Grand Cross Age of Titans Arthur Character Build, Skills

Arthur is a dominant Infantry hero that can provide a lot of utility in battle. Here’s the team we recommend for him.

Grand Cross Age of Titans Arthur character wiki guide, skills, and how to get it
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Arthur is a dominant Infantry hero who can provide a lot of utility in battle. He can deal heavy damage to both, single-target and area-of-effect enemies while having passive abilities that reduce the skill damage taken.

His “Leader of the Round Table” ability increases the size of your army, making him an excellent choice for those looking to make quick work of their opponents.

On top of that, his “Excalibur” passive ability decreases the damage taken from skills, making him a great option for those looking to survive longer in tough fights. As we mentioned in our hero rankings for Grand Cross: Age of Titans Arthur is the most powerful character in this game, and is well worth the effort to obtain!

Grand Cross Age of Titans Arthur Profile

  • Title: Great Leader
  • Faction: Britannia
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Units: Infantry
  • Role: Attack
  • Abilities: AoE Attack, Ultimate Infantry, Troop Capacity Increase

How to get Arthur in Grand Cross Age of Titans?

In Grand Cross: Age of Titans, you can get Arthur via the Advanced Summon option of the Star Fragment building in your city.

Keep in mind that the drop is not guaranteed as the chances of getting a legendary hero is around 11%. But you can always increase your chances of obtaining a legendary hero (which could be Arthur) by summoning 10 heroes at a time.

Recommended Secondary Heroes for Arthur

Any of the following heroes perform well as a secondary hero for Arthur. Pick the one that suits best your current type of battle (PvP field, PvP Siege, Monsters, and so on):









Grand Cross Age of Titans Arthur Skills

1. Lion’s Roar (Active Skill)

This skill inflicts damage equal to 350% of ATK on up to 5 enemy troops in a fan-shaped area to the front. Upgrading this skill increases the ATK bonus to 375%, 400%, 425%, and 450% at the max level.

2. King of Knights (Passive Skill)

Increases DEF by 5% for Infantry troops commanded by Arthur. The bonus increases with each skill level, 9% at level 2, 13% at level 3, 18% at level 4, and 25% at skill level 5.

3. Leader of the Round Table (Passive Skill)

Increases troop size for troops commanded by Arthur. At skill level 1 by 3%, 6% at level 2, at level 3 9%, 12% at level 4, and 15% at level 5.

4. Excalibur (Passive Skill)

This skill offers a 50% chance to decrease skill damage taken by 3% for 3 seconds when the skill is used. Activates every 5 seconds. The bonus is increased to 6% at the next skill level, 9%, 12%, and 15% at level 5.

5. Nine Worthies (Passive Skill)

There is a 40% chance of inflicting damage equal to 300% of ATK when attacking with this skill and activates once every 10 seconds. To unlock this skill, you must first unlock all previous Arthur’s skills.

Arthur’s Story

Arthur was highly ambitious, and it showed in everything he did. Whether he failed or succeeded, he was always filled with excitement and anticipation. This, combined with his eager participation in territorial affairs, gave him great momentum to rule the territories directly.

Some saw his actions as ambitious, but his critics looked down on him, saying he was getting ahead of himself. Arthur was unfazed by the glares, fighting bravely and boosting the morale of many soldiers. When fighting alongside Arthur, soldiers were always confident they would win.

Arthur’s bio via Grand Cross: Age of Titans
Grand Cross Age of Titans Arthur character wiki guide, skills, and how to get it
  • Release Date: Aug 7, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS, PC
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