Archero Guide, Tips and Tricks for Starting Players

This guide is designed to help Archero new players start the game with the best possible strategy. It covers the basics of the game, tips, and tricks.

Archero guide tips and tricks for beginners
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Archero is one of the most popular roguelike, RPG mobile games ever created. It’s fast-paced and highly addictive. One of the best things about Archero is that it offers an incredibly simple and fun way for players to learn the mechanics of a game and it does not take much space on your smartphone either. While the gameplay is easy to learn, you must have a good strategy to be successful.

In this guide we cover the basics of the game and share some helpful tips and tricks to help new players progress faster and easily win more campaign stages.

Gameplay basics

Adventure Level

The first thing you need to understand in Archero is the Adventure Level. This is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen as a blue badge and a small progress bar, which is automatically filled with XP points by playing the game. You can as well get Adventure XP from the Hero Patrol rewards, which generates 1 XP point per minute.

Archero Adventure Level Rewards

The Adventure Level also impacts how many talent upgrades you can do (more on this below), and you are rewarded with Gems for each level up. The great thing about it is that you get XP points regardless of whether you finish the level or not.

Energy Bar

The second item displayed at the top, next to the Adventure Level, is the Energy bar. This number determines how many times you can play the game before having to wait for it to recharge.

Each time you start a game, you consume 5 Energy points, and it will take 1 hour to gain 5 more points, or 12 minutes for 1 Energy. Energy can also be consumed to increase the Hero Patrol’s Extra Earnings (more details below), the daily passive rewards, where you can spend up to 40 Energy to get 4 additional rewards.

Archero Energy Bar

If you’re running low on energy and don’t want to wait, you can either purchase Energy refills with Gems or watch up to 4 video ads daily and get 5 Energy each time.


Next, we have Coins, which are displayed at the top between the Energy Bar and Gems. This currency can be used to upgrade your heroes and their equipment or to upgrade talents. In Archero, you can get coins from the Daily Login Gift, Daily Quests, completing chapters, Hero Patrol, and events as well.


Gems are a premium, valuable currency in Archero, and can be used on almost anything in the game. You can use gems to purchase energy refills and various items from the store, buy new heroes or revive them in battle, event runs and chest rolls, buy new abilities from vendors during battle, and so on.

You have multiple ways of getting gems in the game as well. You can get Gems from daily logins, daily quests, completing achievements, increasing the Adventure level, and more.


The combat mechanics of Archero are quite simple. You control your hero by pressing the on-screen joystick while he shoots automatically with different weapons and abilities. Your success depends on 3 major things: The chosen hero and how far it’s leveled up, the chosen equipment and its power, and the chosen abilities.


As you progress through the chapters, you will encounter 4 types of NPCs: an Angel, a Devil, a Mysterious Vendor, and a Master.

The Angel NPC appears every 5 levels of a chapter and in most cases, he will offer you two different abilities, one for offense and one for healing or HP boost.

The Devil will only appear if you manage to defeat a boss without taking any damage. He will offer you one special ability such as walking on water, passing through walls, or an extra life, for a cost of a certain percentage of your HP.

The Mysterious Vendor will offer you various items to buy with Gems or Coins. The good news is that it can offer you great discounts. The items can include gear or gear scrolls, Saphires, items, and Energy.

Lastly, we have the Master NPC, which will offer you certain abilities or boosts for watching a short ad. Considering the rewards that you can get, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this NPC.


Abilities will pop up at the beginning of each chapter, and every time you level up your experience bar during a chapter. To increase your chances of completing a chapter, you should pick the best Archero abilities as they are your most important asset in combat.

The Shop Tab

Archero Shop, Golden and Obsidian equipment chests

The Shop page is where you can purchase various premium packs and also a few free rewards as well. This page contains daily deals, special offers, and different ways to spend your Gems. The most important section of this page is Chests.

You have 2 types of chests that you can use to get equipment for your heroes. The first one is the Golden Chest, which can offer you the chance of getting Common, or Great equipment. One Golden Chest will cost you 60 Gems, but you get one free draw a day by watching a short ad.

Next to it, we have the Obsidian Chest and it offers you a chance to get Great, Rare, or Epic equipment. One chest will cost you 300 Gems, but you can get as well get one free chest per week by watching an ad.

There is also a guaranteed epic piece of equipment every 7 Obsidian chests. However, to get better chances of obtaining Epic items, you should purchase these chests in groups of 10, the option displayed below these 2 chests, as it will also offer you a nice Gem discount.

Archero Equipment

Archero hero equipment

The equipment of your heroes in Archero is essential for success. There are 9 equipment slots on this page: 1 Weapon slot, 1 Armor, 2 Rings, 2 Spirits (which are basically your pets), 1 Bracelet, 1 Locket slot., and 1 Spellbook.

However, the Bracelet, Locket, and Spellbook slots are not available in the early game, and you will have to wait until Chapters 6-7 before unlocking them.

Equipment rarities

Same as with the equipment slots, there are 8 equipment rarities, which determine how strong the equipment will be. The available rarities are Common, Great, Rare, Epic, Perfect Epic, Legendary, Ancient Legendary, and Mythic.

Common equipment has a gray color and is the weakest, while Mythic has a red color and is the most powerful equipment you can have in Archero, but also the hardest to obtain.

How to get equipment in Archero

You can get hero equipment by playing chapters, opening Golden or Obsidian chests, NPC vendors while playing the game, and completing daily challenges. As a new player, the best way to farm equipment is by playing Chapters.

How to upgrade and fuse equipment

Archero how to fuse equipment

Once you get a piece of equipment, you have the option to upgrade it by using Coins and specific Scrolls (each type of gear has its own scroll type). This will increase the base stats of your equipment, and significantly increase its effectiveness in battle.

You can also use your equipment to fuse them together and increase their rarity. Fusing requires 3 pieces of the same rarity and type, and can be done by visiting the Blacksmith feature from the Equipment page. All you need to do is to select the equipment for which you have at least 3 identical pieces and press the “Fuse Equipment” button. Better rarity offers better stats.

Although the Ancient Legendary and Mytich rarities are tough to craft, they only require 2 items. To create an Ancient Legendary, you need 2 Legendary items of any type (e.g a weapon and an armor item), while the Mythic item requires 2 identical Ancient Legendary items.

Archero Heroes

As of April 2023, there are 25 heroes included in Archero, each having its own abilities, outfits, and appearance, with Stella being the latest hero addition. Same as with the gear, your chosen hero plays a major role in your success, and each one can be upgraded to further increase its power. To help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive Archero hero tier list to make sure you pick the right heroes for any situation.

How to upgrade Archero heroes

To upgrade your Archero heroes, you need Coins and Saphire, a special material that can be acquired from Hero Patrols, consecutive daily login rewards, completing chapters, events, and Contract Quests on the Atreus’ Treasure Map.

Once you have the required items, a green arrow pointing upwards will appear over the “Change Hero” button while on the Equipment page. Pressing this button will take you to that hero’s page where you can increase its level. This will increase its stats and unlock new abilities, making it a great asset in battle.

How to get Archero heroes

If you are not happy with the performance of your current hero, especially if you have Atreus, which is the default and weakest hero in Archero, you can get new heroes by spending Gems, real money, or collecting hero shards.

Each hero can be unlocked by using only one of the mentioned methods. Heroes also come with a default ability (except for Atreus) that can help you in battle, so make sure to check them out before making a decision.

You can also unlock hero Outfits using Coupons, which bring additional stats and bonuses. The first stats of a hero outfit will be used automatically while starting a chapter.

The second level of stats, once unlocked, will be applied to all of your heroes, no matter which hero or outfit you use in battle. The second hero outfit stats require either hero level 30 or 50 and are very powerful, so make sure to collect enough shards and put them to good use.

The World Tab

The World Tab is where you can manage the most important aspects of the game. Here you can change the game settings, check your in-game mail, start playing chapters and get access to daily tasks and rewards.

Quests and Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is also another great way of earning more rewards in Archero. You can access it by tapping the map icon displayed on the right side of the World page. While in the Atreus’ Treasure Map, you will notice two big icons at the bottom of the page: Quests, the page where you are sent by default, and Treasure Hunt.

The Quests page allows you to complete contract quests with tasks such as spending a certain number of Gold or Gems, obtaining monster eggs, or participating in certain events. The rewards include Monster Contracts, which you can use to hire monsters in the Treasure Map tab.

By default, you can send up to 3 teams of monsters on missions, but you can unlock the 4th slot after hiring monsters at least 5 times. The duration of a mission can vary between 5 and 10 minutes.

The rewards are based on the complexity of a mission and can include equipment, Golden Chest Keys, hero shards, Saphire, Evolution Chips, and much more.

BattlePass Season

Archero BattlePass Season rewards

The Archero BattlePass is an event in different seasons and lasts 13 days. Each season will include multiple levels with various rewards such as Coins, equipment, Gems, equipment scrolls, and more. The BattlePass page has 3 columns, where the first two from left to right are paid options, and the last one is a Free tier.

The paid tiers can offer additional and better rewards compared to the free tier, but unfortunately, they will only grant you access for the duration of that season. In other words, if you want the premium BattlePass rewards for more than one season, you must purchase them at the start of each season.

Player Details

While on the World Tab page, in the top left corner, you have your avatar, and by pressing it the Player Details window pops up. Here you can change your player name, and the avatar or choose an avatar frame.

Next to your player name, you have the Brave button. Pressing this button will send you to the Brave Privileges page, which is basically a VIP system.

The Talents Tab

Archero Talents

Talents can make your heroes permanently stronger and as I mentioned before, the number of times you can spend your coins on unlocking talents depends on your current Adventure Level. The more you level up, the more talents you can unlock.

There are 3 types of Talents: 4 Common, 4 Rare, and 4 Epic, the latter offering the most powerful abilities and features. Each time you press the “Upgrade” button, a random talent will be unlocked. If you get the same talent more than once, its level will be increased and so will its power.

The Events Tab

The fifth and last tab in Archero is the Events tab. This page has many opportunities for you to earn extra rewards and upgrade your heroes faster. However, this tab will only become available once you complete Chapter 3. Here you will find events such as Hero Duel, Flying Bullets, Hero Duo, or Up-close Dangers.

Among all these events, Hero Duel offers the best rewards and you can compete with other players randomly. You can also invite a friend and play custom matches by creating a room and sharing the ID with your friend, and vice versa. However, for Custom Matches there are no rewards, unfortunately.

Archero Tips for Beginners

1. Complete Dailies and Achievements

One of the easiest ways to get nice rewards as a new player to Archero is by completing dailies and achievements. This section can be accessed by tapping the second icon located on the right side of the World tab. On this page, you will have 3 mini-tabs: Login gifts, Daily Quests, and Achievements.

Archero Daily Quests, Daily Login Gift, and Achievements

The Login Gifts, as the name implies, will reward you daily by just logging in to the game. The Daily Quests are really easy tasks that you can complete to get XP points, which are used automatically to unlock the chests located at the top of this section. The rewards are quite impressive and include Adventure XP, Coins, Gems, chest keys, and more.

The Achievement page only offers Gems as rewards and the tasks are also relatively easy, and can range from upgrading talents a certain number of times, clearing chapters, or obtaining a specific number of heroes. Do these every day and you’ll be surprised at the number of rewards you can get!

2. Take advantage of obstacles

Having powerful skills and equipment is not enough to take down all the monsters in Archero. You will also need a good strategy and use the obstacles such as water or walls in your favor.

This strategy works best especially when encountering enemies that do not shoot projectiles but move constantly on the battlefield. Keep in mind that some enemies shoot through or over obstacles, so choose your placement wisely!

3. Unlock and increase Hero Patrol earnings

Hero Patrol offers you the best and easiest way of being rewarded in Archero. Once unlocked, it will generate a passive reward, which will be accumulated for 24 hours.

To unlock the Hero Patrol, you must unlock the talent named “Patrol Earnings” which is the first Epic talent on the Talent tree. These earnings can be further increased by upgrading the talent. Make sure you collect your Hero Patrol rewards every day, as they can be quite generous!

4. Defeat bosses strategically

Similar to our previous Archero tip, you should also consider using the environment to your benefit when fighting bosses. The ideal strategy is to place yourself in a corner and let the boss come or shoot toward you so that it cannot hit you with its special attack.

This worked flawlessly when I was fighting the first boss in Chapter 2 and allowed me to beat it without taking any damage, which gave me the possibility to meet the Devil NPC. For more details, watch the short video at the top of this guide.

5. Claim Stage Rewards

As the name suggests, Stage Rewards are offered for reaching certain stages in chapters. The rewards are also great and you should definitely check this section after playing a new chapter. To access this page, while on the World tab, press the little chest icon displayed above the “Play” button.

6. Increase your Brave Privileges level

Archero Brave Privileges

Brave Privilege is probably the best way you can spend your Gems in Archero. The benefits you get by upgrading your Brave Privilege level are enormous as you not only get a daily reward but also powerful, permanent bonuses.

For example, level 3 will offer you increased Patrol Earnings, increased Attack, and HP for your heroes, among others. To increase your Brave Privileges level, you need Privilege points, which can be obtained from the daily small chest located on that page, or purchased with Gems.

7. Accept only the best Devil NPC’s offers

While meeting the Devil NPC in Archero can be beneficial, it’s not always the case. Some of his offers are not great, and you should pay attention to the details before accepting the cost of HP decrease.

The best offer you can get, and should definitely accept it, is the Extra Life, which allows you to revive for free if you get defeated. The second best offer is either the Ricochet or Attack Speed ability.

8. Customize your profile

Archero how to change player name

Customizing your profile is a great way to give yourself a personal touch in Archero, but also new challenges such as unlocking new avatars or avatar frames.

But the first thing you should consider doing is changing your name, as this is what other players will see when you play with them. The first rename is free, but any additional change will cost you 100 Gems.

9. Get the Supply Pack daily

The Supply Pack is another free reward that you should collect every day. All you need to do is to watch a short ad. The rewards include Gems, random Hero Shards, and Scrolls. To access this page, tap the World tab, and press the gift box icon on the left side of the screen.

Archero guide tips and tricks for beginners
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