Disney Mirrorverse Best Guardians Tier List

Choose the best guardians in Disney Mirrorverse to defeat the forces of darkness and restore peace to all dimensions.

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List Best Guardians Ranked
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Disney Mirrorverse, one of the most exciting RPG mobile games released last year, brings together Disney characters from across all universes. With a wide selection of Guardians available, choosing the right characters for your team can be tricky.

And since the key to success in the game is having a well-balanced team, this tier list will help you make the best choices. All Guardians are ranked based on their individual performance, synergy with other characters, and overall usefulness in different situations.

Disney Mirrorverse Best Team of Guardians

Straight out of the gate, the best team of Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse would include Hercules, Oogie Boogie, and Goofy. This team is incredibly powerful and well-rounded as it features a high attack from Hercules, the best defensive capabilities from Oogie Boogie, and a powerful, multi-target, long-range attack from Goofy.

In some cases, you might as well need a support Guardian and in that case, we recommend Dory because she’s not only a great healer but she can also cleanse any debuff from your allies. With this team, you will have a great balance of offense and defense that can be used to take down any enemy.

S-Tier (Outstanding Guardians)

  • Hercules (Melee)
  • Oogie Boogie (Tank)
  • Goofy (Ranged)
  • Dory (Support)
  • Minnie Mouse (Melee)
  • Baloo (Tank)
  • Evil Queen (Support)
  • Judy Hopps (Ranged)
  • Aladdin (Melee)
  • King Triton (Tank)
  • Hades (Ranged)
  • Simba (Tank)
  • Tiana (Support)

Hercules (Melee)

Hercules , the best guardian character in Disney Mirrorverse

Hercules is by far the most powerful Guardian from Disney Mirrorverse due to his massive attack potential and offensive capabilities for close-range combat. His Core Ability grants him a 2% Attack Buff each time he hits his current target, up to a maximum of 10.

His special ability deals 400% damage to his current target and inflicts Knock Back. He also gains a 15% Attack Buff for 15 seconds for each enemy in combat with up to 10 stacks. His talents are quite remarkable too.

For instance, his first talent, grants him a significant attack boost at the start of the encounter, while his last talent, Dionysus’ Influence, adds a Stun effect to his devastating Special ability.

His Signature ability is also very impressive, which makes Hercules practically unbeatable for 3 seconds whenever he defeats an enemy. All these powerful abilities make Hercules an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Oogie Boogie (Tank)

Oogie Boogie, the best Tank guardian in Disney Mirrorverse

Oogie Boogie is the best tank in Disney Mirrorverse and has a ton of HP and Armor. His special ability deals 600% damage and Knocks Back the current target, while his Bugs are activated once, targeting all enemies. If the enemy target has 4 Attack Debuffs stacked, the next Attack Debuff applied lasts only 6 seconds.

His talents significantly increase his attack and defense too. For example, his last talent, Boogie Bug Bites, which requires level 30, increases his Bugs’ damage by 200%, which makes Oggie Boogie even more powerful against multiple targets.

Goofy (Ranged)

Goofy, the best Ranged guardian in Disney Mirrorverse

Goofy is the greatest ranged attacker in Disney Mirrorverse due to his great combination of high Focus and effective multi-target abilities. His special ability deals 300% damage to the enemy target, then ricochets to hit a different enemy for the same amount of damage (max 2 ricochets).

If the target is Armor Blocked, his Boomerang deals an additional 200% damage. His Signature ability can be quite effective in battle as it grants a chance to his special ability to stun multiple targets for 3 seconds, on each hit.

Dory (Support)

 Dory, one of the best Support guardians in Disney Mirrorverse

Dory is the most efficient Support guardian in Disney Mirrorverse because of her amazing healing abilities and powerful buffs. If there’s a word to describe Oogie Boogie, it would be “life-saver”. Her special ability heals 2.5% per second all allies for 6 seconds and Knocks Back all enemies around her.

She also gains a second Wind Buff for 8 seconds. When this effect expires she heals for 60% of the damage taken. Another great thing about her is that she can also cleanse all damaging buffs from her teammates. Plus, she’s also immune to Focus Buffs and Debuffs.

Minnie Mouse (Melee)

Minnie Mouse, melee guardian

Minnie Mouse is another great Guardian that performs well in close combat. She has a Core Ability that grants her Heartsfire Charges when she hits an enemy. Each Heartsfire Charge grants 10% Attack and Defense.

However, they will be replaced if she targets another enemy, which is why it might be a good idea to choose her as the main Guardian (that you can manually control in combat) and carefully focus on one target at a time.

Her Basic Attacks have a 20% chance and Heavy Attacks always have a 100% chance of granting her an Attack Buff for the rest of the current combat, which is great for dealing more close-range damage.

Her Special Ability is Fist Of Heart’s Fire; an attack that deals 400% damage and Knocks Back all enemies in a short line toward the current target. It also inflicts a Burn, dealing 20% damage for 5 seconds to all enemies.

On top of that, Minnie Mouse’s Signature Ability boosts her Special Ability with an additional 20% chance to Stun enemies per Attack Buff or Heartsfire Charge. All of these effects combined make her a formidable melee Guardian and a good alternative to Hercules.

Baloo (Tank)

Baloo, tank guardian

Baloo is a fantastic Tank Guardian, almost as good as Oogie Boogie. His Core Ability allows him to build Cargo Charges by hitting enemies with Basic Attacks, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.

This effect allows him to remove 1 Cargo Charge every second while holding a Heavy Attack, granting himself and all allies a random Buff from either a 2% Heal, 5% Armor, or 12% Defense. Additionally, his Heavy Attack will hit all enemies around him.

This makes him not only a great Guardian for protecting the rest of your team but also to deal good damage to multiple enemies at once.

Baloo’s Special Ability, Air Drop, allows him to remove all Cargo Charges and give a random Buff from his Core Ability to himself and his allies, casing a massive 400% damage to all surrounding enemies and also offering a 40% chance to stun them for 2 seconds.

Overall, Baloo is an incredibly useful Guardian for any team in Disney Mirrorverse, and you should upgrade him as much as possible.

A-Tier (Excellent)

  • Peter Pan (Melee)
  • Wall•E (Tank)
  • Elsa (Ranged)
  • Alice (Support)
  • Stitch (Melee)
  • Genie (Tank)
  • Moana (Melee)
  • EVE (Ranged)
  • Snow White (Melee)
  • Elizabeth Swann (Ranged)
  • Mickey Mouse (Support)
  • Maleficent (Ranged)
  • Sulley (Tank)
  • Frank Wolff (Support)

Peter Pan (Melee)

Peter Pan, A-tier Guardian

Peter Pan is also a good Melee choice for any team composition. His Core ability has the potential to grant him a good Evasion Buff which will help keep him safe in battle while dealing a good amount of damage with his special ability.

If the target has a Focus Debuff, he can also increase his Critical Chance. His Signature ability is also a great way to help other allies with a Focus Buff. Although he’s not as powerful as Hercules, he is still a reliable choice for any team.

Wall•E (Tank)

Wall•E, A-tier Guardian

Wall•E is a good tank choice for any team composition. His Core ability makes him immune to Wound and Poison status effects, while also granting him a small percentage of Armor whenever a Buff expires or is healed by a Heal effect.

His Special Ability Knocks Back all enemies around while also granting him 5 stacks of Defense Buffs that last 5 seconds.

His Signature ability is a great way to heal himself when he has 3 heal charges, making him a great choice for any team. That being said, is best used in a team with a healer to maximize his potential.

Elsa (Ranged)

Elsa, A-tier Guardian

Elsa is a powerful ranged character who can deal massive Freeze damage. Her Core ability gives her a way to weaken enemies, decreasing their Defense. This can be used in conjunction with her Special Ability, Frostbite Aura, which inflicts enemies with a powerful Freeze Debuff.

Any enemy that enters the Frostbite Aura will be Rooted and take 20% damage per second. To make her even more powerful, Elsa’s Signature Ability gives her additional Attack power while inside the Frostbite Aura, as well as 25% damage Resistance.

By using her Core and Special abilities together, she can deal devastating Freeze damage to her enemies, and this makes Elsa an excellent choice for a ranged Guardian in your team, almost as powerful as Goofy.

Alice (Support) – New

Alice, the newest Guardian included in Disney Mirrorverse

Alice is the latest guardian introduced in Disney Mirrorverse in March 2023, along with Moana, also a good melee guardian. Alice has an impressive set of support abilities that can help your entire team of guardians to last longer in battle.

Her Core Ability gives her the ability to inflict enemies with a -25% Dizzy Debuff for 3 seconds, making them more vulnerable to damage. If you combine this effect with a strong guardian such as Hercule, Goofie, or Minnie Mouse, you can easily take down the toughest enemies.

Additionally, Alice also Resists 20% damage from enemies that are inflicted with a Dizzy Debuff, which is also a very useful buff, considering how vulnerable the Support guardians are in Disney Mirrorverse.

Alice also has a Special Ability that she can use every 15 seconds, named Tea Time. While Tea Time is active, all her allies will heal 2% HP per second, enemies are Rooted and all allies gain a 20% Attack Buff, and a 20% Defense Buff.

No doubt this ability is very useful for surviving long fights and defeating the toughest opponents much faster. Overall, Alice is a versatile guardian that can be useful in every aspect of the game.

Stitch (Melee)

Stitch, Melee guardian

Stitch is another excellent choice for a melee Guardian on your team. Is not as powerful as those mentioned above, but his skills are quite useful in close combat. His core ability allows him to transform between two forms – Regular and Metallic.

While in the Metallic form, Stitch gains a 25% Defense Buff and becomes immune to Wound and Stun effects. Stitch’s Special Ability is where he really shines, as it grants him a 25% Attack Buff and immunity to Burn.

Additionally, if Stitch is in the Metallic form while activating this ability, he will keep the Defense Buff from that form, and also inflict a Heal Block on the target for 12 seconds, while dealing 400% damage and inflicting Knock Back.

This not only helps him to deal good damage but also to be able to withstand heavy attacks. Pick him if you need a good close-range fighter.

Genie (Tank)


The next Tank Guardian in this Disney Mirrorverse tier list is Genie. He can be a real asset to your team due to his handy defense abilities. Genie’s Core Ability grants him an Indestructible Buff for 5 seconds when his HP drops below a certain percentage.

When this Buff expires or is removed, he will Stun all nearby enemies for 4 seconds. This effect can be very useful when you use Genie with a great multi-target damage dealer like Goofy. Besides that, Genie’s special ability allows him to deal 400% damage and Knock Back all enemies around him.

Not only does this help to clear out a large group of enemies, but it also grants Genie a 25% Defense Buff and 10% Armor. Overall, Genie can be a good Tank Guardian to have on your team.

B Tier (Good)

  • Captain Hook (Melee)
  • Maui (Tank)
  • Jack Sparrow (Support)
  • Buzz Lightyear (Ranged)
  • Violet Parr (Support)
  • Kermit the Frog (Melee)
  • Beast (Melee)
  • Gaston (Ranged)
  • Scrooge McDuck (Support)
  • Anna (Melee)
  • Jack Skellington (Support)
  • Baymax (Tank)
  • Cruella De Vil (Ranged)

Captain Hook (Melee)

Captain Hook, B-tier Guardian

At the top of our B-tier list, we have Captain Hook, which is a good Melee alternative if you don’t have Hercules or Peter Pan recruited already.

His Core Ability allows him to mark enemies and debuff them while gaining a buff himself. His Special Ability is especially effective against marked enemies, causing a good damage bonus and knocking them back.

Maui (Tank)

Maui, B-tier Guardian

Maui is a Tank role Guardian with abilities that make him suitable for protecting your team. His Special ability can stun enemies and grant extra armor to your allies.

While his defensive abilities are not as great as the Tank characters previously mentioned, the extra protection he offers makes him a valuable addition to any team.

Jack Sparrow (Support)

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow, besides being a great pirate, is a force to be reckoned with in Disney Mirrorverse. Although his average healing abilities may be dwarfed by other Support characters, surprisingly, he has the highest attack among all Support Guardians, which makes him an invaluable asset in battles.

His Special and Signature Abilities allow him to heal allies, cleanse debuffs, and weaken opponents with a Focus Debuff. Pick him if you’re looking for a healer that can also pack a good punch.

Buzz Lightyear (Ranged)

Buzz Lightyear, B-tier Guardian

Buzz Lightyear is a versatile ranged fighter who excels at stripping enemy armor, inflicting Shock damage, and stunning enemies.

His Special Ability deals a good amount of damage in a straight line, making him a great choice for crowd control in team fights.

His Signature Ability gives him an extra boost of protection in the heat of battle. All these factors make him a good choice when used in combination with a good Melee character, especially against tough tanks.

Violet Parr (Support)

Violet Parr

Violet Parr is our Support guardian recommendation. Through her signature and core abilities, she offers great protection to allies. Both, her Special and Signature abilities grant a Force Field at the start of each battle, offering great protection against projectiles.

Her Core Ability also offers a great way to protect your allies with Defense Buffs, while casting a Critical Damage Debuff on all enemies.

Although her healing abilities are not as effective as Dory’s, her versatile support capabilities make her a good pick for any team composition.

C-Tier (Average)

  • Raya (Melee)
  • Mr. Incredible (Tank)
  • Olaf (Support)
  • Tinker Bell (Ranged)
  • Scar (Melee)
  • Tron (Ranged)
  • Hiro Hamada (Support)
  • Donald Duck (Tank)
  • Sally (Melee)
  • Merida (Ranged)
  • Ursula (Tank)
  • Ian Lightfoot (Support)

Raya (Melee)

Raya, C-tier Guardian

Raya is a Melee Guardian with quite balanced stats. She has a decent damage output, but her abilities can make up for it with their large buffs. Her Special Ability is great for dealing lots of damage, and her Signature Ability makes it even better.

Raya can be a good Melee asset in your team, especially if you don’t have any of the other top-ranking damage-dealing Guardians from the previous tiers we mentioned above.

Mr. Incredible (Tank)

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible’s superpower is knocking back enemies while dealing mediocre damage with his Special and Signature Abilities. Although his defensive skills might not be the greatest, he is immune to Knock Back (except for Special Abilities).

With his Heavy Attack, he can gain Kinetic Charges and increase damage resistance by 1% every second. Use it if you need a little extra protection.

Olaf (Support)


If there’s a word to describe Olaf, it would be ‘supportive’. He’s not the most effective healer but he certainly makes up for it with his buff and debuff capabilities.

Olaf’s unique abilities, such as being immune to Freeze or Burn, make him a good choice in some situations when you might need to increase the survivability of your team.

Tinker Bell (Ranged)

Tinker Bell, C-tier Guardian

Tinker Bell is our top Ranged role choice for the C-Tier list. She can provide consistent DPS with her Heavy Attacks and can become a major threat when she enters Supernova, a powered-up, bright-red version of her that grants her additional attack.

Pick Tinker Bell if you’re looking for a Ranged hero that can take advantage of her buffs and burn the enemy team with a decent damage-per-second.

D-Tier (Weakest)

  • Rapunzel (Melee)
  • Woody (Melee)
  • Frozone (Ranged)
  • Mike Wazowski (Support)
  • Anger (Melee)
  • Ariel (Melee)
  • Kuzco (Support)
  • Mulan (Melee)
  • Zurg (Ranged)
  • Belle (Support)

Rapunzel (Melee)

Rapunzel, D-tier Guardian

Rapunzel, besides being one of the starting characters, she’s not one of the strongest Melee Guardians, unfortunately. This is because her abilities are more of a balanced mix of self-healing and damage dealing, as opposed to the more specialized offensive and defensive abilities of some other characters.

She can still be very useful in certain situations when you might need to focus more on a defensive strategy, rather than a full-on offensive one. She is also a great choice for players who are new to Disney Mirrorverse and might not have all 3 guardian slots unlocked yet.

Woody (Melee)

Woody, D-tier Guardian

Woody is a quite unique character, with a rich full collection of abilities, but unfortunately, he is among the weakest damage dealers in this game.

His unique abilities, such as his warrant and pull effect, grant him some utility in fights, allowing him to provide disruptive crowd control, which is essential in certain situations.

However, his lack of burst damage output makes him a less desirable pick for the toughest fights.

Frozone (Ranged)


Despite being one of the newest Guardians included in Disney Mirrorverse, Frozone has one of the lowest Focus stat among all the Guardians, making him one of the weakest Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse.

However, his unique abilities can compensate and make him a useful asset in battle, as his Special ability can deal a good amount of damage to enemies while healing allies at the same time.

Additionally, his Signature ability can be a game-changer in certain battles as it can increase his attack damage and root enemies.

Mike Wazowski (Support)

Mike Wazowski

If you are new to the game and don’t have many Support choices for your team, Mike Wazowski could be a great fit.

With his healing ability, defense buff, and Lure Special ability, he can help protect your team while also providing a decent Armor percentage, which could be useful for teams without a tank. However, there are much better Support characters to choose from.

How did we Rank the Guardians?

For starters, the primary stats are taken into account, such as Attack for melee Guardians, Defense, Health for Tank and Support, and Focus for Ranged Guardians, followed by their passive and special abilities. Then we split the lists into 5 tiers:

  • S Tier – These are the strongest, most valuable Disney Mirrorverse Guardians from each of the four roles that can make any team unbeatable.
  • A Tier – These Guardians have slightly lower stats than those from the previous tier but are still perfectly viable for most teams.
  • B Tier – Not necessarily the best but still have useful abilities that can make them a valuable addition to your team.
  • C Tier – These characters are weaker than the rest, with lower stats and abilities. They may still have some useful abilities but lack the overall power of the higher-tiered Guardians.
  • D Tier – These characters have the lowest stats and abilities, making them useful for new players or if you have limited options.

Disney Mirrorverse Roles and Stats Explained

Before we dive into our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List, let’s take a quick look at the different roles and stats that each character has. This will help you better understand why they are placed in the tier they are.


  • Melee – These characters are the ones who specialize in close-range combat and high damage output. They usually have a high attack speed and can deal lots of damage, making them a great addition to any team.
  • Ranged – These are the characters who deal damage from a distance. They have long-range attacks and can hit multiple enemies with the same ability, making them very powerful in most combat situations.
  • Tank – These Guardians have the highest health and defense in your team, allowing them to absorb high damage and protect their allies.
  • Support – These are the healers of your team, keeping their allies alive and buffing them with powerful healing and protection abilities. They can be useful in some situations, but unfortunately, they have low survivability.


  • Attack (ATK) – This determines how much damage each Guardian can do, and gives the player an idea of their offensive power.
  • Defense (DEF) – This determines the Damage Resistance and Armor, and gives the player an idea of the character’s survivability.
  • Health (HP) – This measures how much health a Guardian has, and determines how much damage they can take before being defeated.
  • Focus (FOC) – This determines the critical hit chance of the Guardian, and the bonus critical damage. The higher the Focus rating, the more powerful his attacks will be.

How to create the best team in Disney Mirrorverse

The best way to create an unstoppable team is by using this Disney Mirrorverse tier list as your guide and including the best Guardians from different roles, based on your current level and the type of game mode you want to try.

To increase your damage as much as possible, you should have at least 2 damage dealers such as melee and ranged, and one tank Guardian in your team in most cases.

A healer (the Support role) can also be useful in some situations, but since we can only have up to 3 Guardians in a team, and tanks have high Defense and Health stats, it is not always necessary.

Final Words

I hope this guide was useful and you now have a better understanding of the different Guardians that exist in Disney Mirrorverse and their power tiers.

With the right team composition, you can create an unbeatable squad and defeat the toughest enemies in the game. If you are one of the luckiest players and have S-Tier Guardians, you should consider maximizing and using them in your team!

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