Grand Cross Age of Titans Beli-Mawr: Is He Good?

Grand Cross Age of Titans Beli-mawr character wiki guide, skills, and how to get him
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Bali-mawr is a very powerful hero, particularly against single targets, which makes him a perfect choice for challenging boss fights and tough opponents.

He can also weaken his targets, which can be a great advantage in difficult battles, especially when paired with a strong secondary hero such as the ones listed below.

His passive skills increase his attack power and troop size, making him a great choice for those looking pick one of the best characters in Grand Cross Age of Titans.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Beli-mawr Profile

  • Title: Great Failure
  • Faction: Underworld
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Units: All Units
  • Role: Attack
  • Abilities: Final Struggle, Increased Damage, Strong against the Tower of Flame

How to get Beli-mawr in Grand Cross: Age of Titans?

You can get Beli-mawr via the Star Fragment building, the Advanced Summon tab. Although the chances of getting Beli-mawr are not that high, you can always increase them by using the x10 summon option.

You should also take advantage of the Grand Summon event as it offers higher drop rates for legendary heroes. This event appears in the Star Fragment building for a 12 days duration and consists of 4 summoning rounds.

The heroes for this event are picked randomly so make sure you check this event regularly and see if Beli-mawr is currently listed on your server.

Recommended Secondary Heroes for Beli-mawr

Any of the following heroes perform well as a secondary hero for Beli-mawr. Pick the one that suits best your current type of battle or favorite style:









Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beli-mawr Skills

1. Hellish Cloud (Active Skill)

This skill inflicts damage equal to 400% of ATK on a single enemy troop target. The bonus increases to 490% at skill level 2, 580% at level 3, 670% at level 4, and a stunning 800% at skill level 5.

2. For the Underworld (Passive Skill)

Increases skill damage by 60% for all units led by Beli-mawr. The bonuses increase with each skill level, offering a 12% skill damage increase at skill level 2, 18% at level 3, 24% at level 4, and 30% at level 5.

3. Deadly Resistance (Passive Skill)

Increases ATK by 50% when the remaining forces of troops commanded by Beli-mawr are at 20% or lower. The ATK bonus increases to 60% at skill level 2, 80% at level 3, 100% at level 4, and 120% at skill level 5.

4. Leader’s Duty (Passive Skill)

Increases troop size by 4% for troops commanded by Beli-mawr. The bonus increases to 8% at level 2, 12% at level 3, 16% at level 4, and 20% at skill level 5.

5. Power of Darkness (Passive Skill)

Decreases DEF of enemy troops by 50% for 3 seconds when attacking with this skill. It unlocks when all the previous skills have been fully upgraded.

Beli-mawr’s Story

There was a time when he had a world he wanted to protect. He enjoyed the company of his colleagues, and he had the confidence to cooperate with them to battle his enemy. Then the “end of the world” pushed him into an inescapable abyss.

He had to save the world, and the person who appeared in front of him was his last hope. Even if that hope would eventually shroud his soul with fear and sacrifice, Beli-mawr didn’t care. As long as he could save the world, he was willing to accept the chaos that would ruin his body and soul.

Beli-mawr’s bio via Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Grand Cross Age of Titans Beli-mawr character wiki guide, skills, and how to get him
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2023
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