Ever Legion Guide, Tips and Tricks for a Great Start

Our guide for Ever Legion includes tips and tricks that will help you progress faster and succeed in this stunning RPG mobile game.

Ever Legion guide tips and tricks
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Ever Legion is a great RPG mobile game with idle mechanics, 3D fantasy worlds, and a huge variety of creatures to battle. You can summon heroes from various factions and develop your team strategically. With the main storyline and exciting side quests, such as those from Spirit Realm and Isle of Mists, there is plenty to explore. In addition, you can join a guild and compete to become the most famous player.

This guide will be extremely useful for new players as it provides tips and tricks to help them understand the game better and improve their gaming experience. So if you are just starting out in Ever Legion, this guide will help you progress faster and earn more rewards.

Start by customizing your profile

Firstly, you should change the default assigned nickname. It’s free to do so and it will also increase your chances of having your friend requests accepted as nobody likes getting requests from a generic name. You can do that by pressing the little pen icon under your profile page, as you see in the above image.

Secondly, you might as well consider changing the default avatar because the servers are full of players with the same profile picture. You can as well pick an avatar frame and title. However, these features require you to complete certain tasks or achievements but is definitely something to aim for.

To change your avatar, tap your default avatar picture in the top-left corner, and press the “Edit” small button. Next, tap any available picture in the gallery, and press “Confirm”.

Lastly, you should as well expose your best 5 heroes under your profile, as it will give you a chance to show the world what kind of team you have put together. To do this, while on your profile page, press the big Edit button (number 3 in the above picture) and select your best Ever Legion heroes. You should change this as soon as you get better heroes so you can show your progress.

Accumulate the most important consumables

In Ever Legion, there are a few crucial items that you must familiarize yourself with and accumulate as much as possible, such as:

Coins: this is the main currency in the game and you will need it as much as possible to purchase items in the General Shop and upgrade your heroes and their gear. You can get Coins from completing tasks, event missions, and clearing stages in the battle mode.

Hero XP: Along with Coins, this resource is used to level up your heroes. You can get Hero XP from clearing battle stages, and events, but also from resetting upgraded heroes that you might not use anymore.

Diamonds: Diamonds are a more valuable currency and have more universal use, but they are also more difficult to obtain. You can as well use them to buy valuable items in the General Shop or collect additional Fast Rewards on the Battle mode page.

VIP Points: Can be used to increase your VIP level, which will unlock various permanent buffs and bonus rewards, plus a daily claimable reward that includes hero tokens, gear, or even heroes. The higher your VIP level, the better the rewards. You can get VIP points for completing Achievements and specific event tasks.

Use the combat features to your advantage

Ever Legion combat features

As you progress in the battle mode and clear more stages, more features will become available to you. Some of these features are incredibly important, such as the Auto Fight and the Auto Battle modes, and the 2x speed increase. The Auto-Fight mode allows you to quickly clear stages without having to manually activate your team’s skills.

The Auto-Battle mode becomes available after clearing stage 4, battle 36, and can be used to move to the next stage without having to press the “Next Stage” button after each victory. This will be extremely helpful for quickly clearing stages and collecting rewards.

Collect your quick rewards

Mail rewards: you will constantly receive rewards in your in-game mailbox. Make sure you collect them before they expire. The rewards can include diamonds, hero fragments, and even Conjuring Scrolls which you can use to summon exclusive heroes from limited-time events such as Evil Awakens, The Fearless, Golden Few, and more.

Facebook daily event: After starting the game, a new event will appear in the Events list, under the Daily tab. Click and like Ever Legion on Facebook and you will be rewarded with 150 Diamonds, 100 Crystals, and 100K Coins.

Check the new hero stats: You can get 100 Diamonds for each hero you have already summoned. To do that, press the “Hero” tab at the bottom of your screen. Next, press the Gallery tab and visit each hero that has a red exclamation point on the top-right corner of its avatar. Press it and tap “Stats”. Finally, claim the 100 Diamonds located in the top-right corner.

Check the Store page: Most of the tabs on the Store page will offer you nice rewards, either for completing specific tasks or simply by pressing them. For instance, the Passes tab includes 2 premium-tiered columns but also a Standard column that rewards you mice rewards for each level. So make sure you collect them before they expire.

Make friends and be rewarded for it

Another interesting feature that Ever Legion offers you, is the ability to make in-game friends. You can invite up to 20 friends by sharing the generated link with other people or friends and earn amazing rewards such as Coins, Small Pile of Vials, Pile of Crystals, Summoning Scrolls, and more.

Another huge benefit of inviting friends is that you will be able to receive and offer Friend Points, which can be used to summon heroes.

You can as well ask other players in the global chat to add you as a friend or send some friend requests (if you are lucky to find some players with some free spots on their friend list). However, this method will not offer you the exclusive rewards you get via the link share method.

To do that, visit the chat, and make sure you are in the Global room. Next, leave a message and ask people to add you as a friend or press any player’s avatar, and in the pop-up window, press the “Add” icon. But before doing this, we recommend contacting that player first. This way you can see if he/she is active in the game or if he’s ok with that.

Additionally, if you do ask people to add you as a friend, visit the requests page regularly and accept or deny them because you won’t be notified. To do that, press the “Friends” icon on the bottom right corner while on the home page, and tap the “Manage” button. Next, press the “Requests” tab and accept or decline the requests by pressing the self-explanatory icons on each one.

Don’t worry about upgrading the wrong heroes

What’s cool about Ever Legion is that it allows us to recover the resources and equipment used for upgrading heroes without any additional costs, as long as you did not pass stage 9, battle 20. This means that you don’t have to be extra careful when upgrading your heroes, even if they have a Common rarity.

To reset an upgraded hero, visit the home page, and press Docks. Next, press the Reset tab and select any of the heroes available. After that, you will have a preview of all the resources you can recover, and you can finish the process by pressing the “Reset” button.

Build a proper hero squad

Your chances of winning battles depend largely on having a proper hero squad. And I’m not talking about just having strong heroes, but having the right placement and faction balance. When putting together your squad, always keep in mind that having multiple heroes of the same faction will offer you additional attack boosts.

You get 10% attack and HP for having 3 heroes of the same faction, 15% for having 3, and 2 of two different factions, 20% when having 4 heroes of the same faction, and 25% attack and HP increase when using all 5 heroes of the same faction.

Another major factor in building a successful hero squad is being aware of the different classes or roles each hero plays. You should have at least one Tank hero, and place it in the front row to protect your team.

The Warrior class also should be placed in the front row, while Mage, Ranger, and Support heroes should be placed in the back row to maximize their effectiveness and be protected from heavy enemy attacks. By using this strategy, you can increase your DPS and effectiveness in battle significantly.

Do your Daily, Weakly, and Main Tasks

As a beginner to Ever Legion, your main focus should be to gather as many Coins, Hero XP, and Diamonds so you can level your heroes rapidly and advance faster in the game. The best way to do that is by completing Main tasks, as well as Weekly and Daily tasks.

Main tasks will rewards you with Diamonds and different types of Summoning Scrolls, while Weekly and Daily tasks will reward you with Valor Pass Points, which are used to unlock various tiered rewards displayed at the top of these pages.

In addition, these points also determine your level in the Valor Pass event, which becomes available 45 days after you’ve created your account. Therefore, you will get more rewards for completing the same tasks.

Lastly, while on the Tasks page, you also have an Achievements tab. Try to also complete as many achievements as possible because you will get amazing rewards from these. The rewards include Hero XP, Coins, VIP Points, Diamonds, Hero Fragments, gear of all types of rarities, and much more.

Always summon heroes in bulk

To get the most out of your summons, whether via Friend Points, or Scrolls, you should always aim for summoning in packs of 10. This will significantly increase your chances of receiving heroes. Plus, you get a guaranteed Rare or Elite hero for each 10 summons.

Additionally, it will also help you open the summon chest reward displayed at the top of the page in the Tavern. This chest includes valuable rewards like Hero XP and Diamonds. You can also get a Faction Draw Card once every 100 summoned heroes.

Dismiss your weakest heroes

This can be done at the Dock, and rewards you with Traveler Tokens. Only Common heroes can be dismissed, while higher-tiered heroes can be ascended in the Altar of Ascension. You could then use your Traveler Tokens to buy hero fragments at the Dock Shop, which can be accessed by visiting the Dock and clicking the “General” castle icon in the top-right corner of the same page. You also have the option to auto-dismiss common heroes, but I would not recommend it unless you have already recruited a full team of better rarities.

Adventure yourself in the wilderness

While there is plenty of content inside your kingdom to keep you busy, as you advance further in the game, you will access a new tab called “Wild”. This section includes several new activities that you can unlock and participate in to get even more amazing rewards in Ever Legion.

For instance, Coliseum gives you the opportunity to fight against other players from all over the world and with and earn fantastic rewards. Nut be prepared though, as the level of power is randomly chosen and in most cases, you will see players with power above 100K.

Here are all types of activities on the Wild Map and their stage requirements:

  • Isle of Mists: stage 3-36
  • Arena: stage 5-40
  • Expedition Plaza: stage 9-20
  • Sky Tower: stage 2-12
  • Coliseum: stage 2-28
  • Kings Bounty: stage 3-12
  • The Dragon Abyss: stage 4-36
  • Chaos Rift: stages 12-40

Join a guild (or create your own one)

Another great way to earn amazing rewards in Ever Legion is by joining or creating your own guild. A guild allows you to cooperate and strategize as a team, earning bonus rewards while also boosting each other’s power. You will get access to Guild Hunts where you can challenge powerful monsters and get rewards like equipment, diamond chests, coins, and guild tokens.

You can then use these tokens to buy better gear from the Guild Shop. As a guild member, you also get access to the Guild War, which is an event that pits guilds from all around the world against each other.

There are a few things to consider when joining a guild. First, you need to make sure that the guild is as active as possible because is worth nothing if there is no one to play with or compete against. You can check that by looking at the “Activeness” column on the Global Guilds list.

The higher this number is the more active members that specific guild has. Additionally, you can simply tap a guild on that list, and at the bottom of that window, you will see the list of members and when were they last online.

Secondly, you should consider joining a guild with a relatively high level. This will determine the rewards you get and is displayed under the “Level” column. Lastly, the language is also important.

Make sure the guild speaks your language, or that you are comfortable enough to communicate with other members of that guild in the chosen language. You can check that, as well as the requirements to join (if any), in the pop-up window after tapping a guild from that list.

Collect your 7-day login rewards

Ever Legion 7 day login reward

Another great thing about Ever Legion is that rewards you for logging in every day. The rewards you get are amazing and should be enough to help you build a powerful team as you can even get a mythical hero. However, to make sure you don’t miss out on these rewards, you must log in consecutively for 7 days and collect them, otherwise, your rewards will reset. Here’s what you can get:

  • Day 1: 500 Diamonds
  • Day 2: Nirvana (Mythical hero)
  • Day 3: 10 Summoning Scrolls
  • Day 4: Nirvana Elite Gear Chest which includes one Elite Empyrean (a staff, a cap, one robe, and one pair of boots).
  • Day 5: 500 Crystals, 250K of Hero XP, and 500K Gold
  • Day 6: 10 Faction Summoning Scrolls, which you can use to summon heroes from a specific faction at the Tavern.
  • Day 7: Nirvana hero again

Link your game account to Google

There is nothing worse than having your Ever Legion game progress wiped out due to a device issue or when switching devices. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you link your game account with Google. This will allow you to sync your progress and restore it if something happens.

To do this, go to your profile page by tapping your avatar. Next, press the Settings tab displayed at the bottom. On the next page, tap “Account” and press “Sign in with Google”, as you see in the above screenshots, or “Facebook” if you prefer (we recommend Google).

Follow the instructions and your account will be linked to Google. That’s it! Now you are safe and can continue enjoying your game progress with ease.

Ever Legion Guide FAQ

How can I get access to Guild War in Ever Legion?

You can access the Guild War in Ever Legion once you clear the stages 6-40, joined a guild, and registered within the time frame for this event.

Can I have multiple Ever Legion game accounts on the same device?

Yes, you can have multiple Ever Legion game accounts and switch between them easily, but first, you need to link your existing account to Google or Facebook.

Ever Legion guide tips and tricks
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