troop capacity by 2% for all units commanded by Beom. The bonus increases with each skill level, 4% at level 2, 6% at level 3, 8% at level 4, and 10% at skill level 5.

3. Animalistic Wildness (Passive Skill)

Increases ATK by 4% for Cavalry troops led by Beom. The bonus increases with each skill level, 8% at level 2, 12% at level 3, 16% at level 4, and 20% at skill level 5.

4. Sharp Teeth (Passive Skill)

Increases skill damage for troops commanded by Beom. At skill level 1 by 4%, 8% at level 2, at level 3 12%, 16% at level 4, and 20% at level 5.

5. Fearless (Passive Skill)

Before Awakening, increases troop capacity by 10% for all units commanded by Beom. After Awakening, increases troop capacity and rallied troop capacity by 15% for all troops commanded by Beom. This skill unlocks when all the previous skills are unlocked and fully upgraded.

Beom’s Story

It was a relaxing afternoon in Skyna. The afternoon sun was warm, the smell of grass was in the air, and there was even a rock to lay on that wasn’t too hot or too cold – it was just right. It was truly a perfect day for a tiger to take a nap. As the tiger was feeling the gentle breeze and letting his eyes slowly close, he smelled Chaos on the wind.

The tiger quickly leapt to his feet to see if he could find the source of the Chaos scent. If Chaos attacked, the tiger wanted to keep his promise to assist those who told him about this amazing spot. He would not hesitate to bare his claws and go to battle.

Beom’s bio via Grand Cross: Age of Titans
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