Call of Dragons: How to Upgrade and Get More Heroes

This guide guide covers all about Call of Dragons heroes, from Skills, Talents, and leveling to recruiting and strategies to make your heroes stronger.

Call of Dragons hero guide - how to upgrade heroes, skills, hero talents, leveling
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Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced veteran looking for new strategies to improve your heroes, this Call of Dragons hero guide has it all. You’ll learn the best way to recruit, level up, and progress your heroes, as well as what Skills and Talents will make them more powerful, and what is the Trust Level used for. In other words, everything you need to know about heroes in Call of Dragons. So let’s get started!

Hero Rarity Explained

As we mentioned in the hero rankings for Call of Dragons, the hero rarity is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting your heroes. There are 3 types of rarities in this game: Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Each rarity has its own limitations and directly influences the strength of your heroes. Straight out of the gate, Elite heroes have the least amount of stats, while Legendary heroes are the strongest in Call of Dragons. Here’s what each rarity offers:


Chakcha Elite hero in Call of Dragons
Chakcha Elite hero and its 1,700 base power

These heroes can be identified by the blue color background of their avatars. They are the most common and have significantly lower stats than the other two rarities. At the moment there are only 3 Elite Heroes in Call of Dragons, 2 of which have the Gather talent, and the third one the Engineering talent.

This is why they should only be used for that purpose, or if you are a beginner to Call of Dragons and these are the only heroes you have recruited so far. With a base hero power of 1,700 (at level 1, no Artifact equipped, and no skill upgrades), they’re not strong enough to take part in PvP or high-level PvE battles.


Atheus Epic hero in Call of Dragons
Atheus Epic hero and its 3,800 base power

These heroes can be identified by the purple color background of their avatars. There are currently 9 Epic Heroes in Call of Dragons, and they come with better base stats than Elite ones. They also have access to more powerful Skills and Talents.

They have a base hero power between 3,800 and 4,100 and they’re strong enough to take part in PvP battles and PvE battles such as Dark Creatures and Darkling forces. However, they should not be used for important PvP competitions or Behemoth rallies if you want to maximize your chances of winning.


Emrys Legendary hero in Call of Dragons
Emrys Legendary hero and its 6,400 base power

These heroes can be identified by the gold color background of their avatars. There are currently 10 Legendary Heroes in Call of Dragons, and they come with the best base stats (6,400 hero power). They have access to powerful Skills and Talents, as well as unique passive abilities.

The Legendary heroes are perfect for any type of activity in the game, whether is gathering, attacking other players’ castles or legions, engaging in Behemot raids, or taking part in special events. They are also the most effective heroes for protecting your City.

How to recruit heroes in Call of Dragons

The heroes can be recruited using two methods in Call of Dragons: either by using Silver Keys and Gold Keys or by purchasing premium packs that include heroes among other items. Using these keys is not only a great way of recruiting more heroes but also one of the best ways of getting more resources and other essential items.

Silver Chest and Gold Chest Hero Recruitment Call of Dragons
Silver Chest and Gold Chest – Using my 10 Gold Keys

1. Silver Keys and Gold Keys

Both, Silver Keys and Gold Keys can be used to unlock the chests with the same name in the Altar building (the same place you could get some of the best Call of Dragons Artifacts if you are lucky), which will offer a chance of recruiting heroes. You can use your keys one at a time, but if you want to highly increases your chances of recruiting heroes, you should use your Gold Keys in packs of 10. This will not only increase your chances of recruiting more heroes and other items with a low drop rate, but it will also offer a guaranteed drop of an Epic or Legendary hero.

How to get Gold Keys?

You can get Gold Keys by completing Side Quests, Tales, and Main Quests, participating in Events, and from Behemot raids damage ranking rewards. You also get 4 Gold Keys every time you level up your city.

You can as well buy them from Honorary Membership’s Store tab, but you’ll need to increase your Membership to level 4. You could also buy Gold Keys from your Alliance Merits Store. The good news is that they are usually discounted quite much in both stores.

Gold Keys discounted in Honorary Membership Store
Gold Keys discounted in Honorary Membership Store

The Silver Chest

The Silver Chest, the one on which you can use the Silver Keys, includes only Elite and Epic heroes. It offers an 8.183% drop chance of receiving Elite heroes and 1.775% of Epic ones. Other items included in the Silver Chest include Epic Medals (used for promoting Epic heroes) with a 3.955% drop rate, Elite Medals and 60-Minute Speedups with a 10.225% chance, and a 75.862% chance of getting advanced (green) resource items.

The Gold Chest

The Gold Chest is where you can use your Gold Keys. It includes a chance of recruiting all 3 types of hero rarities, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. The drop chance for Legendary heroes is 0.99635%, a 3.1972% chance of getting an Epic hero, and a 4.7995% drop chance for Elite heroes.

It also includes Legendary Medals ( Legendary, Legendary Lucky, and Legendary Titan) with a drop rate of 2.4855%, Epic Medals with a chance of 9.0202%, Elite resource items (blue color), and 60-Minute Speedups with a drop rate of 3.28475%, and Advanced resource items (green color) and 30-Min Speedups with a 76.2165% chance.

2. Hero Premium packs

First Purchase Gift premium hero pack in Call of Dragons
First Purchase Gift premium hero pack

If you are looking for an easier and faster way to acquire new heroes, the Hero Premium packs might interest you. These packs are available in the in-game Market and usually include a legendary hero and other hero-related items.

A good example of this is the First Purchase Gift premium pack, which for about $1.20 includes the Legendary hero Liliya – Sorceress of Flames, 20 Gold Keys, 20x 1,000 EXP Tactics Manuals (used for increasing the hero’s level), 100 Gems, 200 Homor Points, and 2,000 units related to your chosen Faction.

Commanders and Deputies

In the early stages of your journey in Call of Dragons, before reaching any hero to level 20, you can only have one hero in a legion, which makes him the Commander of that legion. But once any of your heroes reaches a 3 Stars level, which can be accomplished after upgrading your hero to level 20, you can add a Deputy for his legion. Therefore you will have 2 heroes in the same legion, a Commander and a Deputy.

This is an important step for increasing your legion’s power, as the Deputy hero will be sharing his Skills and Legion Capacity with the main Commander’s legion. However, remember that the Deputy’s Talents and Artifact stats will not be shared. Nevertheless, the addition of a Deputy to your legion will be a significant boost in both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Hero Skills

Hero Skills are special abilities that your heroes can use in battles. In Call of Dragons, Elite heroes have 4 skills, while Epic and Legendary heroes have 5. The most important hero skill is the first one, the Rage type of Skill, and you should maximize this one before anything else. Each type of hero (Elite, Epic, Legendary) has its own set of skills, and each skill can be leveled up as well, which will significantly increase its power.

By default, your heroes have only the first skill unlocked, but you can unlock all skills by increasing your heroes’ Star Ratings and the heroes’ levels, like so:

  • 2nd Hero Skill: can be unlocked at hero level 10 and Star Rating 2
  • 3rd Hero Skill: requires hero level 20 and Star Rating 3
  • 4th Hero Skill: can be unlocked at hero level 30 and Star Rating 4
  • 5th Hero Skill: requires hero level 40 and all Skills maximized

Skill Levels

Each hero Skill can be upgraded up to level 5, and unfortunately, you cannot choose which Skills to upgrade, as they can only be upgraded randomly. You will need 10 Hero Tokens for each Star level, either tokens of specific heroes (the ones having the hero’s avatar and name on it) or basic Hero Tokens.

Hero Token Exchange example for Call of Dragons
Hero Token Exchange Example

The basic Hero Tokens (no hero name and avatar) can be exchanged for Hero Tokens of that chosen hero (see the above image for more details). The good thing is that they can be exchanged at an equal rate of 1:1. The downside is that you can only exchange Hero Tokens of the same Rarity. This means that you cannot exchange Elite Tokens for Epic Hero Tokens or vice versa.

Skill Ratings

Skill Rating Upgrade for legendary hero in Call of Dragons
The promote arrow button after reaching hero level 10

Increasing the Star Rating unlocks more Skills for your heroes. The Skill Rating can be increased with Medals of the same Rarity (Elite Medals for Elite heroes, Epic Medals for Epic Heroes, and Legendary Medals for Legendary heroes. On top of that, each additional Star also requires a specific hero level such as level 10 for 2 Stars, level 20 for 3 stars, and hero level 40 for 4 Stars.

That being said, unlocking the next star rating for your hero does not mean that his star rating will automatically be increased. You need Medals to increase the Star Rating (from 1 star to 2 stars for example).

For example, to promote a legendary hero to a 2-Star Rating, once you have leveled up this specific hero to level 10, a new animated arrow pointing upwards appears on the right side of the Stars field on the hero’s page (see the above picture). Tap the small arrow button, and it will take you to the “Promote” page.

Using Legendary Medals to increase the Star Rating and promote the hero
Using Legendary Medals to promote Nika Legendary hero to 3 Stars

Next, and presuming that you have at least a few Legendary Medals, tap any of these Medals until the new Star gets filled with Star Points. After that, hit the “Promote” button and your hero’s Star Rating will be increased. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use a maximum of 6 Medals to fully fill the Star. In my case when I had to promote Nika hero to 3 Stars (as you see in the above image) after reaching level 20, the 100 Star Points Legendary Medals were useless, so I had to wait to get Legendary Medals with more points.

How to get Epic and Legendary Medals?

You can get Epic and Legendary Medals from both Hero Recruitment chests (Silver and Gold), from taking part in events and Alliance activities and completing Side Quests and Main Quests. They can also be bought from the Trail Store with Dragonglass, and from Alliance Merits Store where 1 Legendary Medal will cost you 54,000 Merits.

Epic and Legendary Medal rewards preview from Time to Act event
Time to Act event – Epic and Legendary Medals

You can as well receive Epic and Legendary Medals from events such as the Time to Act event where you need to use a certain number of minutes as Speedups. For instance, to complete the first challenge that rewards you with a Legendary Medal, you need to consume a total of 5,400 minutes worth of Speedups.

Hero Talents

Hero talents are special abilities that each hero has and are used to make them more powerful, the same as with their Skills. Each hero has 3 talents and they directly affect their abilities in combat and productivity in non-combat activities. Each time you level up your heroes, you get 1 Talent Point that you can use to upgrade 1 of the 3 talents that your hero has.

How to upgrade Talents

To upgrade your hero’s talents, you need to open the Hero Profile screen (tap on the big helmet icon visible at the bottom of your screen) and then tap the Talents button. This will take you to the Talents tree where you can pick any of the 3 talent groups to upgrade.

Book of Alteration, required for resetting the Talents in Call of Dragons
Book of Alteration, required for resetting the Talents

Bear in mind that you should upgrade each hero’s Talents wisely because you will only get a total of 59 Talent Points by the time your hero reaches level 60 (max level). You can as well reset the talents by using a special item called Book of Alteration. This item can be purchased from the Store in the “Buy other items” section and costs 1,000 Gems.

What is the best Talent tree?

There is no single best Talent tree for all heroes as it depends on their skills and your own playing style. However, the two main deciding factors are the hero’s position in the legion (Commander or Deputy) and the type of activities that the hero is best suited for (PvP, Productivity, or fighting Darklings).

Since the Deputy’s Talents won’t be shared in battles, you must upgrade the Talent tree that improves the combat-related abilities the most, in addition to, or related to its Skills. On the other hand, if your hero is low-quality such as an Elite hero, which should never be used in battles anyway, then upgrade the one that improves his productivity skills.

Hero Talents Call of Dragons
Nika’s Hero Talents

Let’s take Nika hero again as an example. She has Infantry, Peacekeeper, and Skills talents. This means that she is best for leading Infantry units, the Peacekeeper Talent improves her damage outcome while fighting Darklings and Darklings creatures (which is one of the best ways to get Gold in Call of Dragons), and the Skills talent gives her the ability to deal heavy damage with Rage Skills.

Since she’s great at fighting Darklings, and Darklings are the best way to level up your heroes due to the high EXP you get after each victory, I decided to upgrade half of her Peacekeeper Talent tree and the other half of points on Infantry and Skills. And once she hits level 60, and therefore no more Darklings hunting is needed with her, I would probably go full Skills and half Infantry.

Archive and Hero’s Trust Level

Kella Hero's Archive page
Kella Hero’s Archive page

The Hero Archive page is basically an overview of your hero’s stats, background, and other fun content that you can unlock. On this page, you’ll see 5 tabs: Introduction, Dialogue, Story, Voice, and Emoji. Since the game is still new and not fully released yet, some tabs of some heroes might not be available yet.

But for those that do have these tabs available, you’ll need to increase the hero’s Trust Level to fully unlock the content for each tab. Here are the 5 tabs and what they include:

  • Introduction – This tab gives you a brief overview of the hero’s background and origin.
  • Dialogue – On this tab, you’ll find conversations between the hero and other characters.
  • Story – Here, you can read stories about your heroes’ adventures and past events.
  • Voice – The Voice tab gives you some funny samples of the hero’s voice and sound effects.
  • Emoji – The Emoji tab shows off the hero’s different expressions and reactions.

How to increase the Hero Trust Level

You can increase the Trust Level of your heroes by interacting with them and offering them gifts. You can interact with them periodically and only when a 3-dot speech bubble appears above them inside your city. When you see this bubble appear, tap on it and the hero will start a short discourse and ask you for some opinions at some point.

You’ll then be given a few choices, and based on your selection, you can either increase or not the hero’s Trust Level. If your choice is the answer that your hero was looking for, his Trust level increases, and in most cases, you’ll also be rewarded with some useful items.

How to offer gifts to a hero in Call of Dragons
Offering gifts to Atheus hero

As I said, the Trust level can also be increased by offering gifts to your heroes. The only gift heroes can accept is the Sweetdew, which can be obtained by unlocking the big Daily Chest. This chest can be unlocked once a day by completing 6 daily objectives.

Pro Tip: After completing 6 daily objectives, you’ll need to tap the big chest, and then tap the “Epic token available” slot and select one. After that, exit and tap the chest again. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect the reward.

The heroes have also a daily limit of 20 gifts. To offer a gift to any of your resting heroes, tap the hero and after that, tap the gift box icon. Then, use the “Give” blue button to offer the gift.

Bottom Line

This concludes our hero guide for Call of Dragons. Upgrade and level up your heroes constantly to make sure they’re ready for any type of combat. As for the Trust level, you might wonder why to bother increasing it. Well, this feature is optional and does not affect your hero’s performance in any way. But it adds some more fun content for you to enjoy and makes the game even more interactive. Good luck with your quest for glory!

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