Age of Frostfall Alliance Guide: Ranks, Merit, and Territory

This guide covers all you need to know about alliances in Age of Frostfall, how to create or join an one, ranks, Merit Points, and more.

Age of Frostfall Alliance Guide: Ranks, Merit, Territory
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The Alliance system in Age of Frostfall is a crucial part of the game and a fundamental factor for your progress in this game. By joining or creating an alliance, you will be able to gain access to powerful resources and capabilities, such as coordinating attacks, sharing resources, and providing mutual support. You will also receive plenty of rewards for participating in different types of activities with your allies. However, understanding how an Alliance works can be a bit daunting due to the various ranks, rewards, and features that come with it.

Through this guide, we’ll explain the basics of alliances in Age of Frostfall and how they work. This includes information on the different ranks and their permissions, how to earn merit points, how to expand the Alliance territory, and much more.

Age of Frostfall Alliance member benefits

Age of Frostfall offers plenty of advantages to those who join an alliance. Alliances provide their members with protection from enemy attacks, as most states have a NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) between the top-ranking alliances, which ensures they cannot attack each other or each other’s farm accounts.

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Additionally, members of an alliance can rely on support from other members to help them reduce the building or research duration, trade resources, fortify defenses, and earn rewards by participating in events or competitions.

On the other hand, those who choose not to join an alliance will be at a disadvantage. Without the protection and support offered by an alliance, progress can be slow, especially for Age of Frostfall beginners who are more likely to have a target on their back from other players.

Alliance Ranks and Permissions

There are 6 ranks in Age of Frostfall, each having different permissions and responsibilities:

R1: This rank is automatically granted after joining an Alliance, and it is the most limited in terms of Alliance permissions. Members of this rank can take part in many essential aspects of the Alliance, such as making Alliance Tech Donations as well as helping other members by tapping the ‘shaking hands’ button and reducing their building time. Members at this rank can also trade resources with one another, view other members’ profiles, and mail each other.

R2: Players who reach Rank 2 in the Frostfall Alliance have the same permissions as those from R1.

R3: Those within the R3 rank have all the privileges from both the R1 and R2 ranks, as well as some additional abilities. They can promote or demote other alliance members from the previous ranks, and send out Alliance Teleport Invites, a very useful feature if you are located outside your alliance’s hive.

R4: The difference between the previous Alliance ranks and Rank 4 is significant. Those with rank 4 have the access and abilities of the first three ranks, plus much more. They are able to initiate Activities and research new alliance techs, build or close Alliance Communal Buildings, build or abandon Alliance towers, modify settings such as the primary language of the Alliance and the Alliance motto, and kick out members as necessary. With access to such a wide range of options, Rank 4 players have an important role in the functioning of the Alliance.

Officials: In Age of Frostfall Alliance, the Officials are voted by members or chosen by the R5 Alliance leader. In terms of permissions, they have everything included from the previous ranks, and they can also send decrees, the official messages sent in your mail. There are 4 Officials spots, such as Ambassador (responsible for Alliance Diplomacy), Priest (responsible for Alliance events), Consultant (responsible for Alliance construction), and General (Responsible for Alliance military).

R5: The top rank of the alliance is R5. This player is the leader of the Alliance and he’s in charge of all alliance decision-making, and he has all the permissions included from the previous ranks. In addition, he has access to resource conversion, building or abandoning Alliance Fortresses, disbanding the alliance or transferring the leadership, and access to the main alliance settings such as changing the alliance tag, the banner, or renaming the alliance.

How to join an Alliance in Age of Frostfall

How to join an Alliance in Age of Frostfall

Joining an alliance in Age of Frostfall is an easy and straightforward process, simply tap on the Alliance button at the bottom of your screen, and you will be presented with a list of potential Alliances to join. However, before selecting an Alliance, there are a few important considerations to make.

First, take into account the number of players that have already joined the Alliance. A larger alliance will typically provide more access to resources and support for your endeavors. You should also check the power stats of each Alliance. A higher-ranking alliance will have a bigger impact on the overall game and give you greater rewards. Additionally, you should make sure that the language chosen by their leader is one that you can understand.

How to create an Alliance in Age of Frostfall

You can create an alliance from the same page you use to join one, as I described before. At the top of the alliance list, you will see a button that says “Create”. Tap on it and follow the necessary steps by choosing the Alliance name, language, flag color, and all other necessary information. But before creating an alliance, you should think carefully if you are ready to be a leader.

Creating and maintaining an alliance, however, is no easy task. As a new alliance leader, you must possess the necessary skills to not only recruit new members but also help them grow into successful kingdoms. You must put in place rules that all your members will adhere to, and implement a robust war strategy to ensure your alliance is well-defended when attacked by other alliances.

It is not uncommon for new alliances to be the target of larger, more experienced ones. As such, you must remain vigilant and prepared in order to protect yourself and your members. Despite the risks associated with leading an alliance, there is also the great satisfaction that comes with seeing your members progress and building a strong alliance.

How to get Alliance Individual Merit points in Age of Frostfall

Individual Merit points in Age of Frostfall can be obtained by donating resources to your alliance tech daily, helping build Alliance Towers by sending a small portion of your troops (ideally 250 troops, no dragon and no heroes, so that other members can fit the allocated slots), helping your allies reducing their research or building duration, or by gathering resources.

Alliance interface walkthrough

The Alliance interface in Age of Frostfall is broken down into several sections, each with its own set of features:

Alliance Journey

The Alliance Journey in Age of Frostfall is broken down into several 6 chapters, each with its own set of challenges and amazing rewards for all members, including gold, a lot of EXP for your dragon, Recruiting Horns, and much more. All chapters include 5 main challenges, except the first chapter which has 4. Besides the rewards offered by completing each challenge, there is also an Alliance reward and a Solo reward after completing each chapter. Here’s a quick overview:

Alliance Journey chapter 5 progress preview in Age of Frostfall
Alliance Journey chapter 5 progress preview

Chapter 1 – A Promising Start: This chapter has 4 main tasks and is all about growing your alliance by recruiting new members and increasing its power. The Alliance reward includes 3 Promising Start Packs and an Alliance Store Discount. The Solo reward includes gold, construction speedups, and Large Hero Skill Scrolls.

Chapter 2 – A Comfortable Society: This chapter is all about keeping your alliance strong by setting up the Alliance Territory, building the first Alliance Tower, and promoting members who are most helpful to your cause. The Alliance reward includes 3 Comfortable Society Packs, and Alliance Mine Taxes (Members will receive resource taxes from the Alliance Mines). The items from the Solo reward are similar to the ones from the previous chapter but in bigger amounts.

Chapter 3 – A Prospering Scene: This chapter is mostly about activities that help your alliance thrive and earn rewards. This includes rallying Barbarian Camps 5 times, purging Alliance Camps at least twice, building 3 Alliance Towers, and occupying the first Castle Fortress together. The Alliance reward contains 6 Promising Scene Packs and 2 Alliance Towers that can be built for free. The Solo reward includes gold, construction speedups, and 10 orange skill fragments.

Chapter 4 – An Expanding Territory: As the name implies, this chapter is about expanding your alliance’s territory. This includes building a Portal, purging 6 Alliance Mines, starting a Guardian’s Challenge, and conquering a level 2 Castle Fortress. The Alliance reward has 6 Expanding Territory Packs and 2 additional Alliance Towers that can be built for free. The Solo reward includes gold, construction speedups, and 3 Primal Dragon Scale items.

Chapter 5 – A United League: In this chapter, members will need to push their alliance further by building 16 Alliance Towers in total, purging 12 Alliance Mines, occupying 5 Antiquities and a Pass. The Alliance reward for this chapter has 6 United League Packs, which include rare items such as Intensity Crystals and Philosopher’s Stone, and 2 additional Alliance Free Towers. The Solo reward includes gold, construction speedups, and 30 Noble Badges.

Chapter 6 – The Age of Frostfall: This is the last and most difficult chapter in the Alliance Journey. To complete it, your alliance will need to purge 22 Alliance Mines, occupy 8 Antiquities, conquer 2 Frontier Castles (levels 4 and 5) and become the Age of Frostfall. The Alliance reward has 6 Age of Frostfall Packs and 2 additional Alliance Free Towers. The Solo reward includes gold, construction speedups, and 60 Noble Badges.

Alliance Territory

Alliance territory overview in Age of Frostfall

In Age of Frostfall, each Alliance can set up its own Territory. This includes building Alliance Towers, or Alliance Fortresses. Other buildings include resource buildings such as Alliance Farms, Sawmills, and Iron or Silver Mines.

There are also Communal Buildings such as the Alliance Portal, the Alliance Storehouse (unlocked when the Alliance reaches level 6), or the Alliance Dragon Altar (can be unlocked when the Alliance reaches level 10). Capturing buildings such as the Frontier Castles, Passes, Mines and Antiquities is also part of the Alliance Territory.

The more buildings an Alliance has in its Territory, the bigger and the more powerful it becomes and the better rewards it can offer to its members. To get an overview of the Territory, you can open the Alliance Interface and click the Teritorry icon.

Research, and Tech donations

Tech Donations play a crucial role in progressing your Alliance’s evolution in Age of Frostfall. Members can donate resources up to 20 times every day, and receive Alliance Merit Points in return. Donating resources to Alliance Tech help to unlock new skills and bonuses which will benefit all members of the Alliance. The Alliance Research section can be accessed by visiting the Alliance menu and clicking the Research icon. In this section, there are 2 tech trees, Development and Combat.

Alliance Combat tree overview
Alliance Combat tree overview

The Development tech tree includes resource-related technologies such as boosts to resource production, increased storage capacity and protection, increased gathering speed and the number of resources that your troops can carry, increased research speed, etc.

As the name implies, in the Combat tech tree, your Alliance can research bonuses that can improve your combat performance. These include increased attack and health bonuses for your troops, higher march size and speed, higher defense against PvP attacks, and more. To view the overall unlocked bonuses for your Alliance, click the “Benefit Detail” button in the bottom right corner (see the screenshot).

Once a certain amount of resources have been donated, the R4 and above rank members can upgrade each tech to the next level. They can also speed up the research process by using Alliance Merit Points.

The Alliance Store

Discounted items in the Alliance store in Age of Frostfall
Discounted items in the Alliance store

The Alliance Store, located in the Alliance Menu under “Store”, is where you can spend your Individual Merit Points earned from tech donations and alliance participation. There are a variety of items available such as resources, speedups, boosts, and more.

Some items and discounts, however, require a certain Alliance level before being able to purchase them. Therefore the stronger your Alliance gets, the more you can benefit from it. Each day new items are added to the Alliance Store, and some are even discounted up to 90%, so it’s best to check the store often.

The War Section

The Alliance war page in AOF
Joining a Rally

The War section of the Alliance menu is where you’ll find all the information about ongoing and upcoming wars, rallies, or events that members can participate in. For instance, you can quickly join an ongoing rally by tapping the one listed in this section, and after that by tapping the Join button.

To increase the number of troops you can send in each rally, you need to increase the level of your Hall of War building. The Might of a rally can also be increased by researching the related Alliance techs.

The Locker

The Locker section is divided into 3 categories: Alliance Gift Chests, Lord Gift Chests, and Gift Chests Locker.

The Alliance locker rewards in AOF
Alliance locker rewards

Alliance Gift Chests: On this page, you’ll see a preview of your activity points obtained from the previous day, as well as the overall points accumulated from all members and the chests rewards that meet the required criteria. The Alliance Gift Chest rewards are based on the total daily contribution of individual alliance members. Only R4 members can send Gift Chests, which will appear in the Gift Chest Locker.

Lord Gift Chests: This section offers you the possibility to send Gift Chests to other members, either anonymously or not, after reaching the required criteria. If you do not send them within 24 hours, these gift chests will be sent automatically to the Gift Chest Locker. You can obtain Lord Gift Chests by upgrading your dragon, upgrading your VIP bar, performing well in events, leveling up and upgrading your heroes and their skills, or by earning equipment-related achievements.

Gift Chests Locker: This is where you will find all the gift chests sent by other members, as well as those automated ones. All Gift Chests can be claimed daily and contain gold. However, the number of times that each chest can be opened is limited, so the sooner you open them, the better.

Age of Frostfall Alliance FAQ

Why I cannot collect my Gift Chests?

You cannot collect your Gift Chests because you probably joined recently that Alliance, and there is a 24-hour waiting time for new members.

How do I check my alliance rank in Age of Frostfall?

You can check your alliance rank in Age of Frostfall by accessing the Members section inside the Alliance menu and searching for your profile under each rank (if you are new in the Alliance, you will probably be under R1 or R2).

How do I quit an Alliance in Age of Frostfall?

You can quit your Alliance by tapping the Leave button under the Manage tab in the Alliance menu.

How can I increase my Alliance rank in Age of Frostfall?

You can increase your rank in Age of Frostfall by contributing to the Alliance. The more you donate resources and participate in alliance events and wars, the higher your influence will be in the Alliance and the faster you will reach new ranks.

Why I cannot send an Alliance Teleport Invite to another member in Age of Frostfall?

Only R3 members and above can send Alliance Teleport Invites to other members in Age of Frostfall.

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