Call of Dragons: Most Valuable Packs to Buy

Here is our compiled list of the most valuable packs you can buy in Call of Dragons, whether you are a small, mid, or big spender

Call of Dragons Most Valuable Packs to Buy
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Call of Dragons is a fantastic strategy mobile game with a ton of engaging content to keep you busy. But as in many games of this genre, it is also quite competitive and challenging to get ahead.

If you want to give yourself an edge over the competition, buying a few packs could be the way to go. Here’s a list of some of the most valuable packs you can buy in Call of Dragons, whether you are a small, mid, or big spender.

Is Call of Dragons pay to win?

In short, yes, Call of Dragons is a pay-to-win game. This means that those who choose to spend a lot of money in the in-game market will have an advantage over those who don’t.

But, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy playing the game without spending money. There are plenty of ways to increase your power for free, all you need is patience and dedication.

Disclaimer: We are not associated in any way with the company behind Call of Dragons, and this guide is not sponsored or endorsed by them. We just want to provide a helpful guide to the best packs that you can purchase to help you progress faster. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Most Valuable Packs to Buy Call of Dragons

1. Worker Support Pack

Worker Support pack Call of Dragons

The first item in our list of most valuable Call of Dragons packs is the Worker Support Pack. If you are new to Call of Dragons and looking to double your building speed, then this pack will give you the boost you need.

With this pack, you will get numerous Speedups and Gems that will help you build faster. But the best part of this pack is that it also comes with a permanent unlock for the second building queue. This means that you will be able to build or upgrade two important Call of Dragons buildings at the same time.

What you get: Permanent unlocks the second Build Ques, 1,250 Gems, 8x60m General Speedups, 20x5m and 100x1m Building Speedups, and a Stone Alliance Chest.

This chest offers a chance to all your allies to get one of the following items: 5 Gems, 10 Gems, 10, 50, or 100 Honor Points, and plenty of Speedups. It also includes 100 or 500 Alliance, or Personal Points, 1 Sentinel Arrow, and 1 Treaty.

2. Global Launch Pack

Global Launch Pack Call of Dragons

This pack was included recently to celebrate the Call of Dragons global launch. With this pack you get a lot of value, considering the affordable price and items you get. This pack is a good deal for any player who needs more resources and chances to get one of the best heroes in Call of Dragons.

Keep in mind though that this pack has a limited time to be available (19 remaining days from the time of this writing).

What you get: 2 Legendary hero tokens, which you can exchange for a token of a hero that you already own. You also get 3 Universal Artifact Keys, 3 Gold, and 3 Silver Keys, 2x60m general Speedups, 6×150,000 Gold, 6×150,000 Wood, and 112,500 Ore.

In addition, you also get a Wooden Alliance Chest, which is similar to the Stone Chest, but with a bit fewer items.

3. First Purchase Gift Pack

First Purchase Gift Pack Call of Dragons

First Purchase Gift Pack is also a good inexpensive pack that will give you great items to help you upgrade your heroes. The biggest benefit of this pack is that you get Liliya, a great Legendary hero who excels at leading Magic units and performs well in PvE combat.

What else you get: 20 Gold Keys, 20 Level 3 Tactics Manual items that offer 1000 Hero EXP each, 100 Gems, 200 Honor Points, and 2000 tier 1 Magic units, depending on which Call of Dragons faction you have chosen.

Additionally, you get a level 0 VIP Exclusive Chest, which includes 10 Liliya tokens, 2×500,000 Gold, 2×500,000 Wood, 2×375,000 Ore, and 1 Territorial Relocation.

4. VIP Exclusive Packs

VIP Exclusive Pack Call of Dragons

The VIP Exclusive Chest packs include many special items and are a good way to get more Liliya hero tokens to upgrade her and her skills. These chests can be found under the Honorable Membership page, and the number of items you get depends on your current VIP/Honorary Membership level.

As you can see in the above image, since I have a level 3 VIP, if I buy this exclusive chest, I will get 15 Liliya Tokens, 2,000 tier 1 Magic units, 2 Legendary Medals, 20x60min Speedups, and 300 Sentinel Arrows. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your VIP level to get better value in these exclusive chests.

5. Monthly Packs

Monthly Packs Call of Dragons

As the name implies, these packs will offer you a daily reward every day for 30 days. There are two packs to choose from, Basic and Advanced. The Advanced pack offers more items but is also almost double the price of the Basic pack.

When you purchase either of the packs, the rewards will start immediately and you also get an instant Gem reward (750 Gems for the Basic pack, and 1,500 Gems for the Advanced one).

What you get from the Basic pack each day: 200 Gems, and 300 Keystone Copper, which can be used to forge Universal Artifact keys, for 600 Keystone Cooper per Key. You also get 3×50,000 Gold, 3×50,000 Wood, 3×37,500 Ore, 2×15,000 Mana, and 1×100 Basic CP Recovery.

What you get daily from the Advanced pack: 400 Gems, 1 Universal Artifact Key, 3x60min Speedups, and 2×150,000 Gold. You get as well 2×150,000 Wood, 2×112,500 Ore, 1×50,000 Mana, and 2×100 Basic CP Recovery.

6. Great Value Bundles

Great Value Bundles Call of Dragons

This section of the Call of Dragons Market includes several packs, each related to specific in-game topics, such as hero upgrades, Artifacts and building upgrades, troop training, resource gathering, and so on. Every pack offers great value for an affordable price, whether you are a small spender or just looking to get your first premium pack.

However, with so many packs it can be a bit tough to choose the right one for your needs. The two most valuable options, in our opinion, are the Heroes of Tamaris, and the City of Hope.

This is because Heroes of Tamaris includes 2 Season 1 custom hero tokens, while the City of Hope pack has numerous building Speedups that will help you finish your building upgrades much faster. Here’s what else you get from the two packs:

Heroes of Tamaris pack: 1 Stone Alliance Chest, 2 Legendary Medals, 3 Epic Medals, 10×50,000 Gold, 10×50,000 Wood, 10×37,500 Ore, 525 Honor Points, and 1250 Gems.

City of Hope pack: 1 Stone Alliance Chest, 6x60m Speedups, 28x5min Building Speedups, 245x1m Building Speedups, 22×50,000 Gold, 22×50,000 Wood, 22×37,500 Ore, 12×15,000 Mana, 525 Honor Points, and 1250 Gems.

7. Blaze of Glory Pack

Blaze of Glory Pack Call of Dragons

The Blaze of Glory pack has multiple tiers and is specific to each season in Call Dragons. This means that the items included might be different for you, depending on your chosen server. After purchasing the first tier, the next one becomes available with better items, but the price also goes up.

The first tier of the Blaze of Glory pack costs $4.99 and includes a Stone Alliance Chest, 10x60min Speedups, 5x60min Training Speedup, and 525 Honor Points. You get as well 15×150,000 Gold, 15×150 Wood, 15×112,500 Ore, and 15×50,000 Mana.

8. Growth Fund Pack

Growth Fund Pack Call of Dragons

The last type of pack that will offer you good value for your money is the Growth Fund Pack. Every month, this pack offers players the chance to get premium items without breaking the bank. This pack includes free items every time you increase your city level, with the possibility to get extra Gem rewards for each level.

This pack costs $9.99 and offers a total of 82,000 Gems, provided you reach City level 25. Overall, the Growth Fund can be a great option for mid-level players looking to get more Gems, considering how hard this premium currency can be obtained in the game.


These Call of Dragons premium packs/bundles are totally optional but can give you a huge advantage in the game by providing exclusive items, additional resources, and powerful boosts.

While the game is free to play, if you want to be competitive you might consider investing in one of these packs. They offer great value for your money, and they can make a huge difference in your gameplay. Have fun!

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